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Analysis of Costs and Benefits
Mezei, Peter ; Hromádka, Vít (referee) ; Korytárová, Jana (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with analysis of completion of plaza in the city centre, determination of it´s cash-flow and economic efficiency and afterwards the work determinate the costs and benefits of the investment for city district of Nitra and for it´s inhabitans in comparison to currently approved variant. Theorethical part of work descripe the basic terms, methods and theory that will be used in the practical part of work Practical part of work look to potentionally real project, specify its cashflow and efficiency and also relative externalities, costs and benefits for city district.
Klaška, Petr ; Pospíšil, Zdeněk (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
In the study, we solve the central square of the town Ivančice extent: Palacky square, Comenius Square and surrounding areas of the parish church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary with a part of Mill Street. The basic principle of the proposal is to create a bright urbanized area with a clearly organized traffic and movement of pedestrians. Square must in future comply with all requirements for functionality the central city area. Must fulfill both functions of assembly as well as commercial and cultural. Being an active center of the city, which will provide its residents an attractive environment for their identification with the place their home. The proposal's emphasis on compact solutions based on the classic city-forming compositions and standards. The main objective is to preserve the integrity of the specified square area as seen historical photographs. Over time, the square was filled with a variety of often inconsistent or improper furniture, greenery and other solitaires, which, in combination with parking across the surface of the square and double necks impairment of the main urban area. The main aim of the project I had solve the traffic situation, cleansing and unification of Square and finally to incorporate revive nearby parish church. The proposal defines the space Palacky Square following the original historical rectangle plan approaching and divides it into three parts: The first part is a central rectangular area, which blended currently fragmented space. This empty space showcases a Baroque plague column and the fountain with the statue of St. Florian. As a counterweight to the plague column and the fountain is in the opposite half of the rectangle designed water feature in the form of three water jets, which creates a water column of a time his height. Water features does not make the water and in the case of holding larger events it is possible to turn off the water element and thereby clear the entire area of central rectangle. Water feature highlights the main entrance to the church. The central rectangular space will be used as the venue for cultural, sporting and market activities. The second part is operating within the traffic lane pedestrian zones defined lighting and street furniture around the perimeter of serving in a restricted mode for supply. The third part of the irregular portion adjacent to the home life partners defined various commercial activities. Within Comenius Square was left a greater number of parking spaces, but that was přeřešeno such a way as to create wider sidewalks along the larger home and a new expansion bays for seating and meeting and commercial purposes neighboring establishments catering zařízení.4 Almost all surfaces are vertically aligned and newly paved granite chipped tiles (using the existing historic paving). The central rectangular space in the newly paved square cut granite blocks stacked into large squares. Proposal emphasizes the use of high quality noble materials such as stone (granite), cast iron, acacia wood.
Inventure of the City Center? Brno – Zelný Trh Square
Adamec, Karel ; Rudiš, Viktor (referee) ; Hybská, Bohumila (advisor)
The project addresses the construction of urban multipurpose buildings at the site of the former market hall in the Zelný trh square in Brno. The concept is based on the character of the place, a small allotment and historical monitoring the shape of the enclosing area of the square and Starobrněnská street. An interesting problem is also linked to the different heights of objects spalicek a townhouse on the corner of Town Hall Street, which is considering a proposal to reconstruct the original image.
Lanžhotská, Klára ; Vašková, Petra Bitaudeau (referee) ; Galeová, Nicol (advisor)
Tomkovo square is a place without clear identity. The indistinct character of the space is caused by traffic, which is the determining element and has shaped the face of the square since the past. Street lines had to be disrupted and the original buildings had to give ground to many traffic changes. This can be observed on the torsos of the buildings and large quantity of empty gables. Empty gables are typical element created near traffic constructions all through the city of Brno. This occurence can induce negation of the very purpose of natural growth of urban structures, in this case, however, due to rythmic reccurence of the gables, it becomes the staple element, which encloses the space and thus creates the square. The border is composed of two main motives – „solids and voids“. Solids are represented by matter - the empty gables. Voids are street spaces, passages or vistas that navigate somewhere, usually to a place with a public function, such as school, cinema or bus stop.The design of an additional function of student dormitories and a hostel is based on this thesis.
Sýkora, Vlastimil ; Plášil, Jiří (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
Reconstruction in the central urban area. Design public urban space objects with new restaurant, the city market and a printer object conversion. Objects and area will contain all the necessary functions associated with the movement of visitors and movement of pasants. An important part of the solution will transform the river embankment. This is a broader vision of the future and possibilities of urban centers with the potential of finding the historical core.
Cultural Center in Koprivnice
Švancara, Ondřej ; Bílek, František (referee) ; Sochor, Jan (advisor)
The hint of this project was to find the way to transform the cultural buildings from 70`s and 80`s. Espaccialy its the group of buildings in the center of the sity Kopřivnice: cultural house, cinema and museum of technology, which are inapropriatte for its purpose. This transformation also shows new ways to change the whole central part of the city, which is in very insufficient conditions these days.
Between the Landscape and the City
Synková, Veronika ; Kristek, Jan (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
I'm creating a new main entrance to the Holice area. I extend the current park and into the pedestrian street I place the square. Two different spaces are interconnected by an partly free groundfloor.
Design of sustainable urban structure of the 21st century in the Czech Republic
Dubinová, Veronika ; Erben, Adam (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
The objective of the diploma project was to repurpose the area of military barracks in the residential neighbourhood of Černá Pole in Brno. The thesis sets out to design a new urbanistic concept within the already existing structure, devise a new town square, a park and a town hall for the district of Brno-Sever. In this project, I aimed to fill in the chasm in the current construction and create a new lively neighbourhood. The selected area is to provide its residents with high standard of living and a rich selection of facilities. The essential aspect was to focus on different types of the residential development that surrounds the given perimeter. The eastern and the southern side reveals terraced houses and family houses, while on the west side the conservatory of the Mendel University is laid out and in the north high-rises can be seen. Through this project a new space emerges, activated through various types of residential development while blending with the residual structures. Also, another goal was to design a new town hall for Brno-Sever with a cultural centre, situate a new kindergarten in the area and construct a community centre with sports facilities. Due to the lack of more prominent town square in the city district Černá Pole, the positioning of this feature was highly significant in my project. The designed square should be multifunctional, enabling the residents or wider public a wide range of utilization.
Jaroslavice – place in the landscape
Májek, Jan ; Veselá, Markéta (referee) ; Foretník, Jan (advisor)
The work is aimed at the center of the village, which is a square that, in size comparable to that of the Square of Freedom in Brno, is an exhibition of problems: considerable deterioration of the building fund, underground use of the public space, which is moreover unreadable and unreachable. The proposed solution divides the area of the square into three smaller public spaces that have a different character and function. Mariánské námětí is the torso of the existing one, which has been earmarked for the building of a new municipal office and library, is characterized by town houses and the location of services and public amenities. The second area is a semi-detached cottage. It is dominated by walnuts and water. The proposed buildings are oriented towards the library and the wine house. The third such defined area is the Wine Market, which is the crossroads, the scattered area of the surrounding houses, like a school, shops, or wine house. A large part of the COOP building has a sports complex with a halo and a swimming pool. There are solved especially the buildings of the town hall with a library and a wine house.
Between the Landscape and the City
Horáková, Jitka ; Galeová, Nicol (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
The entrace space of the Faculty of Natural Sciences is strategic place for building up object(s) which will serve students, employees of university and the public. The new complex of buildings on the border of nature and the city will have representative, educational and social function.

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