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Controlling in the company
SOLAŘOVÁ, Kateřina
Controlling is a frequently discussed topic at the moment, which has a very important place not only in large enterprises, but it is also an integral part of small companies. It focuses mainly on production processes and the transfer of information between managers, controllers and company management. The aim of this work is to define controlling as one of the ways of business management, to describe the work of a controller, a manager and an entire controlling department. Strategic and operational controlling is an integral part of the system. The main purpose of the work is to apply controlling to the selected enterprise which does not have an established controlling department yet and to decide based on the obtained data and knowledge whether this controlling has a beneficial effect on the development of the selected enterprise.
Human resource management in healthcare
This bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of human resources management in a specific hospital in Jindřichův Hradec and the proposal of changes for the improvement of this system. In the theoretical part, HR activities are described individually. Then, these theoretical parts are elaborated into questions in a questionnaire survey concerning the satisfaction of employees with selected activities. There are 784 employees working in the health sector at Hradec Kralove Hospital. The questionnaire survey concerns nurses, medical laboratory assistants, midwives and orderlies. Data was collected for approximately 2 weeks from 103 respondents for the necessary research. The results are then described statistically using the percentage of each response. The resulting suggestion of possible recommendations, to improve the current situation, is forwarded to the human resource management of the selected hospital.
Change Management in The Selected Organisation
BEDNÁŘ, František
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to evaluate the environment in the selected organisation and to propose possible measures to improve the current situation. The first part is theoretical, which describes the different theories of change management and the structure of the company. The second part is practical, where the selected organization is examined, its characteristics and an evaluation of the current state with a suggestion for possible changes. The assessment of the current state is by means of a SWOT analysis, for which data was obtained by guided interviews with company employees and observation. Subsequently, quantitative research was conducted to confirm or refute the research assumptions. The last section deals with the design of changes with implementation in the organization. This work could be useful for the company under study or for managers who are involved in change management, as well as for students interested in this field.
Management in Selected Sports Organisations
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to define management in the sports organization and to describe the difference between two ski resorts, on Lipno and Zadov. This work focuses on the history of both organizations, their structure and also gives advice for improvement of the ski resort services. The data were obtained through an interview with the senior managers of the centres, as well as from a questionnaire with local customers. SWOT analysis is also included. The main aim of this research is to compare prices, attendance, awareness of ski schools among visitors and to find out how visitors perceive the lecturers at the ski school. The result from this research show differences between the to ski centres and that can be beneficial for the managers as well.
Log management ELK stack
This work describes problems with computer logs and how to treat them. The main goal of this work is to show how to collect, transform, save, and explore logs created by an application or system. It presents the log management solution named ELK stack that consists of three main components Elasticsearch which is a NoSQL database and search engine, Kibana used as a graphical user interface for viewing, analyzing data also as creating dashboards. Logstash is a part of the stack that transforms and prepares the message structure for the Elasticsearch. An additional component is a beat used for collecting the data from servers. Part of this work also includes instructions on how to install, configure and create a workspace with data. The result of this work should be helpful for companies struggling with logs to implement their own log management solution.
Development of the manager's personality in the selected company
This bachelor thesis is based on the study of specialized Czech and foreign literature related to the development of manager's personality and lifelong learning in connection with current trends in the job market. It examines the current state of manager's personality development and compares it with the needs of subordinate employees. The aim of the thesis is to identify the development opportunities for the selected manager and recommend possible changes in procedures that could lead to higher effectiveness and subordinate satisfaction. The thesis recommends selected literature and completion of courses based on the identified weaknesses of the manager.
Strategický management strojírenské firmy
Karásková, Martina
This work deals with an examination of strategic management of the engineering company První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, Inc., concretely the management of the Aircraft Technique Division. Production program is focused on aircraft engineering and equipment. Strategic management is valued by strategic analysis which is focused on analyze of the factors of inside and outside surroundings. The following confrontation of the factors made possible to formulate some strategy suggestions which would enable to fix and strengthen the company position in the market.
Podnikatelský plán při rozšiřování aktivit obchodní společnosti
Hýblová, Jana
The goal of the Bachelor thesis is to create a business plan that will provide company management an important information for a decision on opening a new branch in Prague. The thesis itself is divided to three main parts. First of them is theoretical part which includes all essential theoretic aspects of the business plan. Including definition of market, product, service, company environment, marketing and financial definition. Then a practical part follows, where knowledge from the theoretical part is applied. Significant information source for making up of the practical part was provided by company itself. The result is the third part. There is the result of the business plan analysed in the discussion and recommendation for the company management are formulated.
Leadership v přístupech obchodních manažerů
Vetýšková, Nela
Vetýšková, N. Leadership in the approaches of business managers. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2021. The aim is to propose the implementation of leadership procedures, which can improve the ways of managing employees of business managers in the addressed companies. Using a questionnaire will be found out, which management and leadership procedures managers use and based on the research results, will be proposed leadership procedures that are more effective for leading people, then managerial procedures. In the theoretical part, the central concepts of management and leadership will be described with the help of professional literature, but also empirical studies/professional studies of practice focused on the application of leadership. In the practical part, quantitative research will be performed using a question- naire survey. Business sales managers of companies from South Moravia will be interviewed. The research will find out what importance respondents attach to management and leadership practices, and what styles and practices they apply.

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