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Respondents of internationalisms in professional texts
The topic of the bachelor's thesis is The respondents of internationalisms in professional texts. The theoretical part describes the concept of internationalism and puts it into context. It also focuses on the characteristics of professional texts. In the practical part, the respondents of internationalisms are retrieved using the parallel corpus InterCorp and then analyzed.
Respondents of the Spanish gerunds (contrastive corpus analysis)
LEXOVÁ, Tereza
This bachelor's thesis deals with The Respondents of the Spanish gerunds (contrastive corpus analysis). The first part of the thesis brings out the existence of three nominal forms of verbs in Spanish. Furthermore, the focus is put on gerunds, as they are described from different points of view of Czech and Spanish grammar books. The second part compares, using texts contained in the Czech National Corpus InterCorp v12, how are selected representative samples of gerunds being translated from Spanish to Czech language (texts is maintained); with what frequency, and in what types of texts they occur. The aim of this work is to monitor reciprocal response of the phenomenon in both languages.
Respondents of the Spanish superlative absolute (contrastive corpus analysis)
KROČKOVÁ, Karolína
This bachelor thesis deals mainly with the Spanish absolute superlative and the issue of its translation into the Czech language. In the theoretical part, the general characteristics, classification and gradation of adjectives are introduced in general, and then the absolute superlative is discussed in great detail. In the practical part, a representative sample for a given linguistic phenomenon is defined and excerpted, and its mutual response in both languages is monitored, based on a corpus analysis in the Czech National Corpus InterCorp. The aim of the work is to collect the language means used for the translation of the absolute superlative and their frequency.
Respondents of the Aktionsart category "saturation" (contrastive corpus analysis)
This bachelor's thesis is called Respondents of the Aktionsart category "saturation" (contrastive corpus analysis) and its aim is to compare the categories of verbal aspect, lexical aspect (Aktionsart) and saturation in the Czech and Spanish language. It is comprised of two parts - a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part focuses on the comparison of the categories, their definitions and coherence in both languages. Moreover, it examines the means of their realization in the verb, again in both languages. The basis of the practical part is the work with the newest version of the parallel corpus InterCorp, which is used to perform a contrastive analysis of the translation counterparts of saturation in Czech and Spanish.
Respondents of Czech modal verbs in the past tense (contrastive corpus analysis)
NOVÁKOVÁ, Kateřina
This bachelor thesis deals with respondents of Czech modal verbs in the past tense (contrastive corpus analysis). The theoretic part discusses the concept of modality and also of modal verbs in both Czech and Spanish. Another key topic is concerning the verbal periphrasis that are characterized and divided into several categories. We particularly paid attention to the periphrasis containing the modal verbs. The last chapter is about the past tenses in Spanish. The practical part aims to analyze the Spanish equivalents of Czech modal verbs in the past tense using the corpus InterCorp v13. The thesis is concluded by the Czech conclusion and the Spanish resumé which sum up the fundamental points of the whole.
Respondents of demonstrative determinants (contrastive corpus analysis)
This bachelor's thesis is focused on the corresponding means of the Spanish demonstrative determinants in the Czech language and their following analysis in corpus. There are described the characteristics of the determinants and demonstratives on the basis of reference books. The second, practical part works with the parallel corpus InterCorp by analysing Czech equivalents of the Spanish demonstrative determinants.
French interjections in the Intercorp corpus and their translations into Czech
This Bachelor?s thesis focuses on analysis of the French interjection translation into Czech. The work is divided into two main parts, theoretical and practical. The first one contains a description of the Czech and French approaches to interjection and then methodology of translation. The second part consists of the analysis of interjection translations itself.
Verbal Periphrases for expressing passive resultation in a contrastive perspective.
BULVOVÁ, Marcela
The subject of this diploma thesis are periphrastic means for expressing passive resultativeness in a contrastive perspective. The theoretical part describes Spanish verbal periphrasis from the point of view of Czech and Spanish linguists. It states the standards and types of the periphrasis and it focuses on periphrasis with the meaning of passive resultativeness. It also deals with the way of expressing Aktionsart in Czech and Spanish language; therefore, it describes perfective and imperfective aspect. The aim of the practical part is to analyse the possibilities of translation of the Spanish passive resultative verbal periphrasis into Czech language in texts of fiction and in journalistic texts using the Czech corpus tool InterCorp.
Verb Moods in Completive Subordinate Clauses - Contrastive Corpus Analysis.
MEZEROVÁ, Kristýna
This master´s thesis describes the issue of the grammatical moods in the completive clauses in French and Czech. The theoretical part introduces at first the classification of the verb moods, especially the French subjunctive, the indicative and the conditional and after that the concept of the subordinate clause and the differences of approach to the completive clause in French and in Czech. The main topic of the theoretical part is a study based on the ideas of the French linguist Olivier Soutet. It is dedicated to aspects that determine the choice between the use of the subjunctive and the indicative in the French completive clauses. Finally it presents a hypotetical equivalents to the subjunctive in the Czech language. The theories presented in the first part of the thesis are verified by way of the research in the parallel corpus Intercorp which examines a selected sample of completive clauses.

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