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Employment of graduates of the field Management and Business Economics in the labor market
LIŠKOVÁ, Michaela
This diploma thesis focuses on the employment of graduates of the field of REP in the labor market. First, the basic concepts related to the researched topic are outlined. Then, on the basis of a questionnaire survey among graduates and on the basis of an interview with the guarantor this field, the current situation with which graduates enter the labor market is evaluated. Finally, based on the findings, suggestions were made for improvement so that graduates have a chance to gain a better foothold in the labor market.
DUŠEK, Radim
The objective of my work has been to find out the achievements in the job market of the graduates at the Agricultural Faculty of South Bohemia University in České Budějovice who graduated in the years 2001 and 2002. This whole research has been drawn up to be able to find out how these young people evaluate their study at this faculty, especially their transition from school to the business world. They also evaluated whether the brach they had studied provided them with enough qualification to be successful in the job market.
The Employment Rate Based on the Present Valid Legal Amendment and Role of the Employment Bureau
This thesis is based on the current status of unemployment in the Czech Republic, on the current applicable legislation, and it takes into account the latest regulations of the Labor Code and the Employment Act. It also focuses on the work of the employment bureaus, particularly their retraining activities. It also analyzes the issue of so-called illegal employment. The practical part of the thesis covers the situation on the labor market in the Kutná Hora region. We studied the rate of unemployment and its flow in the individual micro-regions. We analyzed the structure of job seekers in terms of education and age. We also focused on the problems of the youth, school graduates, foreigners and handicapped people on the labor market in the area. During the period in question we evaluated the active employment policy of the Kutná Hora employment bureau. Here we performed an analysis of retraining of the job seekers, their placement and success on the labor market. The thesis provides a picture of the employment policy in the Czech Republic, which can be used to acquire comprehensive knowledge of this area.
Structural limits of the support system of employment for people with disabilities
Broža, Kateřina ; Jelínková, Marie (advisor) ; Ochrana, František (referee)
The thesis focuses on what are the structural limits of the system of support for employment of persons with disabilities. To answer the research question, great attention is first devoted to getting acquainted with individual actors in this issue. This substantial part of the thesis is followed by a presentation of the theoretical anchor of the thesis, which is New public management and game theory. Subsequently, the thesis presents a wide range of data on which it is based. A significant part of these data are purposefully collected primary data, the analysis of which provides a unique insight into the labour market for persons with disabilities. The benefit of the thesis also lies in the combination of a large number of other data sources, which are collected in the Czech Republic, but whose summary interpretation has so far been lacking. Individual analytical parts of the thesis then answer the research sub-questions. In the final discussion, the results reflect the theoretical bases used. The main conclusion of the thesis is that the current system setting puts obstacles for a wider level of integration of people with disabilities into the labour market. This is through these specific obstacles - pressure on the participation of people with disabilities into the protected labour market by the...
Asylum Seekers in the Czech Republic and their employment
Botková, Tereza ; Nová, Monika (advisor) ; Šedivý, Jiří (referee)
This thesis deals with the possibilities of employment of Asylum seekers on the labour market in the Czech Republic. I analyse this issue from the perspective of the workers of the Organisation for Aid to Refugee (hereinafter referred to as the OAR), whose task is to assist Asylum seekers on the labour market. I set three research questions, one main and two secondary. They focus on the overall perspective of the participants, the OAR workers, on the issue of employment of the Asylum seekers, to identify the barriers perceived by the participants in their efforts to integrate their clients into the labour market. I was also interested in their suggestions for possible changes that would improve the chances of the target group in the labour market. This thesis includes a qualitative research inquiry, which is conducted in the form of semi-structured interviews with participants. The results of the interviews are subsequently processed using the method of thematic analysis in order to provide answers to the research questions. The eight participants I selected from the OAR have personal experience with the target group of Asylum seekers. They are four lawyers and four social workers. The first chapter of the thesis describes the terms for different residence possibilities of foreigners in the Czech...
People with Autism in the Czech society in the last fifty years
Flek, Lukáš ; Sotáková, Hana (advisor) ; Kucharská, Anna (referee)
This bachelor thesis tries to describe the autistic life in the Czech Republic during the last decades. It deals with the autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) both of children and adults. The theme is how the autistic people manage(d) everyday acts and necessary affairs, e. g. fFinding a job. I describe the integration of the autistic people into the society too and what stance the society, public institutions and science have (had) on them. The thesis is alsoo focuses d on the legislation connected to ASD and care of autistic people. I also intend to describe the evolution of these aspect in time. The theoretical part is particularly focused on the general ASD features which influence their everyday life and integration in the society. Additionally, the theoretical part already contains particular description of the autistic life of the Czech Republic and abroad, the past and recent times and the view of the autistic individuals and the society. The heart of the empirical part is based are dialogueson interviews with autistic people who narrate their own life story and respond to a set of some in advance given questions. Based on them, I get other information about the autistic life in the Czech Republic.
The world of mentally challenged people from a different perspective
Horová, Anežka ; Válková, Monika (advisor) ; Čedík, Miloslav (referee)
5 Abstract The main focus of this diploma thesis is the quality of mentally challenged people's life in the Czech Republic. The quality of their life is being analyzed from various perspectives. The thesis begins with legislation which includes individual spheres from where it's clear that this issue isn't in any law nor regulation comprehensive, but it's included only partly. The explanation and classification of retardation is included for better understanding. The main spheres of focus are following: enrollment of mentally challenged people into education including special schools followed by an assertation on the work market, housing options (especially the positive trend of transition from institutional to individual approach), leisure activities. The thesis includes sensitive topics such as sexual life, motherhood (parenthood) or violence against mentally challenged people as well. Special social work-related methods haven been developed for better cooperation between workers and mentally challenged clients. The thesis also aims on the role of non-governmental non- profit corporations which play a significant role in the work with mentally challenged people. The practical part is included as questionnaires aiming on finding the level of satisfaction of specific mentally challenged clients (as well as...

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