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Řízení IS/ICT se zaměřením na sourcing služeb informačního systému
Šebesta, Michal ; Voříšek, Jiří (advisor) ; Havlíček, Zdeněk (referee) ; Příklenk, Oldřich (referee) ; Král, Jaroslav (referee)
Research on outsourcing has been around for several decades, while recent evolution in the information systems discipline towards ICT service commoditization significantly changes the context of decision-making. Services that are available on-demand via the Internet allow organizations implementing functions they demand in a fraction of time. This trend represents a chance for organizations seeking to use advanced ICT services without a need of major investments. Problem is the current lack of guidelines and tools for managing ICT services and their outsourcing. Given the trends on the ICT service market, it is expected that much of the IT management in the future will encompass the ICT services and utilize service-level structures. Methods currently available are either too broad or encompass only small part of the whole problem. Ad-hoc or unsound decisions in this area might cause major complications in terms of quality, usability, integration, and consequently influence total cost of organizational IT. Organizations need to either revise existing models or propose and implement completely new models to manage their IS/ICT. This thesis deals with the management of IS/ICT with focus on the ICT services outsourcing. It discusses available sourcing models in the literature and links them to the various interconnected areas. Based on these areas, it presents an integrated view on IT outsourcing strategies. Most importantly the thesis proposes an original concept for decision-making about outsourcing of ICT services named the SOURCER framework. This approach utilizes the presented outsourcing strategies, and introduces a complex methodology and decision-making criteria that will assist organizations with selection of ICT services in order to maintain and manage a most suitable ICT service portfolio. The decision-making is based on four essential viewpoints: function, costs, time, and quality. These viewpoints are discussed, individually analyzed, and serve as a basis for further research. The whole framework is developed and validated according to Design Science Research Methodology (DSRM). Individual components are evaluated using a survey among a group of selected IT managers. Proof of concept is then established by a case study on framework use in a real organization. This case study covers strategy specification, business--IT alignment, specifying service architecture and its interconnections, outsourcing, and management of the ICT service portfolio.

Process driven organization
Vandírková, Jana ; Řepa, Václav (advisor) ; Svatoš, Oleg (referee)
The subject of the master thesis Process driven organization is using UML language and BPMN methodology to model business processes of the selected organization, followed by using obtained diagrams organization for upgrade any of modeled diagram existing business processes leading to prosperity of the selected organization.

Organization and management of production in selected enterprise
DRNOVÁ, Markéta
The topic of my dissertation is "Organization and management of production in selected enterprise". The main goal of this dissertation is mapping of selected enterprise in one year period and obtain sufficient amount of information for future analysis and suggest possible improvements. The identification data, characteristic, products and services and production planning of selected enterprise are provided in introduction of practical part of this dissertation. Analysis of present state with mapping of present state for individually semi-finished products is introduced in the next part of dissertation. For analysis of present state was calculated VA index and for each semi-finished product was created diagram of material movement in next chapter. The goal of analyses and diagram is the finding of narrow spaces in the material flow. The target map of future state was created in the next part. This map is based on present map. The future map presents critical factors that need to be improved. Finally it defines a new VA index, which should be approach to the current state. The penultimate section includes recommendations methods and elements of lean production to the new production hall which the company wants to build. Among the recommended methods are mainly the 5S method, visualization, standardization, SMED and Bottleneck. The last chapter contains a number of measures. For example employee motivation, continuous improvement, personal responsibility, introduction of EDI and ergonomics which would lead to the improvement of the business this enterprise.

The Importance of the Fundraiser in a Non-profit Organization
STARÁ, Radka
The main theme of the bachelor work is the importance of the fundraiser in a non-profit organization. It defines the term fundraising, its principles, forms and methods, the work of a fundraiser in a non-profit organization.The work characterizes nonprofit organizations, their legal status and field of activity. There are also information about activities, which improve economy and financial situation of these organizations. In the practical part of my work I have analyzed the way of financing a non-profit organization Junak- Czech scout, Centre Pod Kleti Holubov z.s. I am comparing in this part the way of fundraiser work on the local and state platform. The facts here available are drawn from the public web pages of this organization and also from the account keeping documents of its local center. At the conclusion of my work I am assessing the effectiveness of fund raising plan and its strategy and also describing the way of negotiation with donors. I am noticing the need of a fund raising team creation and also rules of fundraising including necessary cooperation between the center of organization and its local branches.

Charity Projects of Organizations Providing Care for Children with Disabilities in South Bohemia
The bachelor thesis "Charity Projects of Organisations Providing Care for Children with Health Disability in the Region of South Bohemia" deals with those projects that were founded by non-profit organisations and that provide care for children with health disability in the Region of South Bohemia. The aim of this thesis is to chart the charity projects of above mentioned organisations and to find out what is a proper and effective way to create them and what methods and procedures are used by non-state, non-profit organisations. The first research inquiry refers to a successful implementation of these projects. The result will be not only a realisation what kind of projetcs were created by the above mentioned organisations but also what is important for an organisation itself. Within the bounds of the second research inquiry I find out wheather there is an optimal procedure for the implementation of the charity projects of non-state, non-profit organisations. A qualitative method was used for a research part of this thesis. I used a method of a half-structured interview, a technique of a personal interview. A research group was selected for bringing the research into practice, which includes nine organisations seleceted from non-state, non-profit organisations providing a care for health disabled children in the Region of South Bohemia. It is more difficult for non-state, non-profit organisations it this field to obtain enough finances for providing services and for obtaining necessary aids than for state non-profit organisations because of different ways of fundraising . A non-state, non-profit organisation has several possibilities how to obtain necessary material and non-material sources. There are charity projects that offer means of selfless help; provided they are successful, they help the organisation to obtain necessary sources. It emerged from the research that it was very important for non-state, non-profit organisations to get a multi-source fundraising and supporters of their projects, mainly donors and sponsors, to obtain available care for children with heath disability. On the basis of the research, it is possible to state that non-state, non-profit organisations providing care for children with health disability, implemented many successful projects. The results of this thesis can be used in the way of an informative material for setting a complete view of a solution of the problems of the above mentioned organisations projects.

The Jewish population of the judicial district Sedlec, and their social status until the year 1945 (with a specific heed to the year 1940)
The aim of this propounded thesis has been to elaborate a register of Jewish population in the judicial district Sedlec, and to essay the creation of the reflection of their wealth. The filing cards from the Jews' card files were the primary source, which were enriched by police ordinances and the census from 1930. This thesis is set in the period of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia; therefore, I devoted a chapter to this period, where besides other things I explain the term "Jew" in accordance with the Nuremberg Laws. There is an overview of regulations that restricted the freedom of the Jews, from which the view on curtailing of the hated minority by the Nazis comes. The important part of this piece of work is the description of how the Jewish religious community worked which gives us an insight into the life of this community. Attention was also dedicated to the social structure, including other factors that affect it; hence, this work contains a chapter which provides an overview of the research in this field. Another part is a list of ninety-four people of the Jewish faith or origin formed by communities and families living in them. It is accompanied by a text part which shows the material and financial resources for individual families. The work is enriched by annexes: tables, graphs, maps, and last but not least, some photographs of some slaughtered Jews by the Nazis appearing in the list.

Incubation Processes in Selected Organization
Jureček, Ondřej ; Švec, Václav (advisor) ; Lukáš, Lukáš (referee)
The thesis is focused on the benefits of process management in startup incubators. The thesis aims to identify the existing cycle of incubation process and subsequently also aims to propose the optimal incubation process within the incubator Point One located at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. Identification and mapping of business processes of this organization should ensure more efficient management of incubated projects in the future. In the first part of the thesis theoretical bases are developed, which were obtained from the literature dealing with system analysis and also with identification and modeling of business processes in the organization. Subsequently the thesis introduces different approaches and developments in business management from the oldest functional management to the process and project management. The second part introduces the incubator Point One, located at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, along with the services offered by this organization. The author together with the manager of the Point One incubator analyzed the current state of the organization and also identified its business processes. Business process analysis is based on the method MMABP (Methodology For Modeling And Analysis Of Business Process). Such analysis clearly defines and maps the processes of Point One incubator. Based on this analysis, the proposals of optimal organizational processes are designed.

The renovation of historical parks near the small feudal residences on the example of the study of the renovation of the castle garden in Doudleby nad Orlici in Eastern Bohemia.
Faltysová, Lenka ; Buttry, Ivana (advisor) ; Jakub, Jakub (referee)
The aim of this work is the processing methodology and presentation process how to restore monuments of garden art. On the example of the revitalization of the castle garden immovable cultural monument Castle Doudleby nad Orlicí, based on the study of literature, similar interventions and the analysis and interpretation of various types of archival material the current quality of historic garden was evaluated. It is based on field survey, which consists of dendrological research, analyzing the authenticity of trees and appreciation of all the collected documents, historical sources and professional literature. Concept recovery of castle garden is based on the expert authority´s binding point of view of the state care of historical monuments. Renaissance castle in Doudleby nad Orlici is located in the eastern part of the town on a slightly raised hill on the right bank of the River Divoká Orlice. There was a wooden medieval fortress with the farmyard on this place in the 13th century. Sr Mikuláš from Bubno started to build a hunting lodge in the Renaissance style as villa in 1588, which was finished in 1590. The significance of Renaissance residence, which complement the early Baroque elements from the late 17th century, is enhanced by the opulent and impressive sgraffito - carpet pattern covering all external and internal frontage, restored in 1886 by Kirchner. The tall chimneys are the part of decoration in the courtyard decorated with sgraffito as well. The chateau complex is formed along its circuit of farm buildings and residential buildings. Building of castle itself is separated by a park with old trees and newer lawns (Hieke, 1984). Castle park in Doudleby nad Orlicí was founded in 1809 in compositional continuity of the Renaissance castle building. The park forms one organic complex with the castle. The promoter strived, like in the castle rooms, to demonstrate here his wealth, his sense of art and his botanical-dendrological knowledge. The park is designed as a narrow disposition in landscape style and it is composed as a long vista to the castle. The area of the landscape park is 3.76 hectares nowadays. The literature search is especially dedicated to the Renaissance and its relationship to the garden art. The monument care in the Czech Republic and the activity of professional organization of the monument care of the National Heritage Institute in Josefov is introduced in this section. The methodological guide describes the used bolsterings and resulting outputs on the basis of them are implemented of such measures, which will help to improve the health and vitality of existing promising trees and new plantings of trees, which are consistent with the original composition with emphasis on the rehabilitation and upgrading of historical value of the object. Treatment of trees and supplementary planting will be done within the frame of total revitalization of the castle park. The practical unit describes the current status of vegetation monuments of garden art. The inventory trees is the essential tool for analyzing the current status of vegetation monuments of garden art. Inventory, which should provide quality base for a draft recovery, should also be addressed in certain parts with characteristics of individual species (Krejčiřík, 2015). The results of field investigation were completely recorded in the graphical output.

Deciding on the optimal financial contribution of the regions for Medical Rescue Services operations
Stibalová, Alice ; Houšková Beránková, Martina (advisor) ; Roman, Roman (referee)
The principal goal of this thesis is the effort to create a decision model whereby the responsible Emergency Medical Service workers could set the amount of the required operating contribution. The operating contribution from the founder of the contributory organization is a very important item in creating the financial budget of the contributory organization. In the thesis the alternatives which may significantly influence the incomes of the contributory organization will be set by the decider. Since the founder determines the amount of the operating contribution which will be offered to the contributory organization, this data will not be worked with as a possible alternative. Furthermore the circumstances which may occur and which the organization must take into account will be determined.

Selected economic context of social care services
Čechová, Ilona ; Pikola, Pavel (advisor) ; Jaromír, Jaromír (referee)
Summary In the theoretical part of the thesis Selected Economic Aspects of Social Care Services, I present a definition and an overview of the statutory regulation of social care services in the historical perspective and from the viewpoint of the valid law. The subsequent section, which is the core segment of the theoretical part of my thesis, sets forth a specification and a general outline of all social care services available in our jurisdiction. The chapter about the funding of social services identifies the available financial resources, and the range of options associated with the payment of social care services. The services and particularly the financing methods constitute a frequent topic for discussion among all main initiators (promoters, movers) of social services. In the practical part of the thesis, I present an identification of financial resources of one selected social service provider, and an analysis of its income from transfers, users payments for meals, from the accommodation and care allowances, and other revenue generated from 2005 to 2015. This part of the thesis also shows a comparison of the amount of individual transfers and payments from users, including per-user care allowance per year and month in the period from 2005 to 2015. The analysis is then used to identify the system for subsidy allocation, to draw conclusions on specific findings, and to present some recommendations. The last section of the practical part compares the selected social service provider with other organizations providing the same services in the year 2014.