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The concept of crisis assistance by participants of social services planning in Liberec
Havránková, Alena ; Pospíšilová, Tereza (advisor) ; Kvašňáková, Lenka (referee)
Society is currently struggling with various negative phenomena, one of which is suicide. According to the latest available sources, the highest rate of suicide in the Czech Republic is in the Liberec region. One possible tool for reducing the suicide rate could be social crisis assistance services. However, when we look at the social services register of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic, we find that crisis assistance is not available in all regions. According to this register, no such service exists in the Liberec region, including its capital city Liberec. Social service planning is essential to community planning in the city of Liberec. How is it possible that this type of service is not available here? To answer this question, it is necessary to go back to the beginning and first ask how this concept is perceived by the involved parties. This thesis aims to provide insight into the understanding of crisis assistance among the parties engaged in community planning in Liberec, and to show how it is reflected in different attitudes in the process of planning social services in the area. Keywords: crisis, crisis assistance, crisis intervention, community planning, community social work, construction of social reality, discourse theory, discursive approaches
Specifics of crisis intervention with drug users
ČERNO, Marek
The thesis maps the specifics of crisis intervention provided to clients of outreach programmes dedicated to the target group of risky drug users. It focuses on qualitative research with the staff of outreach programs whose responses are elaborated to answer the basic research question, i.e. what are the specifics of crisis intervention provided to drug users in the implementation of outreach programs. Translated with (free version)
Quality of continuity of crisis intervention at IRS in the South Bohemian Region.
In emergencies where a person is in crisis and a component of the integrated system intervenes, the client is provided with crisis intervention. After crisis intervention is provided on site, the client seeks follow-up assistance, which may be provided by non-profit organizations through crisis assistance. The thesis focuses on the analysis of the continuity of crisis assistance and the interconnection of the IZS units with the entities providing follow-up assistance. The first part of the thesis explains the key concepts, which are drawn from the literature, divided into chapters. The second part of the thesis provides a description of the research investigation together with its results. Qualitative research, survey method and semi-structured interview technique were used. The research investigation has identified scope for adjusting the continuity of crisis assistance and the possibility of involving new organisations.
Ethical dilemmas in crisis telephone intervention among seniors
VOSIKOVÁ, Kristýna
The thesis is of a theoretical nature. The thesis deals with the ethical dilemmas of telephone crisis intervention workers while working with seniors. This thesis aims to define the moral dilemmas of telephone crisis intervention workers, which are exposed every day, and to reflect on their solutions with the help of ethical theories. The first chapter presents the characteristics of age and ageing, age changes, and preparation for age. The second chapter contains the aspects and features of crisis intervention and the causes, phases, types and solutions of the crisis. Chapter three presents the topic of telephone crisis intervention as a form of help. Chapter four describes senior crisis intervention, the most common crises in old age and senior telephone crisis intervention. The last chapter contains the topic of ethical dilemmas in the senior telephone crisis intervention and the reflection of ethical theories responding to moral dilemmas of the line workers.
Crisis assistance at the Police of the Czech Republic
NOVOTNÁ, Kateřina
This bachelor's thesis introduces its readers with term of crisis and with term of crisis assistance as the crisis intervention or first psychic aid, when, however there the crisis assistance of the Police of the Czech Republic represent the key part of the work with an emphasis on their evaluation in terms of standards of psychosocial assistance and cooperation. The aim of this thesis is to show the differentiation in the field of care of the members of Police of the Czech Republic, using literature, whereas, as regards the comparation, the professional psychological care and the standards of psychosocial assistance have the considerable task.
General awareness of secondary school pupils about crises and their
The thesis named "The general awareness of high school students about crises and their possible solutions" deals in its theoretical part with general characteristics of the crisis, possible causes, course and possibilities of overcoming crises. Further it focuses on the informal assistance in crisis and training one. In the last part of the theoretical block the thesis is devoted to the crises, principles and theorems of crisis intervention in adolescents.The study of professional literature followed by structuring and completion of the Bachelor´s thesis was used to make the theoretical part. For the practical part the aim was to find out using a questionnaire the awareness of high school students about crises during life, about the choice of the most common solution and the knowledge of organizations and experts, which would use if necessary. This research goal was realized within the Secondary Vocational School Litvínov - Hamr. First, a preliminary research was carried out, specifically in consultation with the school´s educational counselor, on the basis of which the research preconditions were determined. For the purpose of making the practical part, the method of empirical research was used, which is focused on the collection and analysis of research data. Data were obtained using questionnaire method - in the form of closed questions and the method of quantitative processing was used to evaluate them. The occurrence of individual types of answers was captured in absolute numbers and in percentages, then the results were registered in the graphical proccesing. Finally, a different understanding of the concept of crisis was described and explained, and the choice of helping to solve crisis situations for students of graduation field and apprenticeship at high school.
Suicidal Tendencies of Seniors in Telephone Crisis Intervention
Maliňáková, Barbora ; Havránková, Olga (advisor) ; Vodáčková, Daniela (referee)
(in English): The topic of my thesis is the suicidal tendencies of elderly people. The topic is examined from the point of view of crisis hotlines. I describe terms such as old age, telephone crisis intervention and basic developmental needs (Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor) in the theoretical part. The following practical part focuses on crisis hotlines in the Czech Republic and their statistics concerning suicidal calls. The next part of the research is the analyses of interviews with social workers working on crisis hotlines and the analyses of notes from the talks with suicidal clients. I propose different instruments for the prevention of the suicidal tendencies of elderly people in the discussion.
Self-inflicted trauma in young people with in the context of behavioral disturbance
Kolaříková, Katarína ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
TITLE: Self- inflicted trauma in young people with in the context of behavioral disturbance AUTHOR: Bc. Katarína Kolaříková DEPARTMENT: Department of special education SUPERVISOR: Doc. PaeDr. Eva Šotolová, Ph.D. ABSTRACT: This thesis solves two serious topics of special pedagogic. Behavioural disorders and self-harming behaviour. Self-harming behaviour is deliberate, conscious and often repetitive violation of physical integrity without intent to die. The work is divided into 11 chapters. The first are focused on behavioural disorders, self-harming behaviours, and crisis intervention. Other chapters deal with the goals, research questions and chosen method of treatment. The aim was to map the occurrence, factors and methods of self-harming and describe alternative techniques of reducing this behaviour. Qualitative research is used in this work - analysing the anamneses of individuals with behavioural disorders and interviews with ethopedic workers. The inquiry of documentation shows that self-harming behaviour is caused by negative effects of family and social environment. The most common methods include self-cutting of girls, fists and head pounding against the wall of boys. For alternative methods of reducing this behaviour, the staff of orphanages with schools agreed that the preferred method is...
Use of crisis intervention in the work of a social worker at the town office
Maráková, Jana ; Leontovyčová, Jana (advisor) ; Nádvorníková, Hana (referee)
The motivation for writing my thesis was the need to introduce methods of crisis intervention in two forms - face to face crisis intervention and telephone crisis intervention. I think that it gradually began to show how important it was to show the full concept of the method. The context is where we meet the clients in the highest point of this crisis, the area of psychosocial crisis assistance, offering emergency services (I do not mean just workplace, but also forms in which we can offer crisis assistance to clients and possibilities of crisis intervention in the work for social workers). The aim of my thesis is to bring this concept to those who want to learn about these themes more and to those who may find themselves alone in crisis. Key words crisis intervention crisis personality of a social worker social worker social worker training

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