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Occupational Stress
Löblová, Klára ; Kocianová, Renata (advisor) ; Reichel, Jiří (referee)
The thesis deals with load, stress and related questions of the working life. Work-related stress brings numerous difficulties not only to affected individuals, but as a result also to organizations. The thesis follows symptoms, impacts, somatic and mental aspects of stress, its types and also types of stressors, which cause this problem. It is concentrated on workload as a specific area of work-related stress, individual resistance to the load, factors of workload and work-related stress and also on coping with problematic situations. The specific topic related to the stress is burnout syndrome. The thesis describes its formation and development, its causes, symptoms in three main levels - mental, physical and level of social relations and then influence of important factors such as personality and work conditions. It is also focused on professions endangered by burnout syndrome and its prevention. Key words: Stress, work-related stress, load, workload, stressors, work conditions, coping, stress management, burnout syndrome.
The evaluation system for educational projects within EU grants
Růžanská, Hana ; Reichel, Jiří (advisor) ; Štěch, Josef (referee)
My diploma work concerns the evaluation of educational projects submitted for financial support from European funds. It includes the description of related processes and highlights the importance of financial support for education, benefiting the growth of society. The aim of this submission is to align the processes of specialists in the field of human resources development focused on evaluation of submitted projects. The results of their evaluations have great influence in the selection of valuable educational projects which are to be receive financial support and the chance to be realized. To this end, the quality of the evaluation process has a direct effect on the realization of the right quality of development human resources in the Czech Republic. I have chosen this topic of my diploma work due to the topicality and importance to support the whole society through the development of human resources. My diploma work systematically summarize all aspects of the mentioned process and helps to clarify the way how to realize projects under the current conditions.
Corporate social responsibility
Hovorková, Pavla ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Reichel, Jiří (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to summarize the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to point out to the benefits and shortcomings of this concept. The work is divided into three main parts. The first part is devoted to theoretical connections and historical development of the concept. The second part is focused on the content of CSR - it lists the main CSR activities, which can be seen as the key ones in terms of organization and in terms of CSR. The third part of the work summarizes the basic stages of implementation, which are supplemented with practical examples. Summarizing the problems on the whole I identified some differences between the theory and practice of CSR, which should be addressed in the future. I believe, that this work represents certain contribution and that it fulfilled the defined aim.
Function of mass media in lifelong learning process, focusing on meaning of media communication in the context of post modern society
Zídková, Eva ; Beneš, Milan (advisor) ; Reichel, Jiří (referee)
Media and media communication extremely affects our lives nowadays, affects our behavior, actions, attitudes, opinions and values. We should always recognize and learn about the right accession to media. The aim of this thesis is to define the basic types of media, with special emphasis on the so-called "new media" and to focus also on their functions, effects and influence. A substantial part of this thesis consists of essay on the Internet as the most advanced medium of our times and the analysis of media messages that affect us significantly in all areas of our lives. Contribution that this work should have, is specification of the meanings of media messages and determination, how much important is continuous education for media literacy and the role of media education as such. It is not just to show the negative influence of media, but in particular, if we will understand the media, it will be the great benefit to us, a source of information, knowledge and entertainment.
Job Satisfaction
Syrová, Veronika ; Kocianová, Renata (advisor) ; Reichel, Jiří (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with job satisfaction. It is often given to a context with the attitude to work which is very much connected to job satisfaction. Thesis summarises all the pieces of information about job satisfacion, factors that affect it negatively and positively, interconnection of work satisfaction and work motivation, work behaviour and performance of workers, relationship of a man and work and at last general job satisfaction and its individual aspects. In the thesis I shortly pay attention to life satisfaction. It is closely linked with job satisfaction and these two influence each other. The main part is dedicated to job satisfaction. It is mainly history of the concept of job satisfaction, interconnection of job satisfaction and attitude to work, multidimensional concept of job satisfaction, methods of probe job satisfaction, analysis of factors affecting job satisfaction. The intention of thesis is to specify the factors that have a profound impact on job satisfaction and which influence it positively and negatively. Job satisfaction is closely linked to motivation. This part of thesis is therefore devoted to various theories of motivation. They are usually cathegorized as theories of needs and theories focused on a process. The amount of job satisfaction influences behaviour at...
Job analysis and description in a small organization
Bartovská, Kamila ; Kocianová, Renata (advisor) ; Reichel, Jiří (referee)
The subject of this thesis is one of the key personnel processes - the job analysis and job description design, the importance of this personnel process and its connections to other personnel processes. The job analysis and job description is followed with the job redesign need diagnostics. The job analysis and job description are described from a small organisations point of view, the thesis concentrates primarilly on methods and approaches that are usable for a small organisation. The job analysis process is applied step by step in a factual small organisation and customized to fit its needs. The thesis confirms that human resources management in a small organisation is as important as in a bigger one and that with the selection of appropriate methods and approaches it does not have to be time consuming and costly activity. At the same time it emphasizes the need of conceptual human resources management in a small organisation.
Education and Professional Development of Employees in a Control of Career
Sýkorová, Marie ; Kocianová, Renata (advisor) ; Reichel, Jiří (referee)
The thesis analyzes the issue of training and development of employees in career management, which is an integral part of effective personnel management. The text focuses on a career orientation in terms of individual's personality, attention is paid to career personality type, career movement and individual's career development. An important and often essential aspect of every career is a continuous education and human development, which this thesis deal with in detail. This thesis describes educational and development activities, trends in a company education, career management scheme, its context and planning of employees training. A part of this thesis is empirical research connecting topics such as career, employees education and career development.
Corporate culture survey in the CODI Art & Production Agency, Ltd.
Dvořák, Jan ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Reichel, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the issue of the company culture in a specific company. In this bachelor thesis is focus putt on description and classification of company culture. This topic is discussed in numerous books which are used in order to establish the theoretical basis of the thesis. The theoretical part describes company culture and also is concentrates on its relationship with a proper functioning of the working organization in a dynamically variable market environment. Quantitative analysis and qualitative research constitute the main instruments for the analysis of the company culture. On the basis of the accumulated data, is managed to identify the current condition of the company culture in the working organization, and to circumscribe the measures to amend the deficiency. Keywords Company culture, characteristics and structure of the company culture, types of company cultures, strong and weak company culture, organization, business environment, employees, qualitative research, quantitative research
Corporate social responsibility
Balková, Anna ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Reichel, Jiří (referee)
This thesis is focused on the phenomenon of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Opening parts of the work are devoted to the concept in general and its evolution in the context of other theories investigating the issue of responsibility in business as well. The part the work describes recommendations for the implementation process of the CSR concept into an organizational strategy. Following chapters are based on the stakeholder theory and a related specification of the CSR content within three thematic spheres - economic, social and environmental. A part of the work describes opportunities of CSR in a field of a human resources management. The last chapter describes utilization of CSR in the human resource management in the particular company. The chapter also contains recommendations based on the concept of CSR in order to bring positive effects to the company and employees, who are an important group of stakeholders. Key words: Corporate social responsibility, stakeholder theory, ethics, work-life balance, diversity management, working conditions, welfare service, outplacement.
Trends in working conditions
Fialová, Zuzana ; Kocianová, Renata (advisor) ; Reichel, Jiří (referee)
3 The bachelor thesis Trends in working conditions is focused on current tendencies in the area of working conditions, especially on the trend of democratization in organizations. The thesis analyzes this phenomenon, because it has not been described in association with working conditions enough. The main goal is to ascertain the reasons of growth of this phenomenon, its essence and the way it is realized. The reasons and the context of the formation and the growth are desribed according to surveys in a field of working satisfaction and can be also found in theories of working motivation. The essence is explained according to the authorities in this field. The emphasis is on the relationship between democratization in organizations and the working conditions. Every aspect of working conditions is described in detail, especially focused on the trends of democratization. The analysis is based on the examples of realization in real organizations. These examples can be found in whole thesis, related to the currently discussed topics. In general, the thesis strives for widening of existing knowledge with complex analysis of relationship between democratization in organizations and the working conditions. Key words Working condition, worker, organization, working enviroment, working time, freedom at work.

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