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PR Strategy of a Non-Profit Organization
Bláhová, Jana ; Nový, Jan (advisor) ; Musil, Martin (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to analyze the PR strategy of the non-profit organization and, based on its results, to propose a set of recommendations and suggestions that would help the organization to achieve its goals more effectively. The thesis focuses on PR activities that contribute to the fulfillment of one of the strategic goals of the organization, therefore the gradual abolition of institutional care and its replacement of community care provided primarily in sheltered housing. This important step is related to the need to implement effective PR activities towards local inhabitans through which they are informed about the organization, its clients, and generally about the lives of people with disabilities in order to eliminate the myths of disabled people, thus helping the smooth integration of clients into life in the local community. For this reason, work is targeted at local inhabitans and other target groups are not considered here.
Motivation and attitudes of employees to participate in corporate volunteer programs
Pivcová, Adéla ; Nový, Jan (advisor)
The thesis examines the motives and attitudes of employees of the selected company to participate in the corporate volunteer programs. In the theoretical part, the thesis deals with the concepts such as a corporate social responsibility, volunteering, motivation and motivation of volunteers and also it mentions research on motivation for the donations and the volunteering. Further, the thesis continue into the practical part, in which the motives for the volunteer activities and the attitude towards these activities are surveyed by the employees of company Avast. The results of the questionnaire survey can also be an interesting feedback to Avast and can help with planning the additional volunteer activities.
Competence of Manager in a Non-Profit Organization
Krajcrová, Nikola ; Nový, Jan (advisor) ; Musil, Martin (referee)
The goal of this bachelor´s thesis is to find out how important or necessary are the individual managerial competences for managers of non-profit organizations to perform their work. The first part of the thesis explains the following terms: management, manager, competence of the manager and some links related to these terms. The second part is devoted to a research poll, which was conducted among managers of public benefit corporations registered in South Bohemian Region. The goal was to find out how much importance the managers give to the individual managerial competencies at work for the non-profit organization. The results of the research are compared with the results of another research, which are a part of the publication by author A. Schneider.
Analysis of Non-Profit Organizations in selected districts of Central Bohemian Region
Zemanová, Marie ; Nový, Jan (advisor) ; Sedláková, Jaroslava (referee)
In this thesis will be research the non-state non-profit organizations acting in free time activities in the districts Benešov and Rakovník by using the questionnaire. It deals with the theoretical background of the problem. The target was to chart these organizations, find out how they perceive their market position, chat threats they feel. Another target was to using the survey to find out the differences between the particular districts. The relationship of the younger to the older organizations is also the subject of the research, as well as the influence of the capital city of Prague on the organization.
Financing of Nongovernmental Non-Profit Organizations active in the Sphere of Sports Activities in the Vysočina Region
Eliášová, Lenka ; Nový, Jan (advisor) ; Musil, Martin (referee)
The purpose of the Diploma work is to define the structure and rate of the source base level of the organizations working in the field of amateur sports in the Vysočina Region, to identify the accessibility of the individual sources (especially from the point of the time costs and fund exigence, sustainability and eligibility, to find out if the receipts are one-off or repeated ones etc) and to find out how the organizations evaluate preference, what possible risks and uncertainties they connect with drawing from the sources and what organizations evaluate effectiveness of their efforts made for drawing from the individual sources. The aim of this work is to analyse the current situation of financing of Nongovernmental Non-Profit Organizations active in the Sphere of Sports Activities in the Vysočina Region, on the foundations of analysis formulate the concrete recommendation of improvement the structure of the source base and to offer the variant of the structure and proportion of the sources that, from the point of view of the questioned organizations, seem to be the most suitable one.
Communication with the Mass Media and Publicity of a Non-Profit Organization
Arenberger, Ladislav ; Musil, Martin (advisor) ; Nový, Jan (referee)
Annotation The topic of thesis is the communication strategy of non-profit organizations. The thesis is dividend into the theoretical part and practical part. Theoretical part is mainly devoted to theoretical definition of the problem using the available literature. Practical part deals with specific non-profit organization. Practical part is including analysis such as situation analysis, SWOT analysis, etc. and interview with the employees of organization. Based on these results will be suggested recommendations in areas of communication strategy of enterprise
Financial Education in Primary Schools
Trefancová, Dana ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Nový, Jan (referee)
The subject of the thesis is to analyze the "Financial literacy in elementary schools", focused on the second stage of elementary school, 6th -- 9th class of Klatovy. Theoretical and methodological part of the thesis describes financial literacy, its allocation to cash, cost and budget literacy. Furthermore, it gives the demographic, political and economic reasons for the implementation of financial education and the social and psychological aspects of human behavior in relation to financial literacy. The application part is focused on the comparison of curricula for elementary schools, which have the second stage of Klatovy. This part will be followed by a survey, which is the basic framework of the application part. There are three defined hypotheses, which are confirmed by the conclusions of this section. The questionnaire survey helped to show the real state of financial education at district of Klatovy.
Volunteering as a Preparation of future Managers
Ivaničová, Martina ; Havlová, Lenka (advisor) ; Nový, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of volunteering as a preparation of future managers. It focuses on the experiences and expertise gained by participating in voluntary activities in AIESEC organization and examines their applicability to management positions. In the first part, there are defined the theoretical basis of the field of management, managerial competencies and volunteering. The second part deals with non-profit organization AIESEC in detail. This is followed by a questionnaire survey, the evaluation and presentation of results. The primary objective of this thesis is to determine whether volunteering in AIESEC can be considered as a managerial practice.
Analysis of the marketing communication Sue Ryder Home, z.ú.
Vothová, Petra ; Musil, Martin (advisor) ; Nový, Jan (referee)
Bachelor's thesis in theoretical part deals with the concept of the national economy and its division into various sectors and describes the main principles. Work explains the layout of non-government organizations, mission and vision. Another part is devoted to communication theory, communication strategy planning process and the structure of the communication mix. In the practical part I apply the theoretical knowledge on specific non-profit organization Sue Ryder Home, z.ú. The work deals with the organization's mission, vision and values, competition analysis and SWOT analysis. It has been performed an analysis of marketing communication strategies Sue Ryder Home, z.ú. and analysis of selected items from the annual reports. At the work has been used a qualitative research method by interviewing staff and volunteer at organization. The interviews were coded. The design of a communication strategy is performed on the end of the work.

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