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Establishment of the Housing Association Due to the Privatization of the Residential House
Majtanová, Marie ; Pokorný, Josef (referee) ; Musilová, Helena (advisor)
Privatization of apartment houses continues again in Brno. Owners sell apartment houses only to legal entities, which are founded by present-day tenants. The content of the thesis includes the establishment of the housing association and meeting all the conditions set by municipal council of Brno. The thesis describes activities before constitutive meeting, constitutive meeting itself, and operations after entry in the trade register and all the documents which have to be submitted to the municipal council of Brno.
Wireless charging station
Pokorný, Josef ; Hrabina,, Jan (referee) ; Janoušek, Jiří (advisor)
The paper deals with possibilities of wireless charging and transmission of electric energy using inductive coils. Basic models of air coils are described using CST simulation software. The product consists of a transducer for transmitting coil, two coils with ferromagnetic shield, synchronous rectifier and battery charging circuit. Communication is provided by an 8-bit microcontroller with wireless modules and an ethernet shield for online monitoring. The aim of the thesis is to design a wireless charging station with a power transfer of 40 W with the possibility of online monitoring of the charging state.
Location of attacker attempting unauthorized access to operating system
Pokorný, Josef ; Burda, Karel (referee) ; Komosný, Dan (advisor)
My master thesis estimates physical location of potential operating system attacker. It deals with basic methods of attack against operating system: spam and viruses, searching the Internet, port scanning and operating system detection. The thesis disserts about a port scanner Nmap, a port scanning detector Scanlogd and about a system log watch Swatch. The thesis deals with geolocation methods of potential operating system attacker. These geolocation methods are divided into an active and a passive types. The active methods measure delay in the Internet. The passive methods query the database. I mentioned a freely accessible Whois database and MaxMind databases. There is a program developed and practically tested. The program simulates an attacker beginning an attack by scanning ports of target machine. The program works with dataset of real IP addresses. The program also detects the attack against operating system. The real and evaluated location of an attacker is got and then shown in a map. At the end there is a review of results and data comparison with colleagues.
SAW resonator controlled FM transmitter
Pokorný, Josef ; Frýza, Tomáš (referee) ; Kolouch, Jaromír (advisor)
This thesis describes design of FM transceiver with SAW resonator. Theoretically analyzes properties of microphone, oscillator and choosing of fitting antenna where it's analyses theirs strong and weak sides. Transceiver has electret microphone. Signal from microphone is amplified by preamplifier OPA134. Further this paper contains oscillator build which output is amplified by monolithic power amplifier and routed through RF filter to antenna.
The Concentration Of A Near Non-Radiative Magnetic Field By Changing The Angle Of The Spiral Coils On The Substrate
Pokorný, Josef
This paper deals with the concentration of a near non-radiative magnetic field using twocoils excited with opposite polarity and offset to each other. This allows variability in the location ofthe receiving coil of the charging element off-center of the transmitting coil. The magnetic inductionradiation was simulated in Maxwell using the eddy current simulation. Therefore, it is only an inductivepower transfer (IPT).
H–Function From Comparison Schumann–Runge Band Data In World Databases
Pokorny, Josef
This article deals with data for oxygen in the Schumann–Runge band, stored in world databases NIST and Glushko. My program NKrov2 compares this data in order to calculate the most important part of the absorption coefficient: The H–function. I developed the program NKrov2 for H– function calculation and database comparison.
Topology Of Self Guidance Machines For Detection And Wireless Charging With Variable Gap And Spider Web Coil
Pokorný, Josef
Commonly available metal detectors are sold as a handheld system with which the specified perimeter must be laboriously searched. It often happens that a person easily misses a part of the search area, thereby increasing the probability of not finding a metal object. The proposed system maps the entered area according to GPS coordinates. The system can be used on a self-guided vehicle or drone. For accurate positioning is used D-GPS, which resend the coordinates to the MESH radio. By utilizing MESH topology, potential co-operation of multiple such systems is possible. The system uses same coil for wireless power transfer (WPT) and detection.
The Width And Shift Of Spectral Lines
Pokorný, Josef
The examination of radiation absorbed or emitted by atoms or molecules are very important for physics and technology. The article discusses about problem of solving absorption of radiation by atoms. There are several types of broadening and shift of spectral lines solved by special program. The program uses data from free access chemical databases.
Possibilities Of Wireless Charging For Multipurpose Electronic Systems
Pokorný, Josef
This article describes possibilities of wireless charging (WC). One of the main application fields lies within small-size electronics and currently also the recharge electric vehicles (EV). Wireless Charging Station (WCS) is based on inductive power transmission (IPT) of electrical energy. The station is divided into a docking station and a charger. It includes invertor operating up to 108 kHz, a circular spiral coil on the receiving and transmitting side, rectifier with step-down converter and controllers. Wireless modules communicate in the ISM band with GFSK modulation, and are used for voltage and current monitoring in the charger, which can determine the insufficient position of the coils. This is also a way to enable accurate landing for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) instead of landing with camera and quick response (QR) code detection. Nevertheless, for precise guidance UAV towards station is necessary the global position system (GPS). The electromagnetic interference (EMI) in the shielded chamber was measured to give the idea about electromagnetic radiation.
International taxation and cross-border mergers and acquisition
Pokorný, Josef ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Baxa, Jaromír (referee)
This thesis studies the effects of differences in the international tax system on the location of target companies and potential tax savings leading from international transactions. Using a large sample of M&A transaction data, we develop a target location choice model and estimate it by a multinomial logistic regression. The results show that differences in taxation of target and acquirer country provide opportunities for tax optimization practices that increase the probability of choosing a target location with higher tax difference. We further evaluate these effect using regression on takeover premium which shows that 1 percentage point increase in difference of effective average tax rate may cause up to 0.5 percentage point increase in takeover premium. The found effects are heterogenous for individual companies and correspond to characteristics of tax-inversions and profit shifting practices. i

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