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The Biblical Catechesis for Adolescents
The work deals with the biblical catechesis aimed at the adolescent youth. The first theoretical part describes the adolescence and problems, adolescents usually have to overcome. Next it defines the catechesis and the religions education on the base of the church documents, it characterises present situation of religions education in the Czech Republic and it characterises the present catechetic practice in the church. The work also describes the biblical catechesis: its theoretical processing in the view of the biblical science and its practical processing. In the practical part there is a survey, which provides topics for practical processing of biblical catechesis. The selected topics of biblical catechesis (Ten Commandments, Kingdom of Heaven) are processed theoretically (from the point of view of biblical science). Next they are turned into particular projects of biblical catechesis.
Problems of injuries in preschool age children
This study is focused on injury problems of pre-school children. Children injuries are one out of most frequent causes of children's mortality and sickness absence. Therefore it is a worldwide problem. Unfortunately, Czech Republic is rated according to accident statistics as one of worst countries in Europe. Because of that it is necessary to focus more on prevention of those effects.In terms of research it was proven, that the knowledge of children and their parents is insufficient. Increasing this knowledge of children was achieved with founding of preventive program. For parents was chosen a form of informative leaflet. In my opinion, the decrease of children's injuries would be possible with help of methodical impingement upon children and even their parents.
Evaluation of map in given locality, superposition of different quality maps, preparation of basic materials for the project of land consolidation.
This diploma work is concerned in evaluation of map bases, superposition of different quality maps and preparation of basic materials for the project of land adjustment. The main attention was given to cadastral maps of Land Registr of Czech Republic. The part of the cadastral unit Staré Hodějovice was chosen as given locality, where was proclaimed the beginning of land consolidation in 2004.
Železem regulovaný proteom a transkriptom bakterie Neisseria meningitidis
Basler, Marek ; Linhartová, Irena ; Halada, Petr ; Novotná, Jana ; Bezoušková, Silvia ; Osička, Radim ; Weiser, Jaroslav ; Vohradský, Jiří ; Šebo, Peter
Proteome and transcriptome of Neisseria meningitidis grown under iron-replete and iron-depleted conditions were analyzed. In total we found more than 200 iron regulated genes
Professional Communication in the Health Service
Ouředníková, Jana ; Karásková, Hana (advisor) ; Novotná, Jana (referee)
The goal of my final thesis is the analyses of current state of communications in the Health Service. The paper starts with the introduction which describes the reasons of writting the paper and the methods used. The paper consists of 9 capitols: 8 theoretical and 1 practical. In the first capitol is the analysis of the ethics in health care systems. The next capitol briefly describe the relationship between doctor and patient. The following 3 theoretically define communication. The next 3 capitols talk about specifics communication in the Health Service. The practical part of the paper has 1 capitol, which has 6 sub-capitols. These sub-capitols talk about questionnaire, fill in questionnaire, results of questionnairy and some recommendations. Based on these facts, there is also graphical demonstration and describe. In conclusion appreciate the reasulting of questionnairy and summarized the overall the finnal thesis.
Taiwan as a factor in the relations of People´s Republic of China and Unites States
Novotná, Jana ; Knotková, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Havlová, Radka (referee)
Already for several decades, the relations among the People's Republic of China, the United States of America and Taiwan are in a situation, which is hard to solve. The Taiwan Strait symbolizes a place, where whenever can break out a conflict between the United States and China. Chinese effort to take over Taiwan seems as the most assumed reason of the war, and in this case the USA would support Taiwan by force. The main aim of my work is an analysis of how important role plays the Taiwan question in relationships between China and the United States and how these relations are influenced by this problem. The Bachelor thesis is divided into four parts. The first chapter analyses economic relations between China and the United States. Next three are focused on political and strategic relations between the USA and China. The first two of these deals with the American and Chinese foreign policy. The last chapter analyses the problems of armed forces. The conclusion is focused on a summary of observed facts.
Job satisfaction and its development in the firm X.Y.
Novotná, Jana ; Francová, Tereza (advisor) ; Lorencová, Hana (referee)
The goal of my diploma thesis was to do a research of job satisfaction by using a comparison of its outputs with results of a previous research to observe the progress of the satisfaction in the company involved. On the basis of an agreement with the management of the firm needed information was gathered up through an electronic questioning. The collected data was processed to help to identify week areas and to recommend solutions for improving management practices and work organization within the company.
Analysis of the Customers' Shopping Behaviour in the Town of Tábor
Novotná, Jana ; Cimler, Petr (advisor) ; Hommerová, Dita (referee)
The bachelor thesis analyses shopping behaviour of the customers in the town of Tábor and its environs. The first chapter indicates the current shopping behaviour of customers at the present time. The second chapter briefly charakterizes the town of Tábor and focuses in more detail on the retail network in this town and its surroundings. The next chapter describes the way of acquiring the data for the analysis and the last chapter contains the analysis of customers' shopping behaviour itself.
Finanční analýza společnosti KAROSA, a.s.
Novotná, Jana ; Maňasová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Novák, Tomáš (referee)
Práce se zaměřuje na finanční analýzu společnosti Karosa,a.s v letech 2000 až 2004. Použitými instrumenty jsou absolutní ukazatele, rozdílové a poměrové ukazatele. Součástí je analýza Du Pont, Altmanova analýza, Index IN, EVA. V závěru práce je zhodnocena situace v automobilovém průmyslu pomocí ukazatele EVA.

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