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Leisure activities of deaf children at the second level of elementary school and secondary school for the hearing impaired
The bachelor thesis focuses on the leisure activities of deaf children at the second level of primary and secondary school. It investigates the possibilities of leisure activities for children whose preferred communication code is Czech sign language. The thesis describes which leisure activities deaf children attend and which they would like to attend. It also describes the cooperation between the educators of leisure activities and deaf children.
Education and Development of the Child with Dual Sensory Disability from Mother's Point of View
Zvelebil, Maxmilián ; Květoňová, Lea (advisor) ; Šumníková, Pavlína (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with development and education in families with a child with dual sensory impairment, namely, from mother's point of view. The objective is to analyse stories of selected mothers of children with this particular disability, to explore the course of development and education involving deafblind children from different points of view (pedagogical, psychological etc.). The author of this thesis tries to find out about mothers' experiences and models of behaviour during pregnancy and afterwards. It focuses on acceptance of the disabled child within (and possibly outside) the family. In addition, the thesis explores reactions of mothers and others to a child with disability, it outlines the subsequent course of development and education in various periods of life. The particular emphasis is put on specific ways, by which these mothers developed their children during different activites (plays, conpensatory senses development, communication system development, independence of deafblind children etc.). It also describes developmental delays (emotional, social and cognitive functioning). Education options for deafblind are also mentioned. The stories are then compared to each other, as well as to selected literature from different countries. At the end of this thesis, practical...
The use of modern technological aids for the development of spoken speech at childern with severve hearing impairment.
Šleisová, Denisa ; Kotvová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Komorná, Marie (referee)
This thesis is concerned with aids intended for the speech development of children with hearing impairment. The theoretical part summarizes the subject matter of hearing impairment, the possibilities of compensatory aids, speech development, speech therapy intervention and aids helping the speech development of people with hearing impairment. The theoretical part is mostly dedicated to the Speech Viewer aid, which has inspired the development of the new Hlásek application, which originated as a part of the inter-university cooperation of Charles University and ČVUT in Prague within working on two diploma theses. The introduction of the empirical part of the thesis describes the created application and with the use of gathering and analysis of data, interviews and observation, it follows the contribution of the application to the development of basic features of speech of children with hearing impairment. The results of the empirical investigation are processed with the help of graphs and thus they clearly represent the advances of the children in individual parts of the application. The conclusion of the thesis is dedicated to the future development of the application and the establishment of further possible cooperation with Children's Hearing Centre Tamtam. KEYWORDS Hearing impairment, Hlásek...
Czech deaf children and motivation to reading
Bohuslávková, Klára ; Zbořilová, Radka (advisor) ; Macurová, Alena (referee)
Bachelor thesis: Czech Deaf children and motivation to reading Klára Bohuslávková Abstract: The purpose of this thesis is to study czech hearing impaired children's reading and their motivation to reading. In theoretic part it sums up knowledge about motivation to reading in general, after that it describes need to motivation to reading at children with hearing impairment. The thesis analyzes main motivation factor for reading - the task of parents, pedagogues and cooperation of peers. Then in theoretic part it describes existing projects, which focus on supporting children's reading in Czech republic, and also projects focused on reading of children with hearing impairment. In practical part a project, which was realized in the area of Municipal Library of Prague and which targeted children with hearing impairment, is described. Following that, an interview, which was held with children during and after the project and with their pedagogues - tutors and teacher, is analyzed. At the close the theoretical knowledge from professional literature and knowledge gained during the project are related to each other.

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