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Design a methodical approach to work with SIT at the regional level of the Czech Republic
Nesvedová, Lada ; Potančok, Martin (advisor) ; Voříšek, Jiří (referee)
This thesis deals with the question of Shadow IT (hereinafter referred to as SIT) in Public Administration in the Czech Republic at a regional level. The main target of the thesis is to design a methodical approach to work with SIT at the regional level of the Czech Republic based on case study. This design can be proposed based on milestones and defining research questions and issues characterizing the SIT. The structure of the thesis is divided into three main parts. The first part defines a goal of the thesis and reasons for the selection, limitations and expected outcomes of the thesis. The theoretical part is characterized by the concept of Shadow IT and Public Administration of the Czech Republic in general. This part is followed by practical block, where methods of data collection are specified and the results of research questions presented. Processed methodology for working with Shadow IT in Public Administration of the Czech Republic at the regional level is described in the last part. The benefit of this thesis is a designed methodology for working with Shadow IT in Public Administration at the regional level of the Czech Republic which can help regional authorities to better understand problems of Shadow IT.
Cloud computing governance a management from consumer point of view
Karkošková, Soňa ; Feuerlicht, Jiří (advisor) ; Hynek, Josef (referee) ; Voříšek, Jiří (referee)
Cloud computing brings widely recognized benefits as well as new challenges and risks resulting mainly from the fact that cloud service provider is an external third party that provides public cloud services in multi-tenancy model. At present, widely accepted IT governance frameworks lack focus on cloud computing governance and do not fully address the requirements of cloud computing from cloud consumer viewpoint. Given the absence of any comprehensive cloud computing governance and management framework, this doctoral dissertation thesis focuses on specific aspects of cloud service governance and management from consumer perspective. The main aim of doctoral dissertation thesis is the design of methodological framework for cloud service governance and management (Cloud computing governance and management) from consumer point of view. Cloud consumer is considered as a medium or large-sized enterprise that uses services in public cloud computing model, which are offered and delivered by cloud service provider. Theoretical part of this doctoral dissertation thesis identifies the main theoretical concepts of IT governance, IT management and cloud computing (chapter 2). Analytical part of this doctoral dissertation thesis reviews the literature dealing with specifics of cloud services utilization and their impact on IT governance and IT management, cloud computing governance and cloud computing management (chapter 3). Further, existing IT governance and IT management frameworks (SOA Governance, COBIT, ITIL and MBI) were analysed and evaluated in terms of the use of cloud services from cloud consumer perspective (chapter 4). Scientific research was based on Design Science Research Methodology with intention to design and evaluate artifact methodological framework. The main part of this doctoral dissertation thesis proposes methodical framework Cloud computing governance and management based on SOA Governance, COBIT 5 and ITIL 2011 (chapter 5, 6 and 7). Verification of proposed methodical framework Cloud computing governance and management from cloud consumer perspective was based on scientific method of case study (chapter 8). The main objective of the case study was to evaluate and verify proposed methodical framework Cloud computing governance and management in a real business environment. The main contribution of this doctoral dissertation thesis is both the use of existing knowledge, approaches and methodologies in area of IT governance and IT management to design methodical framework Cloud computing governance and management and the extension of Management of Business Informatics (MBI) framework by a set of new tasks containing procedures and recommendations relating to adoption and utilization of cloud computing services.
Řízení IS/ICT se zaměřením na sourcing služeb informačního systému
Šebesta, Michal ; Voříšek, Jiří (advisor) ; Havlíček, Zdeněk (referee) ; Příklenk, Oldřich (referee) ; Král, Jaroslav (referee)
Research on outsourcing has been around for several decades, while recent evolution in the information systems discipline towards ICT service commoditization significantly changes the context of decision-making. Services that are available on-demand via the Internet allow organizations implementing functions they demand in a fraction of time. This trend represents a chance for organizations seeking to use advanced ICT services without a need of major investments. Problem is the current lack of guidelines and tools for managing ICT services and their outsourcing. Given the trends on the ICT service market, it is expected that much of the IT management in the future will encompass the ICT services and utilize service-level structures. Methods currently available are either too broad or encompass only small part of the whole problem. Ad-hoc or unsound decisions in this area might cause major complications in terms of quality, usability, integration, and consequently influence total cost of organizational IT. Organizations need to either revise existing models or propose and implement completely new models to manage their IS/ICT. This thesis deals with the management of IS/ICT with focus on the ICT services outsourcing. It discusses available sourcing models in the literature and links them to the various interconnected areas. Based on these areas, it presents an integrated view on IT outsourcing strategies. Most importantly the thesis proposes an original concept for decision-making about outsourcing of ICT services named the SOURCER framework. This approach utilizes the presented outsourcing strategies, and introduces a complex methodology and decision-making criteria that will assist organizations with selection of ICT services in order to maintain and manage a most suitable ICT service portfolio. The decision-making is based on four essential viewpoints: function, costs, time, and quality. These viewpoints are discussed, individually analyzed, and serve as a basis for further research. The whole framework is developed and validated according to Design Science Research Methodology (DSRM). Individual components are evaluated using a survey among a group of selected IT managers. Proof of concept is then established by a case study on framework use in a real organization. This case study covers strategy specification, business--IT alignment, specifying service architecture and its interconnections, outsourcing, and management of the ICT service portfolio.
Bradáč, Filip ; Potančok, Martin (advisor) ; Voříšek, Jiří (referee)
Bachelor thesis is focused on mHealth solutions and its implementations into specific spe-cialized center of IQ-pohyb. The aim of this thesis is to carry out research on motivation health prevention at higher uti-lization of mHealth solutions by interrogating interested respondents. Statically process these results and draw conclusions that helps me find mHealth soulutions implementable into center of IQ-pohyb appropriately. First I focused on analysis of mHealth term filed in Telemedicine which is subregion of eHealth as a covering term for using ICT in healthcare. The second part is dedicated to current legislation conditions which affects implementation of mHealth solutions. The last part deals with research and subsequently properly chosen implementation of mHealth pro-ducts followed by evaluation of results and achieved objectives.
Analýza vybraných národných eHealth stratégií a návrh koncepcie pre Českú republiku
Debnárová, Barbora ; Voříšek, Jiří (advisor) ; Quirchmayr, Gerald (referee)
This diploma thesis is dedicated to the analysis of eHealth strategies of the German speaking countries and to the proposal of a conception for the Czech Republic. The first part is dedicated to theory. At the beginning, it provides a brief review of the literature which has already been written about this topic. Further, it deals with the topic and definition of eHealth in general, its history, applications, benefits, and the way how eHealth is approached by the European Union. The second chapter provides analysis of eHealth and its technologies in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. At the end of the chapter, the comparison of the current states of eHealth in these countries is conducted. The third chapter deals with the current state of eHealth in the Czech Republic. The last chapter is dedicated to the proposal of the conception for the Czech Republic.
Analysis of selected foreign national eHealth strategies and a concept proposal for the Czech Republic
Kiš, Juraj ; Voříšek, Jiří (advisor) ; Potančok, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the analysis of national strategies in the area of eHealth. The main aim of this thesis is to analyse the foreign national eHealth strategies and subsequent draft concept for the Czech Republic based on achieved results. The first chapter contains theoretical introduction into the field of eHealth, the main sources of research, history and definition of eHealth. The second part is devoted to the analysis, comparison and critical assessment of national eHealth strategies based on criteria in the countries of Denmark, New Zealand and the Slovak Republic. Third and final chapter is focused on the assessment of the current state of eHealth in the Czech Republic and the draft concept of eHealth strategy in the Czech Republic, which is based on the conclusions reached in the second chapter. The main contribution of this work is the analysis of selected national strategies and draft concept for eHealth strategy in the Czech Republic.
IS/ICT sourcing strategies in healthcare facilities
Potančok, Martin ; Voříšek, Jiří (advisor) ; Pour, Jan (referee) ; Šalamon, Tomáš (referee) ; Vejvodová, Jiřina (referee)
The dissertation thesis focuses on information systems and communication technologies and ways they are provided (sourced) in healthcare. The aim of this dissertation thesis is to design and verify a model of IS/ICT sourcing strategy for healthcare as a factor leading to the improvement of patient care, taking into account different categories of healthcare facilities and other specifics resulting from the application in medicine. The introductory section of the thesis (Section A) defines the areas of health care and identifies their specifics. Moreover, categories of healthcare facilities are defined and therapeutic, nursing and IS/ICT processes are identified. Sourcing is defined for the needs of the designed sourcing strategy model and the current trends are analysed as well as the offered outsourcing services. In the next section of the thesis (Section B), requirements on the IS/ICT sourcing strategy model are defined. Theories of sourcing strategies are analysed including assessment of the current practices of healthcare facilities. Identification of specific factors affecting sourcing in healthcare is an essential part of this section. The most important section of the thesis is a design of the IS/ICT sourcing strategy model and its verification in practice at a real healthcare facility, which is described in the final part (Section C). The designed model employs two layers to cover the whole spectrum of healthcare facilities. The base layer defines the types of objects used in developing the sourcing strategy. The specific layer takes into consideration the differences between the various categories of healthcare facilities and provides the actual implementation. Successful implementation of the model including its two layers was achieved in an independent outpatient healthcare facility.
Evaluating the effectiveness of e-services in public administration
Trnka, Jakub ; Voříšek, Jiří (advisor) ; Ješuta, Martin (referee)
The thesis is focused on issues in eGovernment of Czech Republic and evaluation of two selected e-services. The target is to describe the state of eGovernment in Czech Republic and to offer to public administration some recommendations to its future development. The thesis consists of information about historic development of eGovernment in Czech Republic, about the most significant projects and about the state of Czech eGovernment in comparison to abroad. The practical part describes the methodology which was used to measure the selected e-services. The assessment of measurement reveals their weaknesses and proposes recommendations to their corrections.
Responsive Design Usage Scenarios in Application Design
Kratochvíl, Jan ; Albrecht, Jakub (advisor) ; Voříšek, Jiří (referee)
The thesis compares the most frequently used approaches to presenting electronic content in a way that is optimized for new device classes, namely smartphones and tablets, in order to enable a more effective decision-making process concerning content strategies accenting modern electronic channels. The thesis describes the historic context resulting in new needs in the area of content presentation. It compares the responsive design approach to traditional web design and mobile applications. The focus is put on detailed analysis of various responsive design aspects including the technical basis for responsive web design, economical aspects, the needs of tailoring the design process to fit with responsive web design and implementation in portal solutions, among others. The original part of the thesis contains a practical demonstration of responsive design implementation on top of an existing traditionally designed web property, namely the Č homepage. Basic criteria to consider when deciding about responsive web design adoption are also included.
Security elements of electronic banking
Blaha, Ondřej ; Albrecht, Jakub (advisor) ; Voříšek, Jiří (referee)
The aim of my bachelorel thesis is to give a comprehensive overview of the electronic banking area and its security, with main focus on safety features used for authentication. The theses describes the available forms of electronic banking and the principles and elements of authentication methods. The main contribution of this work is the analysis of the environment of electronic banking ČSOB Bank and evaluation of authentication methods that the bank offers its clients. The result is an assessment of the current security status and suggestions what should ČSOB bank focus on in this area.

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