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Relationship between Judgments for Recognition and Default Judgments
Šmahelová, Adéla ; Sedláček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Smolík, Petr (referee)
Relationship between Judgments for Recognition and Default Judgments Abstract The subject of this diploma thesis is the relationship between judgments for recognition and default judgments. In both cases, the judgements are special institutes typical for civil contentious proceedings, primarily aimed at speeding up the proceedings before the court. The statutory provisions seek to achieve this mainly by not requiring the court to establish the facts of the case when deciding by special judgments, as the decisions are based solely on plaintiff's factual allegations or defendant's act of disposition. Firstly, the starting point for determining the links between the two judgments is an analysis of the judgments as separate decisions. The current legal framework recognises three types of special judgments, namely a judgment for explicit recognition, a judgment for a legal fiction of recognition and a default judgment. In particular, a judgment for explicit recognition should be distinguished from a fictitious judgment for recognition and a default judgment. Whereas the first decision is based on a dispositive act made by the defendant freely expressing his will to recognise the claim, the other two judgments are based on defendant's default, either by failing to appear at the hearing or make a statement of...
The Space for All of Us
Dobiášová, Dominika ; Poliačková, Martina (referee) ; Štindlová, Marie (advisor)
The diploma work Sanctuary for Each of Them consists of a series of objects and paintings in which I try to capture the mutual necessity and ambiguity of the individual's position in society. I am trying to bring the viewers to a strange, unsettling place where a series of plots and stories take place. Relationships develop between the characters, but also between them and the fictional world in which their stories are set. Motifs and characters from the paintings then transition into anthropomorphic objects - figures depicted in glassware and table bases. In this way, the action shifts directly into the physical space of the gallery and turns into a scenography that can be entered and interacted with on a personal level.
Characters in Jáchym Topol's Works
Vytiska, Vojtěch ; Kubíček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Peterka, Josef (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with narratology analysis of fictional world of early Jáchym Topol's works: Výlet k nádražní hale and Sestra. The thesis focuses on system of characters. The method of analysis of narrative modalities exposes complex fictional world. The work deals with the narrator and his reliability in the fictional world. The last chapter describes the system of characters and proposes the typology of characters for Topol's fictional world.
Josef Nesvadba's Peklo Beneš as counterfactual fiction. Narrative and thematic analysis
Kulhánková, Anna ; Kubíček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Peterka, Josef (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focusing on narrative and thematic analysis of Josef Nesvadba's Peklo Beneš (2002). This bachelor thesis has introduction, three chapters and conclusion. First chapter is focusing on counterfactual historiography and counterfactual fiction, second chapter is focusing on narrative analysis of Peklo Beneš (narrative categories) and third chapter is focusing on thematic analysis, that are main and minor topics, counterfactual events in the history of Czechoslovakia from 1938 to 1989 and science fiction invention of Indinet. This bachelor thesis is based both on professional literature of Lubomír Doležel and Niall Ferguson, and on paper of Erik Gilk, who follow up counterfactual historiography and literature, and on Kubíček, Hrabal, Bílek's professional narratology literature.
František Kožík's Biograpfical novels about Zdenka Braunerová Compared to the extant correspondence
Braunová, Linda ; Mocná, Dagmar (advisor) ; Krejčová, Iva (referee)
BRAUNOVÁ, L.: František Kožík's biographical novels about Zdenka Braunerová compared to the extant correspondence /Master Degree Thesis/ Prague 2014, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education, Departement of the Czech Literature. This Master Degree Thesis compares Kožík's novels Na křídle větrného mlýna and Neklidné babí léto with the extant correspondence, which is used in different ways in both novels. The starting point was extensive research, which provided a precise undertanding of the author's intentions. The goal was to find out how the author forms the characters and their relationship using sources, especially the correspondence. At the same time this thesis delineates the difference between facts and fiction with an example of Kožík's novels.
Iva Prochazkova: literatury work by methods of drama education
Vágnerová, Ivana ; Marušák, Radek (advisor) ; Ferklová, Alžběta (referee)
The Abstract My dissertation is dedicated to a characteristic of pupils of primary school age from the point of developmental psychology and mutual relation of this age group and the reading in its teoretical part. The importan part of dissertation are the chapters which are aimed to well- marked personality of our literature Mrs. Iva Procházková. There is an analysis of Prochazkova's creation in my dissertation too. There is a more detailed characteristic of three chosen tituls - Pět minut před večeří, Středa nám chutná, Únos domů in teoretical part. And this part looks into mutual relation between dramatic education and literature. The target of my research is to prove the suitability of chosen chapters for the work in dramatic education. There are analysis of these literature patterns from education's view in the practical part. These titules are made as the projects of teaching lessons.
Narrative methods in literary reportages of Wojciech Tochman
Beshirová Idris, Esther ; Hájek, Roman (advisor) ; Čeňková, Jana (referee)
In this thesis I deal with three literary reportages from the collection Pánbůh zaplať by the Polish journalist and writer Wojciech Tochman who represents the Polish School of Reportage. These are the reportages Člověk, který vstal z kolejí, Vzteklý pes and Mojžíšův keř. I focus on what kind of narrative techniques Tochman uses in the process of writing reportages, what kind of function they have and if the usage of these narrative techniques influences the trustworthiness of a literary reportage. In the case studies I analyze every reportage with the help of a one chosen narrative technique. In the reportage Člověk, který vstal z kolejí I focus on the narrative gaps, in Vzteklý pes I deal with the usage of focalisation and in Mojžíšův keř is the main focus the storytelling through characters. Literary analyses show that the narrative techniques are used for better coherence and impresivness of Tochman's texts. These techniques help to express experiences of described characters and allow an independent interpretation to the reader. They are also used as references to important social phenomenona which enable to Tochman to bring universal testimony about the subjects of literary reportages. The thesis also deals with the problem of the trusthworthiness of literary reportages which leads to an...
Poetics of selected short stories written by Pere Calders
Kroupová, Alžběta ; Poláková, Dora (advisor) ; Marešová, Jaroslava (referee)
(in English) The bachelor work observes selected short stories taken from the book called Cròniques de la veritat oculta written by Catalan author Pere Calders. The aim of this thesis is to analyse the poetics which is typical for this writer. It investigates topics which are often repeated, symbols and space where the plot takes place. It compares the short stories of Calders with other works of writers within the same literary genre who use similar storytelling methods. The emphasis is put mainly on the comparison with the output of Franz Kafka.
The Revisionaries: translation and stylistic analysis of selected passages from A. R. Moxon's novel
Centek, Kristián ; Ženíšek, Jakub (advisor) ; Malá, Markéta (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on translation of selected chapters from the novel The Revisionaries, written by an American author A. R. Moxon. The translation is performed from English language to Czech language and the chapters were selected based chiefly on their linguistic properties. The first part of this thesis, the theoretical introduction, introduces the reader to translation and the theoretical process of translating. Furthermore, it highlights potential issues a translator can stumble upon whilst translating the mentioned novel. In the practical part, four chapters are translated and displayed in a side-by-side format with the original text. The third part of this thesis scrutinises the Czech translated text on the basis of secondary sources, the bulk of which consists of canonical Czech translation studies. Thus, the aim of this part is to justify the Czech translation and to explain the particular decisions which were made during the translation. Keywords translation, novel, fiction, analysis, Moxon, Revisionaries

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