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The Virtual National Phonoteque: first year
Šír, Filip
The presentation introduces new Sound Laboratory and the project Virtulal National Phoneteque, both of them are placed in Moravian Library in Brno. The Phonoteque agregates metadata records about sound documents form different Czech institutions and bring information about their existence, placement and format. Also are mentioned the results of survey about sound collections.
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What is that grey literature?
Černohlávková, Petra
Pojem šedá literatura není zdaleka novinkou. Poprvé byla jako odborný termín uznána v 70. letech, výraznější pozornosti se jí dostává až v 90. letech minulého století. Příspěvek se pokouší o základní systematizaci tohoto pojmu.
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Cooperation of Municipalities in a Region (Case study - region Benešov)
The purpose of this thesis is to identify different kinds of horizontal cooperation of municipalities in the region Benešov. It shows which factors are affecting this cooperation, sustainability and benefits for the regional development. The theoretical part provides definitions of the forms of the horizontal cooperation, which are extracted from the literature. There is described a chosen region and its towns and municipalities are introduced. Information is gained from selected documents, by analysis of documents and by interviews with representatives of chosen municipalities. The practical part describes the current cooperation of municipalities in that region, which can have various forms. For example MAS groups, associations, microregions etc. The result of this thesis is analysis these kinds of cooperation and possible proposal to beneficial management of cooperation.
The Syllabus Errorum and Selected Documents of the Second Vatican Council
Lejsal, Tomáš ; Petráček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šmíd, Marek (referee)
The Syllabus Errorum and Selected Documents of the Second Vatican Council The central part of the thesis is a comparison of the document Syllabus Errorum and the documents of the Second Vatican Council. This is preceded by a first section with a comparison of the periods and circumstances in which the two documents came into being. In the following section I provide a summary of the selected literature on this theme. The comparison of the two documents proper, divided up according to logical connections, forms the main section. In the final section I reflect on the general principles and consequences arising out of the preceding comparison and I summarise the conclusions I have come to and look to see how they are reflected in current developments.
The display of Ravensbrück and Neuengamme concentration camps (and their surroundings) in the documentary literature and the testimonies of eyewitnesses
Králová, Barbora ; Hadwiger, Julia Nina Vanessa (advisor) ; Tvrdík, Milan (referee)
In my bachelor thesis I focus on the display of Ravensbrück and Neuengamme concentration camps and their surroundings in the documentary literature. I examine how the people of the neighborhood towns and villages cooperated with the concentration camps, how they dealt with and how they accepted the fact that a concentration camp was so close by. I explore this topic from the point of view of the people who lived in that area as well as from the point of view of the prisoners from the concentration camps. A further focus is drawn to the prisoners themselves and how, or in what way they were in contact with the civilian population.
Evaluation of Quality of the Construction Site
Kramárová, Annamária ; Smital, Petr (referee) ; Tichý, Zdeněk (advisor)
The objective of my Bachelors project is to design improvements for directing and quality control of build structures.Methods for quality control are described in the theory part. Methods for quality control, analysis of the norm ČSN EN IS 9001:2009, product and build structure requirements are described in the theory part. In the practical part the analysis of directives for assessment, comparison of these directives with a concrete order and suggestions for improvements can be found.
Long-term Archiving of Digital Documents
Zatloukalová, Klára ; Kouřil Pavel, Ing., Městský úřad Šumperk (referee) ; Smejkal, Vladimír (advisor)
The content of this thesis are theoretical knowledge from section long-term archiving of digital documents, explanation of terms and view for applicable legislation. Next point will be analysis of current state of archiving digital data in public administration of The Czech republic. Based on theoretical knowledge will be proposal what is needed for secure long-term archiving digital data to be able to meet in terms of legislation, proving content and content protection within the public administration of The Czech republic.
Automatizované hodnocení kvality dokumentů
Čačková, Petra
Dissertation thesis deals with the possibilities of automated documents quality evaluation. The quality is specified as the formal quality, particularly the typographic aspects of documents processing are emphasized. Documents represent the organization but they are not often checked for their formal quality level. Automated checking and evaluation would be helpful. In many areas, the attention is paid to the quality. The documents formal quality is not the main area of interest. In the literature, mainly the aesthetic or typographic aspects are concerned. However, the research showed that high-quality documents have a positive effect on readers so that the documents quality is important. The documents analysis made for different purposes is the present trend and the methods are focused on objects recognition in the page as well as on the objects classification. In this context, a number of various methods working at different documents levels were developed. Especially the artificial intelligence methods, which are primarily used for classification, can be helpful. Existing methods can be used for further work. In this thesis, a procedure for methods assessment was designed, which concentrates on methods' suitability for automated evaluation of documents quality. The selected methods should provide enough relevant data for evaluation. The important part of the thesis is the mathematical model design that describes the document by a set of parameters. Selected parameters should reflect the relevant characteristics of the document at different levels, from page elements to the whole document. The set of parameters and their values build a formal image of the document, which is one of the inputs for the quality evaluation. The other input for the quality evaluation process is the set of rules for documents which consists mainly from the typographic rules. The rules which have a positive effect on the documents quality were selected. The essential contribution to the automated evaluation is the formalization of these rules by the mathematical apparatus. The formalized rules and the document model are the inputs to the quality evaluation process. A formalized evaluation of the parameters according to the selected rules is designed to discover the information about the document quality. For this purpose, an expert system is very suitable. Apart from evaluation, it can also provide explanation and advice. The entire procedure is demonstrated on the sample document and the evaluation is described. This thesis deals with the area which is still relatively unusual and integrates various disciplines, from typography through documents analysis to the artificial intelligence. The thesis is focused on analysis and design of the automated method for documents quality evaluation with a possible further development in the future.
Employment of Employees
Kratochvílová, Marcela ; Bolf, Pavel (referee) ; Musilová, Helena (advisor)
This thesis deals with the process of employment of employees in Skanska a.s. Using analytical methods examines documents used in this process and comparing different alternatives of employment of employees assesses the established procedure in Skanska a.s. Based on analysis selects appropriate variants and gives them the positives and negatives. Based on their assessment selects the optimum solution that will save the company costs and increase their competitiveness.

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