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Waste Elimination on Press Brakes
Kubový, Tadeáš ; Pavlíková, Eva (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with a proposal for the elimination of losses on press brakes and the overall improvement and optimization of the press brake process. The design part of the work contains two proposals, both with the aim of eliminating losses and increasing the performance of the press break workshop. The work is divided into six main parts from the theoretical starting points, through the analysis of the entire production process, detailed analysis of the bending process, to the design of the solution and its evaluation.
Warehouse management study for the purchase of selected material elements
Klimovič, Ondřej ; Tesař, Rostislav (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is a study of warehouse management for the purchase of selected material elements. The bachelor thesis is divided into six main chapters, in which I deal with the issue of lean warehouse management in a selected company. The first chapter describes the theoretical background. Within the second chapter, the company I have chosen, in which I have worked for several years, will be introduced in more detail. In chapter three, I will discuss the current situation of the warehouse management in the company, where I will describe exactly the building of the current material inventory warehouse, which is the most important for my study. The fourth and fifth chapters belong to outlining the current state of warehouse management and purchasing processes in the company. The sixth then presents the conditions for the implementation of the suggestions made in the previous chapters.
Specific techniques of individual coaching
Ženatý, Jan ; Bahbouh, Radvan (advisor) ; Kirovová, Iva (referee)
Thesis focuses the topic of individual change and discusses possibilities of its support in terms of psychological (self)coaching. The theoretical part summarizes key psychological traits, which may affect the success of change implementation, than provides insight into the various phases, stages and processes of both individual and organizational change. Attention is then moved to the issue of individual change goals setting and there are shown several models of goals formulation. Next chapter introduces psychological coaching as a suitable approach to the facilitation of individual change and describes specific techniques and strategies that support individuals achieving goals. Particular attention is also paid to the strategy of small steps or quick wins, also known as Kaizen, as well as the other mentioned techniques and tools that can be used in (self)coachning and selfmanagement. The research verifies the effect of Kaizen strategy on individual goals achievement. Results confirm the positive impact of Kaizen on individual success in goal achieving, but also the degrese of precieved satisfaction derived from working on goals.
Management of changes at schools trough philosophy Kaizen
Kynčlová, Zlatuše ; Lisnerová, Romana (advisor) ; Trojan, Václav (referee)
This thesis presents the philosophy of Kaizen which is applied for improviment of processes in production and leadership. The main aims of the thesis are to introduce the essence of the philosophy of Kaizen and to suggests implementation of the philosophy into schools as an alternative model of managment. In the theoretical part, the principles of philosophy of management, which have the roots in Japan, are characterized on the basis of research from the available literature and other theoretical sources. The history and evolution of Kaizen philosophy is anaylised within the text for a better undersatnding and the differences between Japanese and Czech society are also mentioned. The practical part is focused on qualitative survey of applying the philosophy of Kaizen in the company Česká spořitelna. The empirical investigation is mainly based on interviews and observations. The experience of the Česká spořitelna with the implementation of Kaizen philosophy is analysed through these two methods. The results of the survey provide a view on new phenomenon for the school sector and introduce options for its possible implementation of some of the concepts of Kaizen philosophy in the management of changes in schools. The transcript of qualitative research is the basis for the application of Kaizen...
Lean Management as an Ethical Problem
Kureš, Jakub ; Štica, Petr (advisor) ; Červenková, Denisa (referee)
Annotation: Lean Management as an Ethical Problem Business management methods are mainly depended on what the company is doing. One of the management options is lean management which is typical for the automotive industry, but is used for its efficiency in other industries as well. It is a method of management that maximizes labor productivity, reduces the financial burden in the production process, and reduces human errors. The main goal of this thesis is focused on explaining the basic concepts of economics and ethics focused on the way of business management. It includes a description of a specific case of the implementation of lean management in a particular company. An ethical reflection follows, which focuses on comparing the described implementation with the presented company values. Second point is the reflection of lean management with the theory Stakeholder. The work concludes with a description of the consequences of the implementation of systems focused primarily on efficiency and profit with possible solution points. Key words: lean management, ethical management of a company, manager, employee, corporate culture, efficiency, profit, key indicators, corporate values, code of ethics, stress.
Revision and implementation of the 5S system in the production process of Bosch Rexroth, spol.s.r.o
Weidenhöfer, Jan ; Řiháček, Jan (referee) ; Štroner, Marek (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the process of revision and implementation of one of the many tools of lean manufacturing – 5S – in the production environment of the selected industrial enterprise Bosch Rexroth, spol. s r. o. In the introduction, the reader is briefly acquainted with the history and scope of the parent company Bosch and Bosch Rexroth. The following research part is devoted to a theoretical introduction to the current concepts of organization and management of the production process with emphasis on the description of the philosophy of lean manufacturing and its individual tools and components, especially in detail the 5S tool. The main part of the work are chapters dealing with the description of the current situation in the selected industrial enterprise, analysis of deviations from the current 5S standards and the proposal of new 5S standards, including the definition of new control mechanisms. At the end of the work is a technical and economic evaluation of the proposal.
Process optimalization of internal and customer complaint management in REHAU
Štindlová, Ivana ; Bubeníková, Petra (referee) ; Bartes, František (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the current state of the process of internal and customer complaint management in REHAU Automotive s.r.o., Moravská Třebová. Based on the facts to make own proposals for improving the process of managing inter-nal and customer complaints, which will lead to a more efficient process, thus saving time, costs and overall improving of quality management in the company.
Uplatnění lean managementu v administrativních procesech
Podhorná, Alena
The diploma thesis applies to Lean management and it´s application in administrative processes. The goal of diploma thesis is proposal to increase the value added activities and to reduce waste at the same time in the area of administration. The methods of Lean management as 7+1 waste, Kaizen, Lean office, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma are applied in administrative processes in Shared service centre. These methods are evaluated by performance and productivity of processes.
Ekonomický dopad implementace Operational Excellence
Malinková, Ivana
The bachelor thesis deals with the Operational Excellence method, which is implemented in XY company. The economic impact will be detected in selected teams acquired by the individual instruments of this method. Five teams were analyzed based on the data (improvement ideas) and the annual savings were calculated. Forty improvements were used in total. Some teams have potential annual savings of up to millions.

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