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Design of autonomous robot for cleaning solar panels
Kuchárik, Martin ; John, David (referee) ; Křenek, Ladislav (advisor)
The main objective of the diploma thesis is the design of the concept of an autonomous robot intended for the cleaning of photovoltaic panels in solar parks. The proposal aims to respond to current market events, which demonstrate that the global shift to renewable sources of energy goes in line with the exponential growth of photovoltaic construction. Solar panels require regular maintenance, and that is what cleaning robots are used for, yet they currently have a variable form. The diploma thesis focuses on creating a concept of an innovative versatile self-driving cleaning vehicle powered by sustainable energy sources. The proposal introduced within this diploma thesis takes ecological aspects into consideration with the emphasis on aesthetics, purposefulness and intuitive usage.
Design of a Transport Neonatal Incubator
Balajová, Andrea ; Rajlich, Jan (referee) ; Křenek, Ladislav (advisor)
The number of premature babies is increasing every year. Also the occurrence of diseases and especially their recognition after birth. Therefore, the need for newborn transport also increases every year. For this transport, a transport newborn incubator placed on a stretcher is used. However, these devices have not changed functionally or in appearance for many years. Typical representatives on the market are visually very similar and outdated. The solution is therefore the design of a new transport incubator, which would address the entire transport unit as a whole, including additional equipment and aids. However, it must take into account the safety of the patient as well as the health workers, the efficiency of their work and ergonomics. Work therefore comes with a new and modern integrated solution, attractive to the market, which increases the safety of users and supports the ergonomics of work.
Design of Drilling Rig
Petlachová, Alena ; John, David (referee) ; Křenek, Ladislav (advisor)
Today, humanity is facing a number of climate changes that inevitably resulted in changing the living conditions for the fauna and flora of our planet. One of these climate changes is long-term drought. As the volume of rainfall decreases and the time between rainfall increases, surface water sources for drinking and utility purposes are drying up in many places on our planet, including Europe. To reach it, it is necessary to drill deeper, and therefore the demand for water well drilling rigs that are capable of reaching the required depth is naturally increasing. At present, these are mostly bulky, articulated machines that are completely subordinate in design to function. In most cases, there is no emphasis on ergonomics and, to some extent, no emphasis on worker safety. Therefore, this thesis deals with the design of a drilling rig, which focuses on these parameters.
Design of an Urban Electric Motorcycle
Rýznarová, Adéla ; Surman, Martin (referee) ; Křenek, Ladislav (advisor)
Nowadays, an increasing number of people are faced with problems related to excessive traffic. This is most noticeable in urban environments, where a large number of different vehicles, especially cars with internal combustion engines, regularly meet. Their excessive number makes the traffic situation much more difficult and contributes significantly to air pollution. This situation is not sustainable in the long term, which is why people are increasingly looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives. One possible solution, for example, is the partial replacement of conventional means of transport by electrically powered urban single-track vehicles, which, thanks to their compact size and greater environmental friendliness, make urban transport easier.
Design of Semi-autonomous Lawnmower
Górová, Simona ; Chorý, Tomáš (referee) ; Křenek, Ladislav (advisor)
The main purpose of this work was to design a semi-autonomous lawn mower powered by an electric motor powered by rechargeable batteries. In addition to providing safe and comfortable operation with manual control, another objective was to add features to enable autonomous control. In order to achieve a suitable design that suits the machine's function, technical conditions and aesthetic requirements, a full enclosure of the machine was chosen, which is not common in current models on the market. In addition to the classic attributes such as the standing platform, handles and controls, a screen has been added that can be removed and used as an external display when the machine is running autonomously. Emphasis was also placed on ergonomics and eliminating elements in the handling plane to provide greater clarity and space for the operator. This has been achieved in particular by replacing the operating movable handles with static joysticks with buttons. The thesis describes selected products on the current market, some technical solutions, possible alternatives and the design itself. The design of the product is proposed to the extent that it is possible to encompass it without detailed knowledge of the individual disciplines (such as electrical engineering, computer and computer technology, etc.).
Design of Lunar Vehicle
Grygerek, Jan ; Jelenčík, Branislav (referee) ; Křenek, Ladislav (advisor)
The thesis deals with the conceptual design of a lunar vehicle for a crew of 2 to 4 people with the possibility of long-term stay during lunar surface exploration missions. The main objective was to design a vehicle that would respect the ergonomic needs of the user in a hypogravity environment both indoors and in a vacuum environment in a protective suit (spacesuit), while respecting the environment in which it is found by its design. The result of the work is a vehicle containing solutions mainly to the issues of entering and exiting the vehicle, ascending to the surface in a spacesuit, placement of elements in the interior, shaping of the cabin according to the needs of the driver and placement of equipment outside the vehicle. Ergonomic requirements and user comfort have been prioritised over the economic side of things, which is contrary to most of the existing solutions for a scientist's workspace in a space environment.
Design of DLP/SLA 3D Printer
Drcmánek, Filip ; Křenek, Ladislav (referee) ; Sládek, Josef (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is dedicated to the design of a DLP 3D printer. The main objective of the thesis is to design a DLP 3D printer that is going to emphasize safety, ergonomics, and user-friendliness. The design is based on the conducted analyses, thanks to which were discovered possible shortcomings of existing DLP 3D printers. These shortcomings create room for innovations, which have been made mainly in sub-elements of the design. Part of the final design includes elements that will simplify the handling of finished prints and increase safety when handling the device. The design also respects ergonomic requirements and the dimensions of the human body. The designed product can find application in the production of prototypes, in dentistry, jewellery and last but not least for hobby users.
Design of an Optical Nut Sorting Machine
Toporková, Natália ; Rubínová, Dana (referee) ; Křenek, Ladislav (advisor)
This work deals with the design of an original artistic-technical concept of an optical hyperspectral sorting device for nuts, taking into account economic, hygienic, aesthetic, and ergonomic aspects. The goal is to combine less commonly used materials for food technology, add an aesthetic element to the mechanical environment, minimize costs for technology manufacturers, and save processing space for operators. The device allows sorting nuts based on their chemical composition, ensuring reliable sorting with minimal human intervention and providing consistent results. The design of the device focuses on originality, aesthetics, and ergonomics, taking into account hygiene and safety standards and guidelines in the food industry. The proposed design is suitable for implementation in food processing plants. It also incorporates ergonomic elements to make the machine user-friendly. The overall design and functionality of the machine make it suitable for universal application.
Design of Desktop Laser Engraver
Charvát, Jakub ; Křenek, Ladislav (referee) ; Rubínová, Dana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the conceptual design of a desktop laser engraving machine. The main goal is to design functional and innovative shaping that shows appropriate compactness. The thesis includes a survey of existing products and a study of the laser engraving process. The resulting solution is in accordance with functional, ergonomic and safety parameters.
Design of Multi-functional Component for Minibus
Kárych, Tomáš ; Křenek, Ladislav (referee) ; Sládek, Josef (advisor)
This work deals with the issue of ventilation by the rear window of the fifth door in minibuses converted into motorhomes. The goal is to design a component that extends the eye of the window lock of the fifth door and allows regulation of the ventilation gap while maintaining the functionality of the locking system. Furthermore, implementation of a multifunctional tool that will help in unexpected situations and will serve as an advertising and gift item. The solution must meet the criteria of manufacturability, functionality, aesthetics and feasibility in relation to the market size. The final product consists of a component, a multifunctional tool and a case that meets the initial goals and solved the problems that arose during the design. An aesthetically pleasing design was created with regard to small-scale production, sustainability and usability of the customer target group. The work discusses the process of an unconventional combination of products and a comprehensive solution to a very specific problem with a large number of smaller goals.

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