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Commercial center Miris Garden in Croatia
Žilková, Monika ; Doležal, Ondřej (referee) ; Novák, Petr (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is preparation of project documentation for building permits and part of the documentation for the implementation of construction based on the assignment, which was provided in the course BGA032 - Architectural Design Studio 4. The topic of the study is a design of a new building of the commercial center Miris Garden in Croatia near the town Starigrad. The building is to form the main point of the newly built resort on the sloping coast of the Adriatic Sea. The commercial center is to fulfill a commercial function (with several smaller shops and gastro businesses) and in part of the building also an administrative function, where offices are available for the management of the center and for tenants. The three buildings forming a unified whole are designed in the shape of two central hexagons, creating a space imitating a shopping street. It then culminates in a square with a view of the sea. The center has a total of three floors, which, however, are fitted into the terrain in such a way that when viewed towards the sea it looks like a single-storey building, so it does not disturb the views of the surrounding villas. The new building will be located in an open landscape, so its construction and operation will not disturb any nearby residents in any way.
Gallery of Modern Art in Brno
Knipiglová, Nina ; Doležal, Ondřej (referee) ; Novák, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis focuses on the design of a modern art gallery located in the city district of Brno-Center. The plot, with an elevation ranging from 205.200 to 207.100 meters above sea level, features an irregular layout. While the central location is advantageous, nearby roadways contribute to the noise in the local environment. The structure, consisting of five floors with two underground and three above-ground levels, is designed in accordance with the city's plan for mixed-use areas, taking into consideration the planned circular park. The main entrance is located on the first floor on the western side, featuring a large entrance hall, a café, a library, and office spaces. The second and third floors are designated for exhibition spaces, supplemented by rentable studio areas. The underground sections include double-decker garages and supply rooms. The design concept responds to the surroundings; the building's break follows the street line in the Kolište section, and the northern façade is parallel to the city hall. The building's façade is visually divided. The first above-ground floor is glazed with white plaster, while the other above-ground levels are covered with aluminum panels. The objective of the project is to integrate into the urban environment and provide a space that supports cultural and social activities in Brno-Center.
Oldřich Hutter - A Monograph
Hutter, Lukáš ; Doležal, Ondřej (referee) ; Kögler, Žaneta (advisor)
The book Monography - Oldřich Hutter is mapping works of my father from the view of his son. He is busy with architecture and furniture design. The book is filled also with interviews with his co-workers and friends from the Břeclav´s group of artists.
The Krtek Foundation
Kvardová, Klára ; Doležal, Ondřej (referee) ; Kögler, Žaneta (advisor)
Theme of my bachelor project is the corporate identity of Foundation of Pediatric Oncology KRTEK. Design consist of logotype, business cards, promotional cards, brochure for sponsors, design of website and promotional campaign based on videospots. My aim was to focus on the promotion and propose a strategy to present its activities. The corporate identity is based on the children's playfulness and especially on a personal and positive attitude of people in Foundation, which is in these situations important.
The utilization of POF in access networks
Doležal, Ondřej ; Šporik, Jan (referee) ; Filka, Miloslav (advisor)
In this work, the reader familiares with plastic optical fiber (POF). Firstly are mentioned the basics of the optical transmission. Then there are the main features and parameters POF and a historical overview, detailed description of the types of POF, their important strengths and weaknesses, comparison with glass fiber, installation, available POF connectors and procedure of measurements and a summary of key findings from the practice, including a description of existing experiments and projects. The second part focuses on the use of POF in access networks. There are described present trends in access networks, an overview of optical access networks and explaination the concept with the inclusion of POF in optical networks (FTTX). Furthermore, there are possibilities of POF fibers in segment of local networks and their readiness for advanced network services, such as IPTV. The penultimate chapter contains design test polygon and final part summarizes all findings and results of this work.
Experimental work with POF - Polymer optical fibers
Doležal, Ondřej ; Urban, František (referee) ; Filka, Miloslav (advisor)
In this diploma thesis, the reader is familiarized with polymer optical fiber (POF). Firstly is mentioned theoretical background of optical fibers and optical transmission. The following are the basic properties and significant parameters of POF, a more detailed description of each type POF and their essential advantages and disadvantages in comparison with established optical fibers based on glass. The next chapter describes the area of practical issues: working with fibers and fiber installation, as well as the available connectors and methods of measurement of POF. Closely are analyzed knowledge of the practice, including the utilize in the aerospace and automotive industries, as well as in industrial networks, access data networks and local area networks. The practical part includes the measurement of basic transmission and mechanical parameters, including analysis of the results. The conclusion summarizes all the findings and results of this work, including possible future developments.
Apartment house
Doležal, Ondřej ; Ježek, Pavel (referee) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
The main theme of this Master´s thesis is a project of detached residential house of a terraced type, partially located in terrain. The building has three floors and a basement and is covered by a flat roof. There are six residential units in the house and three parking spaces, including technical support. The house will be built in the village of Pribyslavice, on the plots with parcel numbers 140/1 and 145/1. The ground plan of the house is of a rectangular shape. The vertical load-bearing structural system is chosen to be made from bricks. Horizontal system is made by using Spiroll prestressed panels. The internal staircase is made from concrete, monolithic. The material and construction solutions is chosen to be close to passive standards. The project fully respects currently applicable standards and technical regulations of individual manufacturers.
Web support of technical German language
Doležal, Ondřej ; Vídenka, Rostislav (referee) ; Sigmund, Milan (advisor)
In current time web pages are being greatly extended to the wide area of human activity. Pages are important for commerce, entertainment and for education too. One of the largest advantage is easy availability all over the world and huge information content, which offer. In those work I will be consider on creation Germany- Czech monolingual dictionary for support subject MEID.
Zbruch Idol: History, Context, Interpretation and Myth
Doležal, Ondřej ; Dynda, Jiří (advisor) ; Antalík, Dalibor (referee)
First of all, the author introduces the problem to the reader by description of the idol and its history. Subsequently he reaches the first pillar of his thesis - summary of the history of research and academic debate about the origin and interpretation of the Zbruch idol since the moment of discovery up today. The author tries to present equally all the directions of interpretation present in discussion for 170 years and in the same time to reach the main specifics of individual periods and key questions of the debate. Even though the author attempts to give an account of equally all significant researchers, who contributed to the progression of the debate, he focuses more precisely on the period previous to Leńczyk comprehensive study from 1964, which he considers neglected. Yet he does not remain impartial in the summary and expresses his disapproving opinion about researchers, who deny the authenticity of the sculpture and declare it a forgery, as those, who deny the idols slavic origin. The author admits, that the Zbruch idol probably bears signs of influence from migrating turkic tribes, but he does not consider it their work. He comments this question in a partial way in the chapter about parallels, which serves him to prove that the Slavic territory probably carried enough of stone...
Analýza jízdních odporů osobního automobilu
Doležal, Ondřej
The thesis is devoted to the analysis of road resistances of a car. The first part deals with the theory of individual road resistance which counteracts the movement of the car. The chapters are given the formula for calculating individual road resistance and in the end is mentioned relationship of total road resistance. The second part is focused on the construction of tires, their signs and detailed description dimensions. This section also describes a tire according to the shapes of designs, their type and how to properly store them. The next part explains the theory of rolling the vehicle wheel according to the type of pads. The penultimate section describes the methodology for measuring the road resistance in real traffic. The conclusion describes experimental measurements of passive losses car at various inflation pressures made on vehicle testing institute of technology and automobile traffic. In this passage it is also a graphical and verbal evaluation of practical measurement.

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