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The responsiblity and position of the mayor of a municipality in the system of municipal authorities of up to one thousand inhabitants
Kalátová, Marie ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Vedral, Josef (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to elaborate in more detail on the topic of the responsiblity and position of the mayor of a municipality, specifically in the system of municipal authorities of up to one thousand inhabitants, which is closely related to a brief but comprehensive overview of the legal framework and other aspects related to the legal status of municipalities and the definition of their competences, for which a mainly descriptive method is used. Furthermore, a questionnaire survey was conducted for the purpose of this thesis, the full text and evaluation of which forms part of this thesis. The thesis focuses on the identification of the legal obligations imposed on mayors by legislation and their practical implementation within smaller municipalities The first chapter of this thesis focuses on a brief overview of the historical development of self-government in the territory of today's Czech Republic, from the early times through the first municipal establishment in 1849, through the establishment of Czechoslovakia, the suppression of self-government during the Protectorate and the rule of the Communist Party, to the Velvet Revolution and the establishment of an independent Czech state. The second chapter focuses on the legal status of municipalities, attempts to define their scope and...
Dopady covid-19 na výdaje obecních rozpočtů v Jihomoravském kraji
Samsonová, Gabriela
The diploma thesis “Impacts of covid-19 on the expenditures of municipal budgets in the South Moravian Region” focuses on changes in the area of expenses of municipalities of the South Moravian Region in connection with the pandemic crisis caused by the spread of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The theoretical part of the thesis summarises the fundamental basis of public finance in relation to the covid-19 contagion and also presents the role and position of municipalities in the context of the 2020-2021 crisis. The knowledge obtained using the theoretical basis is further used in the analytical part of the thesis, which deals with the expenses of municipalities of the South Moravian Region in 2018–2021 and their investment activity during the pandemic crisis. The analysis also includes an outcome of structured interviews with the representatives of selected municipalities located in the South Moravian Region and are members of the Clean Southeast Voluntary Association of Municipalities. The results of the thesis are suggestions for statutory bodies of municipalities that can be used when formulating long-term strategies in the area of expenditure items and also their investment activities.
Daňové příjmy vybraných obcí s ohledem na nemoc Covid-19
Míča, Lukáš
The diploma thesis is focused on evaluation of the development of tax revenues of municipalities in the Czech Republic from 2017 to 2021 and the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021. At the same time, the development of revenues in other EU countries is also pointed out. The aim of the thesis is also to evaluate the factors and possibilities that influence the level of tax and non-tax revenues of municipalities. Literary research describes the issues of territorial self-government, municipal budget, budget structure, economic and tax measures taken in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic. The research is carried out on municipalities located in the Šternberk micro-region and possible surroundings. Within the research, the development of revenues in the time period from 2017 to 2021 is monitored, the impacts on the expenditure side and economic indicators due to the pandemic are further evaluated. Based on the impacts and measures taken, changes in the budgetary determination of taxes, results and the literature studied, recommendations for municipalities in connection with their size were proposed.
Rozvoj obce Blučina
Růžička, Filip
This bachelor thesis focuses on development in the municipality of Blučina. It examines both its development and its current state. Based on data and semi-structured interviews, the work forms a comprehensive view of the current state of the municipality and also presents recommendations for the various partici-pants in the municipality. The data base of the socio-economic profile of the mu-nicipality consists of data about the municipality from the Český statistický úřad, information available on the municipality's website and other information availab-le from internet sources. These data and information are further supplemented by semi-structured interviews with participants in the municipality, including re-presentatives from the private and public sphere. On the base of the analysis of the collected data, the thesis assesses the current state of the municipality and makes recommendations to individual players in the municipality. The analysis shows that the village of Blučina has been developing in recent years and its cur-rent state is good. The municipality has a good coverage of basic but also above-standard services for the population, especially in the field of education and leisure activities for children. The municipality faces the problem of high traffic congestion due to the absence of a bypass. The direction of the municipality may be significantly affected by the archaeopark project, the planning of which is no longer within the municipality's competence. The recommendation to the munici-pal council is primarily aimed at trying to resolve the traffic situation in the muni-cipality and to establish cooperation with the archaeopark project.
Odpadové hospodářství v obci Čebín
Brychtová, Iva
This diploma thesis deal with the issue of waste management in the municipality of Čebín. The introductory part is dedicated to a literature search in the field of waste management. The aim of the thesis is to comprehensively describe the waste management system in the selected municipality before and after the introduction of the new waste management system. This system is supposed to achieve a better sorting of waste from the total amount of municipal waste, which is currently very low at 14 %. On the basis of own observation since the introduction of the new system for 1 year to evaluate the shortcomings and advantages of the new system, to compare the sorting of the municipality over the last 10 years, to prepare a SWOT analysis on the waste management system and this analysis to proceceed after that on the base of the result evaluate the data from the citizens of the selected municipality by questionnaire survey. The data obtained will also be used to develop a proposal and recommendations for new measures in the waste management of the municipality of Čebín. By the newly introduced system was found to increase the sorting rate of the municipality. However, the municipality's costs for waste management are higher and the municipality will probably have to increase the local charge for the waste management system in the future. This unpopular step can caused to dissatisfaction among citizens and their motivation to sort waste is likely to become less and less.
Přístup obcí k problematice strategického plánování na území BMO
Tomanová, Natalie
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of strategic planning at the municipal level. The creation of strategic documents has become a key factor in the development of the territory in recent years. The main goal of the work was to find out how municipalities within the Brno metropolitan area approach this issue, whether they create strategic documents and what areas they primarily focus on. The theoretical part focuses on methodologies related to strategic planning within the Czech Republic as well as related research by Czech and foreign authors. The practical part presents knowledge ob-tained by analyzing strategic documents of selected municipalities and evaluating interviews with representatives of municipalities. In the last part, the obtained information is discussed with similar researches by other authors.
Municipality and environmental protection from the legal point of view
Světlý, Josef ; Pokorný, Jiří (advisor) ; Franková, Martina (referee)
Municipality and environmental protection from the legal point of view Abstract The main goal of this work is to show the importance of the role of municipalities in the processes of environmental protection. As should be clear from the work, the field of environmental protection has recently undergone quite dynamic development, both in the legislative and case law, and municipalities are forced to respond to this development. The content of the first chapter is the definition of the concept of the environment and the subjective right of natural and legal persons to a favorable environment, especially with regard to the problems that have arisen in connection with the question of whether the subjective right to a favorable environment also belongs to legal persons. Part of the first chapter is also a comparison of the Czech constitutional regulation with the legislatives of some other European democracies, which concludes the success of our constitutional regulation. The second chapter describes municipalities as subjects of state administration, their division and the main purpose of the second chapter is to distinguish between independent and delegated powers. The second chapter also points out the fact that the role of the municipality as a procedural subject is divided into three areas and these areas,...
Public liability of members of municipal bodies in public administration decision-making process
The thesis focuses on the issue of public liability of persons in relation to their membership and decision-making in elected bodies of local governments. The work presents theoretical background related to the issue of public liability of individual members of municipal bodies, while these theoretical findings are further applied in the practical part, which contains the characteristics of available statistics of crimes committed by persons in this position. The overall data is then supplemented by the data obtained in fifty municipalities of the South Bohemia Region, on the basis of which the current situation and developing tendencies in this area are derived, including a demonstration of the possible negative financial impact on municipal finances. The resulting conclusions are critically evaluated with suggestions of examples of adequate responses to the current situation and its improvement in the future.
Hospodaření malé obce
Hořava, Martin
Hořava, M. Economy of the small municipality. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2019. The bachelor thesis deals with economy of the small municipality Ruprechtov in the years 2016-2019. The aim of bachelor thesis is to find out, how the municipality works with the financial means by analyzing of the incomes and expenditures. The end deals with SWOT analysis and recommendations for the future progress of the municipality.
Vyhodnocení ekonomické situace obce Vémyslice
Pavlíček, Lukáš
The bachelor's thesis focuses on the issue of budget management of a selected municipality. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to analyse the management of the village Vémyslice in the years 2014-2020, based on it to evaluate the financial situation of the village and finally to propose a solution to any shortcomings. The first part deals with the theoretical foundations of the financial health of municipalities, the space is devoted to municipalities and its specifics and public administration. The second half of the work is devoted to the analysis of the management of the village Vémyslice. The budget analysis was performed in terms of the amount and structure of revenue and expenditure. Furthermore, the work calculates the indicators of indebtedness and liquidity, according to which it is clear, that the financial situation in the municipality is stabilized.

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