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Slaďování pracovního úspěchu a životní spokojenosti
Roháčková, Pavla
Roháčková, P. Reconciliation of Work Success and Life Satisfaction. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2023. The aim of the study is to understand the relationship between emotional intelligence and the ability to effectively reconcile work success and life satisfaction of people in managerial positions (c-suite) in companies in the Czech Republic. The output of the thesis are strategies and practical recommendations for achieving professional and personal satisfaction. The research offers important benefits for potential founders of successful businesses, managers and executives, who can use the information about the key role of emotional intelligence in the work environment and support the development of these competencies in themselves and their colleagues. Teams and individuals who actively develop and use emotional intelligence achieve greater effectiveness, reduced stress and improved job and life satisfaction.
Kvalita života ve městě Třebíč
Dvořáková, Eva
This bachelor thesis is focused on the quality of life in the city of Třebíč. The aim of the thesis is to find out the current situation concerning the quality of life by means of analysis. The content of the theoretical part summarizes the existing knowledge of the literature on the subject. Subsequently, the practical part is devoted to the evaluation of the research itself. In the conclusion of the thesis, recommendations will be proposed that would lead to an improvement in the quality of life.
Impact of socioeconomic and social factors on subjective well-being among Czech population
Tmějová, Kateřina ; Lustigová, Michala (advisor) ; Hanzlová, Radka (referee)
The main concern of this thesis is the impact of selected socioeconomic and social factors on subjective well-being of individuals in the Czech population. This thesis thus explains and describes the concept of well-being and summarizes the factors that can influence it. Using data from survey EU-SILC 2018 of Czechia, the effect of selected socioeconomic and social factors on the level of well-being of an individual is analysed using a multinomial logistic regression method. Both individually and when all selected factors interact. The analysis found that the level of education, the level of income and the quality of housing of an individual significantly affect the level of life satisfaction. The significant effect of an individual's social ties on the level of life satisfaction was found to be the most significant when socioeconomic and social factors impacted on the level of life satisfaction. Another objective was to analyse the relationship between an individual's life satisfaction and self-rated health. This relationship was found to be reciprocal, meaning that the level of life satisfaction of an individual has an impact on his subjective health evaluation and vice versa. The thesis also compares the prevalence of life satisfaction of the Czech population with other populations that also...
Subjective evaluation of the life satisfaction of clients of the case management program in the organization SANANIM z.ú.
Vejrychová, Lucie ; Fidesová, Hana (advisor) ; Šťastná, Lenka (referee)
Backgound: Case management began to develop in the Czech Republic in 1995 at the level of regional projects. Indicated clients are persons who are unable to resolve their situation on their own, persons who have experienced a social decline and persons with a dual diagnosis. Studies show positive effects of case management, and in the area of psychosocial functioning there is a need to focus on the magnitude of effects and the range of change over time. Studies further show that positive effects in people with a dual diagnosis are achieved only in the case of very intensive case management, and clinical case management has good results in the area of alcohol and drug use. The study follows on from the project "Case management for mentally ill and socially excluded persons" and its results (1st and 2nd wave of the questionnaire survey). Aim: The main aim was to describe the development of changes in subjective life satisfaction among clients of the case management program over a longer period of time. Methods: The study is designed as a quantitative questionnaire survey (this is the 3rd wave of the questionnaire survey). The Life Satisfaction Questionnaire (authors J. Fahrenberg, M. Myrtek, J. Schumacher and E. Brähler) was used in a modified version and data analysis was carried out with the help...
Life quality of people with attention deficit
This thesis focuses on the issue of quality of life of an individual with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), with particular attention paid to the impacts of ADHD on important areas of life that significantly affect the quality of life. In addition, the thesis also deals with values and goals and subjective perception of the above syndrome of individuals diagnosed and living with ADHD. The answers to those questions were obtained through semi-structured interviews with five selected respondents and a questionnaire survey focusing on SEIQoL method as a tool to evaluate the quality of life. The results of the research show that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder interferes with daily functioning in life and influences the quality of life. The most important value in life was identified to be the area of interpersonal relations in the sense of mutual support and mainstay. The respondents have mentioned positive dimension of ADHD syndrome that can be considered as benefit in life. It is very important to consider each person as unique individual who should be treated with respect. Moreover, it is also important to take the symptoms of ADHD into consideration and not make light of them, as trivialization is what negatively affects human relationships, and it may even result in a distortion of one´s relationship with oneself.
Life Satisfaction of Czechs over Time – "Research on the Covid and Postcovid Eras"
Hanzlová, Radka
The Centre for Public Opinion Research of the Institute of Sociology of the CAS focused on the topic of life satisfaction in its special research carried out within the project "Research on the Covid and Postcovid Eras". The aim of the research was to find out how satisfied Czech citizens are with their lives at present and to compare the results with their life satisfaction in the past or in the future. The life satisfaction of Czech citizens has not changed over time and can be considered above average overall. Life satisfaction is related to educational attainment, age, subjectively assessed standard of living and health status. Both single-item and multi-item measures of life satisfaction achieve identical results, confirming their reliability and validity.A significant proportion of respondents failed to answer the items related to future life satisfaction, which is easily explained and understandable, as these are essentially hypothetical questions to which there is no clear answer at the moment.
Factors influencing life satisfaction, the GDP indicator in relation to happiness and life satisfaction
Nováčková, Veronika ; Vejchodská, Eliška (advisor) ; Frič, Pavol (referee)
The main topic of the master thesis is the relationship between life satisfaction and the GDP indicator. Factors that influence life satisfaction are the subject of my research. The master thesis is based on two scientific studies that deal with the relationship between life satisfaction and the GDP indicator. The conclusions of these two studies contradict each other. The first study was published in 1974 by Richard Easterlin. According to Easterlin's paradox, the people's happiness in a given country does not increase with increasing GDP in the long run. When people reach a certain level of wealth and material well-being, their subjective happiness and overall life satisfaction do not grow anymore. The second scientific study was published in 2008 by Stevenson and Wolfers. The authors concluded that there is a positive correlation between life satisfaction and increasing GDP per capita in many countries. This master's thesis aimed to find out what could be the reason behind this contradiction. Moreover, the master's thesis aimed to identify factors influencing life satisfaction. In the empirical part of the work, I used qualitative research methods. Based on the methodologies used in the two studies, I created two types of questionnaires. In total, I conducted fifty semi- structured interviews....
Comparison care of for seniors in home environment and residential facilities
The diploma thesis is focused on comparing the care of the elderly in the home environment with the residential care, especially in the Home for the Elderly in Benešov. The theoretical part of the thesis presents the theoretical basis for the research that was made mainly in the Home for the Elderly in Benešov. The theoretical chapters about ageing, kinds of care, and examples of offered services for the elderly are complemented by a practical part. The practical part of the diploma thesis is based on the experience of the seniors with whom there were made half-structured interviews. The interviews were focused on the factors that are the autonomy of the individuals, their relationships with others and their families, and also their health conditions. All these factors fundamentally affect the seniors' satisfaction with the place where they have to spend their elderly years.
Selected characteristics of the mobility in women (age category 60,0-69,9 y.)
The aim of the thesis is to assess and to compare the selected physical characteristics in the group of thirty women of the gardening association (60,00-69,99 y.). The measurement was repeated (November 2019 and March 2020) due to a pandemic in only 17 of them. The measured characteristics were body height, body weight, circumference characteristics (circumference of right arm, hips and abdomen), skin folds (the skin fold over the biceps, the skin fold over the triceps, the subscapulare skin fold and the suprailiacal skin fold), spin mobility tests (Stibor´s symptom, Otto´s symptom, Cepoj´s sympton, Schober´s symptom, modified Thomayer´s symptom, the Scarf Test and the Lateroflexe Test). The Body Mass Index (BMI) and the sum of all four skin folds were calculated. There was also the evaluation of the footprint, The Life Satisfaction Questionnaire in the field "The Health" and "The Leisure" (Fahrenberg et al., 2001) and the questions of the supplementary questionnaire. The comparison of the average results of the November and March measurements of our group showed statistically highly significant difference (p = 0,000**) of body weight and BMI by the Student's test (t-test). The March values were significantly higher. The results of the Wilcoxon test were statistically significant for the average results of spine mobility test - Stibor´s symptom. In the November measurement, there was greater elongation of the spine in the forward bend (p = 0,030*). The research part of the thesis includes the results of the tightness of the relationship between BMI values and other data. It was found, that BMI values are not related to spine mobility tests (p > 0,05). It was the most interesting result of this part of relationships. In contrast, the results of the relationship between BMI and the rate of back pain show a correlation between these data (p = 0,049*). The average values of our group were compared with the results of the research from Olomouc (Riegerová, 2010). In this comparison, the higher average values of body weight and BMI of our group were evaluated as statistically highly significant (p < 0,01). The average values of body weight, BMI and abdominal circumference of our group were compared with the results of the research by Toman Hrušková (2018). These results were evaluated as statistically highly significant too (p < 0,01).

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