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Evaluation of cost effectiveness of NOAC (New Oral AntiCoagulants) in the indication of atrial fibrillation
Vothová, Petra ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Pažitný, Peter (referee)
In my thesis, in the theoretical part I deal with atrial fibrillation. I also deal with management of atrial fibrillation treatment. In the paper I explain the basic principles of pharmaco-economic evaluation in the Czech Republic, on the basis of which laws these pharmacological interventions are evaluated and who are in the Czech Republic. In the work I present cost breakdown and what are the most commonly used pharmaco-economic analyzes. In the practical part I will apply the theoretical knowledge. I have developed cost utility analysis based on available clinical evidence - randomized clinical trials ARISTOTLE (Granger, 2011), RE-LY (Connolly, 2009), ROCKET AF (Patel, 2011). I made an indirect comparison of the total benefits of NOACs. In the baseline scenario, I have calculated QALY to evaluate the benefits of effectiveness, safety and reduction of mortality. I have also dealt with a bleeding-related scenario. The ICER's greatest contribution to the public healthcare system has shown the active substance apixaban in both scenarios. I added the results and confirmed the clinical results of a recent, robust, retrospective study by Mayo Clinic (Yao, 2016).
Analysis of the marketing communication Sue Ryder Home, z.ú.
Vothová, Petra ; Musil, Martin (advisor) ; Nový, Jan (referee)
Bachelor's thesis in theoretical part deals with the concept of the national economy and its division into various sectors and describes the main principles. Work explains the layout of non-government organizations, mission and vision. Another part is devoted to communication theory, communication strategy planning process and the structure of the communication mix. In the practical part I apply the theoretical knowledge on specific non-profit organization Sue Ryder Home, z.ú. The work deals with the organization's mission, vision and values, competition analysis and SWOT analysis. It has been performed an analysis of marketing communication strategies Sue Ryder Home, z.ú. and analysis of selected items from the annual reports. At the work has been used a qualitative research method by interviewing staff and volunteer at organization. The interviews were coded. The design of a communication strategy is performed on the end of the work.

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