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Measuring station with data transmission via LoRa network
Nguyen, David ; Formánek, Martin (referee) ; Najman, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with the data transmission from the measuring station via LoRa network. The goal is to research possible solutions of data transmission using a LoRa technology and to select suitable hardware for creating a measuring station. Subsequently, setting up radio module with sensors and developing web application that will collect, store and present the data from the measuring station. This thesis includes tests of power consumption, range and transmission reliability of the end node.
Mechatronic drive systems
Pulec, Václav ; Houfek, Lubomír (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Ctirad (advisor)
The purpose of this bachelor's thesis is to describe terms like mechatronics, mechatronics approach and mechatronics product. The thesis systematically compares mechatronic and conventional drive systems and defines their specific differences. It introduces several innovation examples which were created thanks to mechatronics.
The Study of Product Lifecycle Management in an Enterprise
Kříž, Pavel ; Gabrhelíková, Zdeňka (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The thesis explores sustainable development of a company focusing on PLM system in the environment of an industrial company. In the theoretical part the lifecycle of a product (PLM) is described as well as its demands and benefits focusing on the area of mechatronics. The following analysis of current IT environment gives information which is used as the basis for adjustments of the current system in a way to eliminate narrow places of the slim production of the company, avoid wasting and achieve sustainable development of the company while using current technologies.
2D position sensor for planar positioning platforms
Brisuda, Dominik ; Adámek, Roman (referee) ; Rajchl, Matej (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with processing of the overview of 2D position sensors available and suitable for mechatronic systems such as “Ball on plate system”. With these systems it is inevitable for the system regulators to receive the most precise coordinates of the body position in sufficiently fast time. Another important thing is the shape, size, weight, and material of the regularized subject moving on the sensor. This statement follows, that different types of sensors will have different reactions for the given subject. Therefore, there is an overview of types of 2D sensors in the first part of the thesis. Afterwards, their suitability for given systems was considered. In the second part of the thesis there is a project of a unit for signal processing. This unit will record the signal from the sensor and drive it onto 2 outputs, which output voltage values will represent the placement of object on the sensor. By this processing, the position will be easily worked with, for example to bring it straight to the regulator. In the last part of the thesis the system was tested. The speed of scanning unit was measured, as well as the quality of the tested sensor. With the sensor quality linearity, minimal activating force and noise of the output signal on different places with different ballast weight were measured.
Klasifikace dat v obraze pomocí nástrojů pro strojové učení v jazyce Python
Voronin, Artyom ; Appel, Martin (referee) ; Bastl, Michal (advisor)
This thesis introduces the issue of data classification in the image using tools for machine learning in Python. The aim is to verify the possibilities of overtraining existing models on their own data and evaluating the efficiency and complexity of the entire process. Subsequently, the processing of the achieved results in the form of a demonstration task, image capturing by a web camera and classification of the object in the field of view.
Modelling and control of mechatronic systems with SolidWorks and NI LabVIEW
Fridrichovský, Jan ; Hadaš, Zdeněk (referee) ; Houška, Pavel (advisor)
When designing a Mechatronics system should be the management implemented into the mechanism of technological products. It is therefore necessary to create a connection tool for the management design and tools for the CAD of the management mechanism. The company responded that the need for the issuance of National Instruments toolkit to connect the NI LabVIEW with SolidWorks CAD tool. This link allows the NI LabVIEW environment to control the simulation on the virtual model in the SolidWorks/COSMOS Motion and back to obtain the results of dynamic analysis. The aim of this work is to evaluate the possibility of linking development tools and CAD system and evaluate its use in the design of Mechatronics system.
Computer vision for mechatronic applications using the OpenCV library
Černil, Martin ; Spáčil, Tomáš (referee) ; Bastl, Michal (advisor)
This thesis introduces a computer vision library OpenCV, which is subsequently implemented into three distinguishably different problems using Python programming language. These three problems are identifying an object and its location, object tracking and difference detection, safe distance qualification using a depth map.
Assembling and creating tasks for an interactive robotic head
Szabó, Michal ; Formánek, Martin (referee) ; Bastl, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the creation of the model of an interactive robotic head. The work itself is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is devoted to an overview of the types of robotic heads, a brief description of the available tools for recognizing objects in the image and tools for recognizing spoken speech in real time. The practical part is focused on the tools used in programming of this model, the electronics used and the resulting model of the robotic head. Finally, there are described programmed functions enabling various ways of the interaction with humans. The work includes function scripts programmed in Python.
Návrh a realizace laboratorního modelu "Inverzní kyvadlo řízené setrvačníkem"
Novotný, Jan ; Křivánek, Václav (referee) ; Grepl, Robert (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design of a lecture model of an inverse pendulum controled by a flywheel, which is a system of an unstable beam with an electromotor and a reaction wheel at its end. The moment of motor acting on the flywheel also causes a moment acting on the beam, which is the way the system is controled. The device works connected to a personal computer.
Tool change system for 3D printer
Karniš, Radim ; Arm, Jakub (referee) ; Bradáč, Zdeněk (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design and implement a toolchaning system for a 3D printer. As a consequence of such expansion, the printer gains the ability of multimaterial printing and switching between a number of active and passive tools during a single production process. In addition to extensive research of other currently available solutions, this thesis describes the complete mechanical and electrical design process of the device. It also documents the implementation of a functional sample, the creation of software both for the base system and the toolchanger expansion, and the implementation of an associated optical measurement and calibration system.

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