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Návrh konstrukčního řešení dětské postýlky s přebalovacím pultem
Pourová, Zuzana
The subject of this thesis is to design structural solution of cribs and changing table, which would meet all requirements of security and functionality. This solution was created on the basis of current assortment of crib and changing table in our market and from the knowledge of this subject, which are collected in this work. The solution is supported by the technical and safety requirements. The proposal consist in elaboration of the design documentation, bill of materials, economic evaluation in the level of the direct material costs and visualization.
Design kancelářského stolu
Pospíšil, David
This diploma thesis is dealing with the issue of office and working tables. The aim of this thesis is to describe the development of working tables and office furniture in the historical and ergonomic context, describe the working environment and its impact on the human. It is also comparing options of the market and materials used in large-scale and small-scale manufacture of the tables. An integral part of this thesis is also the proposal of the office table, which takes in account all the mentioned aspects, which contains the first ideas, visualizations and a manufacture of the functional prototype 1:1.
Návrh konstrukčního řešení nábytkového mobiliáře k vybavení 'vstupní haly' rodinného domu
Konečná, Martina
Contents of this work is to design solutions of furniture mobiliary to furnish entrance hall of the house, the design focuses mainly on storage spaces according to client requirements. The theoretical part deals with storage area requirements, commonly used materials, construction, literature research of similar solutions and safety requirements for furniture in the entrance hall. The practical part consists of drawing documentation, bills of materials and visualization of own design solution. An integral part of the work is also economic evaluation that deals only direct material costs.
Návrh konstrukčního řešení lůžka s možností variability funkce na dvoulůžko
Dvořák, Ladislav
The topic of this batchelor work is design of single bed construction with the possibility of variable extension to double bed which respects conditions specified by contracting authority and inverstor, also meets the conditions of valid norms and safety.Teoretical part of this thesis is delegated to problematics of bed design, solutions of private interior design possibilities, antropometrics, ergoniometrics and research of nowadays solution of bed design with the possibilities of extension to a double bed as well as problematics of used materials, structural joints and more design aspects of bed design.The structural design solution is prepared by production drawings with product bills, visualization, economic evaluation of direct material costs.
Porovnání metod pro výstup a práci v koruně stromu prováděných lanovou technikou
Dvořáček, Milan
The present bachelor thesis deals with the comparison of methods for ascending and working in a tree crown carried out by a rope technique. The comparison focuses on ergonomics, speed, efficiency, legislation and physical demands of the arborist. The aim of the thesis is to create an overview of necessary technical equipment for arboreal work and to present a comprehensive view and comparison of the most frequently used rope techniques for ascending and working in a tree crown. The particular methods for ascending a tree and working in a tree crown are based on available sources of literature. The ergonomic evaluation of particular methods will be processed statistically and will be carried out by following the checklist of comprehensive ergonomics hazards. In the thesis there are pictures of the individual parts of the harness and equipment and the demonstration of their usage.
Redesign sedacího prvku pro děti
Černochová, Lucie
The bachelor thesis is focused on sitting furniture, specifically on a growing chair for a child. The thesis is divided into two main parts. At first, in the theoretical part, there is described a history of sitting furniture, anthropometry, ergonomics and its criteria for right sitting, ways of sitting and safety. This part is finished by a short research of already existing growing chairs for children. In the practical part there is gradually described a whole process of making a growing chair for a child. At first, this part is focused on chair designs itselves, which are drawn in sketches. Furthermore, there is described a production of a model in 1:1 scale which is followed by visualisations of the growing chair modelled in a program Autodesk 3DS Max 2015. The result of this thesis is a manufactured prototype of the designed growing chair for a child.
Nároky na pracovní prostředí ve vztahu k řízení lidských zdrojů
Novák, Ondřej
The main aim of the thesis is to suggest a suitable and effective concept of an office working environment enhancement with respect to the modern trends. The partial aim is to find out how the employees perceive their work environment and what the biggest drawbacks according to them are. Master thesis is divided into literary review and result section. The literary review summarizes the most valuable information about the office working environment, describes development and the latest trends in the field. The result section deals with evaluation of the empirical research, questionnaires and controlled interviews. Recommendations for improving appropriate office working environment are presented at the end of the thesis, including economical valuation.
Návrh konstrukčního řešení čalouněného křesla s možností variability v přechodné spaní.
Wolfová, Kristýna
Abstract: This work deals with the proposal of a solution for an unpholstered armchair with the possibility of being taken apart for occasional sleeping. Straightened construction enables the transformation from a sit-position to a lie-position intended for occasional sleeping. The product is designed with regard of safety and technical requirements. Theoretical part includes overwiew of given problematice and research of modern folding systems and similar structural solution, which are currently available on domestic and foreign market, including evaluation according to establishes criterias. Practical part is made of own proposal of construction solution and its technical description. The proposal also includes drawing documentation, unites and economical evaluation in level of material costs. Considering the fact of serial production the work includes also a proposal of product packaging considering packing principles and expedition upholstored furniture.
Návrh a realizace rozkládacího stolu
Urban, Jakub
The major objective of this bachelor thesis is a dining table, specifically an expandable table with added wooden supports. Furthermore, the thesis deals with the historical development of dining tables and their construction, the official requirements of furniture dimensions with regards to the science of ergonomics and anthropometry, types of dining tables and their manufacturing and lastly the legislature in form of the official standards and proofing. The thesis aims to support its output, which is the prototype of an expandable dining table with added wooden supports. Its layout is attached independently in the technical documentation.
Návrh dvoulůžkové postele
Svoboda, Martin
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to design a double bed. In the first part of the thesis requirements for designing a bed, its constructional and ergonomic attributes are taken into consideration. The second part of the thesis is practical and it deals with the design itself, including the client’s requirements. The final outcome is a brief technical documentation (2D sketches), bill of materials and pricing. The final result of the whole thesis is production of a double bed in 1:1 full size.

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