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Biaxial timber semitrailer for transport of wood
Vojtík, Martin ; Juřík, Josef (referee) ; Škopán, Miroslav (advisor)
The assignment of this thesis is a biaxial trailer for the transportation of timber. Due to very complex solutions of this assignment and after consultation with the supervisor of this thesis it will cover the project of the main part of the trailer – a bunk. The aim is to design a pivoted bunk with telescopic extensions. The thesis can be used as a foundation for a project of a new manufacturing modification as an improvement of a present manufacturing schedule of the Agama company. The main focus is on the design of of the telescopic extention to be reliable and affordable.
Business Plan
Kohoutková, Martina ; Navrátil, Jaroslav (referee) ; Rompotl, Jaroslav (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the creation of a realistic and applicable business plan for a new business – a forest nursery. The diploma work is divided into four main parts. Part one describes the objective and methodology of work. Followed by the second part, a theoretical one, in which the theoretical knowledge and the starting point needed to create the business plan are described and explained. In the third part, I analysed, with help of the theoretical knowledge, the current market situation and the internal and external business environment. The last part includes suggestions for the business plan and is closed with a final summary and recommendations, which should contribute to the establishment and to the further development of the firm in the future.
Grab sampler for handling with wood
Kučera, Jakub ; Juřík, Josef (referee) ; Škopán, Miroslav (advisor)
The assignment of this thesis is a design of the wood manipulation grab to be used with small hydraulic cranes. The aim is to design a grab with lifting capacity of 2000 kg. The results of thesis can be used to diversify production of the company Agama a.s. Primarily, the grab should be lightweight, easy to manufacture and affordable.
The development of small company in a forestry
Půčková, Lenka ; Moučka, Jan (referee) ; Koráb, Vojtěch (advisor)
The Master’s thesis deals with analyzing of small company carrying business in forestry. On the basis of this analysis suggests strategic targets which are important for another growth and development of the company. Together with implementation schedule of individual activities are in this thesis suggested targets of solution. They are designed with a view to meet the requirements of company.
Atraktivita odvětví těžebních činností v lesnictví
Pavelcová, Kristýna
Pavelcová, K., The attractiveness of the logging sector in forestry. Master thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2023. This thesis analyses the logging sector of the forestry industry. The aim is to determine its attractiveness and to recommend a strategy to existing firms in the sector and firms that are just entering the sector. The analytical tools used to achieve this objective are PESTLE analysis, Porter's five forces model, EFE matrix, GE matrix and SPACE matrix. Recommendations are made in response to the identified opportunities and threats of the sector, taking into account the attractiveness of the sector. PESTLE analysis and Porter's Five Forces Model are used to analyse the sector and identify opportunities and threats. The evaluation of the EFE matrix, GE matrix and SPACE matrix provides information on the degree of attractiveness of the sector and the appropriate form of strategy for the business.
Srovnání přístupu k adaptačním opatřením na změnu klimatu v lesích ve vybraných státech na úrovni národních plánů a politik
Papalová, Alexandra
The topic of the bachelor's thesis is Comparison of the approach to climate change adaptation measures in forests in selected countries at the level of national plans and policies. In this context, the bachelor thesis deals with adaptation measures that are applied in order to mitigate the effects of climate change on forests and forestry. The bachelor thesis is written in the form of research. The thesis first deals with basic concepts such as climate change and its effects in general, the effects of climate change on forests and forestry, and adaptation to climate change. Subsequently, it deals with the characteristics of natural and socio-economic conditions and their vulnerability, the distribution of forest ownership and change in forest cover in Finland, Spain and Kenya. The last part is devoted to applied adaptation policies and national plans to climate change in the mentioned countries.
Popis a distribuce škod působených vytloukáním a vystrouháváním srnce obecného v lesních porostech
Růžička, Pavel
This bachelor thesis is about the description and distribution of damage caused by roe deer in the form of fraying and rubbing. The thesis has been divided into two parts, the first part deals with a general view of the issue and the second part is the actual research, which consisted of collecting data on fraying and rubbing in a pre-selected suitable location, including the following suggestions and recommendations for practice. The research was carried out using a system of strip transects and recording damage sites in their vicinity. The map outputs show the amount of damage, its location and the type of damage, these signs clearly indicate the locations and individual trees most frequently visited by roe deer. The analytical outputs mention the occurrence of the most frequently damaged trees and their morphometric data. The most frequently damaged tree species was the norway spruce. The resulting connection between 2 roebucks territory boundaries which were found, the damage caused, and human-made natural boundaries cannot be ignored.
Hospodářská a majetková trestná činnost v lesním hospodářství
Drápelová, Tereza
The bachelor thesis deals with economic and property crime in forestry. The thesis will be solved on the basis of analysis and subsequent synthesis of case law dealing with forestry crimes according to the most frequently identified types of crimes. The issue will be put into practice, when a questionnaire will be sent to the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic and also to individual forest enterprises and commercial companies, so that the thesis can also work with these answers. The draft part will also include a possible modification of the methodology for recording statistics on crimes in forestry.
Implementation of precise forestry tools to forest management of small scale forest owners in Hungary
Czigany, Peter
This thesis investigates the implementation of precision forestry tools for private forest owners in Hungary. Through literature review, case study analysis, and GIS-based evaluations, the research explores existing tools and systems, the legal environment, and potential benefits for private forestry. The study also examines the adoption and limitations of these tools within the European forestry context. Ultimately, the thesis aims to identify GIS tools and methods that can enhance efficiency and profitability in small-scale forest management, providing insights for managers in Hungary and beyond.
Analýza udržitelného rozvoje vybraných států Afriky, se speciálním zřetelem na využití půdy a návrhy rámcových opatření
Bárta, Vojtěch
Abstract Title: Analysis of sustainable development in selected African countries, with special reference to land use and proposals for framework measures. This work consisted of selecting 3 developing countries in Africa according to selected criteria and then analysing pre-determined areas of these selected countries. Subsequently, proposals and measures leading to the promotion of sustainable development of the analyzed countries were built on the analysis. The results of the work were based on the proposals and measures that were established for the individual states, and for the analyzed states in aggregate, concluding the work with a summary of the results in order to prepare them for possible use by anyone, in the further development of this issue. The selected states represented three very diverse territories, including a state whose territory extends into the Sahara Desert. The draft frameworks, which were designed to promote their sustainable development, focused on combating the degradation of the torpid soil type following deforestation, providing water for agriculture and other purposes, combating desertification, agricultural policy and combating corruption. These draft measures were designed to be as feasible as possible, taking into account the lack of resources available to developing countries and other limitations of these territories.

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