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Neurosteroid effects on neuronal network activity in vitro.
Strnadová, Lenka ; Smejkalová, Terézia (advisor) ; Heleš, Mário (referee)
GABA receptors type A (GABAAR) are ligand-gated ion channels permeable for chloride anions. In the mammalian brain they mediate most of the inhibitory transmission. Moreover, the dysfunctions of the GABA-mediated system result in many neurological disorders, including epilepsy, anxiety and depression. Neurosteroids are cholesterol metabolites interacting with a variety of membrane receptors and have a direct effect on neuronal excitability. The neurosteroids allo-pregnanolone (allo-PA) and pregnanolone (PA) are potent positive modulators of the GABAAR. The goal of this work is to establish a newly constructed application system and a calcium imaging method using the GCaMP sensor to examine the effects of PA on the activity of primary hippocampal cultures. In this work we validate the application system and test the GCaMP calcium sensor in vitro. Application of PA inhibited the spontaneous calcium peaks, which agrees with its known actions on the GABAAR. We discovered that the neurosteroid inhibitory effect on the neuronal network activity changes after repeated applications. The results suggest that there might be some compensatory actions on the GABAAR level during prolonged or repeated exposition to PA. Key words: GABAAR; neurosteroid; pregnanolone; allopregnanolone; calcium; GCaMP; inhibition
Effects of NMDA receptor modulators on cell death in models of excitotoxicity in vitro.
Strnadová, Lenka ; Smejkalová, Tereza (advisor) ; Skřenková, Kristýna (referee)
NMDA receptors are ionotropic glutamate receptors (iGluR) activated by the amino acid glutamate and mediating signal transmission in the central nervous system. Their proper activity is essential for synaptogenesis, neuronal plasticity and synaptic transmission. However, excessive activation of NMDAR causes strong influx of calcium ions into neurons which triggers several destructive effects, eventually ending with cell death. This so-called excitotoxicity is present not only in many neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's disease, but also in acute pathophysiological conditions, such as stroke or traumatic brain injury. General NMDAR inhibitors that could potentially prevent neuronal excitotoxicity have shown severe negative side effects in models in vivo. On the other hand, selective inhibitors of NMDA receptors with the ability to block the unwanted excessive activity while preserving NMDAR physiological function have shown to be therapeutically useful. This work is going to briefly summarize the knowledge of structure, activation and localization of NMDA receptors, then it is going to describe their rule in mediating neuronal toxicity and a few methods we can use to study excitotoxicity in vitro. Finally, this work will compare the effects of several known NMDAR...
Sprinter's training in the specialized phase of the conditioning - Selfanalysis of one's own training
Strnadová, Lenka ; Vindušková, Jitka (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Title: Sprinter's training in the specialized phase of the conditioning Selfanalysis of one's own training Goals: The main goal of this dissertation is to review the development of my own performance and to evaluate the training in the specialized phase of the conditioning. Next goal is to evaluate the individual development and the results of chosen STU, that are important for short smooth sprint, and afterthat to compare those indicators. Methods: Data for the explorative part were gained by the method of content-selfanalysis of training documents, and we I evaluated chosen special training indicators of those documents. We mainly focused on development of acceleration maximum speed, followed by the development of speed endurance and running with load (total volume in km). Results: The results of chosen training indicators are processed to the table and graphic form. The form of comments is used for analysis of sport preparation, setting up the compensative exercises, health condition and evaluation of performance' development during four years period with two different coaches. The load was increasing in all chosen STU. The individual approach of the coach and communication with the client was very important aspect, that also contributed to the conclusion, that the best results were reached with...
Reconstruction and exctension of the City Museum Česká Třebová
Strnadová, Lenka ; Liška, Pavel (referee) ; Šlanhof, Jiří (advisor)
Master thesis solves construction and technological project which deals with data processing, documentation and technological processes of building reconstruction and extension realization in Muzeum of Česká Třebová. The work contains technological building study, assessment of relationships to the wider transportation routes, time and financial plan, building-site organization project, design of the main building machines and mechanisms, technological prescriptions for excavation work and micropile injection, occupational safety and health protection management, project calculation budget.
Technological Solutions of GUVEX Company’s Cladding Annexe in Lanškroun
Strnadová, Lenka ; Valenta, Michal (referee) ; Mohapl, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the technological solution of cladding annex of an administrative nature and warehouse space. This is specifically about using lightweight cladding. The paper includes technological regulation, schedule, bill of quantities, budget, organization of construction principles and ensuring the quality requirements.
Statistics and its Utilization (Abuse) in Gaining Information
Strnadová, Lenka ; Bartošová, Jitka (advisor) ; Bína, Vladislav (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on how statistics and statistical concepts can be abused to influence a public opinion. The thesis includes theoretical knowledge regarding to statistics, public opinion and institutions which are commonly used as a source of statistical data. A questionnaire was used for a practical part of the diploma thesis. The questionnaire should answer research questions included in the introduction. MS Excel and SAS EG 5.1 were used to process a questionnaire data. There was chosen one or several examples of use and abuse of statistics in creation of information for influencing public opinion almost in all chapters. The conclusion contains a summary of all findings and answers to research questions defined in the introduction of the diploma thesis.
Comparison of Utility Programs MS Excel and SAS
Strnadová, Lenka ; Bartošová, Jitka (advisor) ; Krejčová, Iva (referee)
The final thesis deals with the comparing of the usability of Microsoft Excel programs and Statistical Analysis Software and exposing their advantages and disadvantages in data processing. The work attempts to evaluate using programs in employment and at universities. The using of these programs will be studied in detail at The University of Economics, Faculty of Management in Jindřichův Hradec.
Usage alternative massage technique in practice
The submitted graduation thesis focuses on the most well-known massaging methods. Various literature sources were used in order to create a complex view on the topic. The goal of this thesis was to collect all available theoretical information on the origin and history of massaging. The definition of massaging is part of the thesis, together with the effect, purpose as well as individual types of procedures together with their suitability for a quick recovery from fatigue. Individual massaging techniques are addressed in detail, together with their comparison to the mentioned alternative massaging methods. In the graduation thesis was created as a didactic in the form of methodological lists of the procedure sports massaging of the back and neck.

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