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Ethical Principles of Czech Journalists in Reporting about Terrorism
Navrátilová, Barbora ; Hanzal, Jaromír (advisor) ; Groman, Martin (referee)
An emergency situation like terrorism brings many dilemmas to media ethics This thesis focuses on the question of how selected Czech journalists ethically cover the topic of terrorism, even though the Czech Republic has not experienced a major terrorist attack of the kind seen in Western Europe after 2015. First, the concept of terrorism and its forms and trends are described, then the relationship between terrorism and the media is presented. To illustrate how codes of ethics think about such events, three Czech audiovisual media codes and three foreign ones, available in English, are compared. In the empirical part, the paper focuses on data from qualitative research and follows the principles of grounded theory. Interviews with eight journalists provide insight into how they think about ethics when reporting on terrorism, what rules they have developed and what other ethical areas they draw rules from. Among the principles they name, verifying information, not publishing explicit footage without reason, or trying to suppress information about a terrorist. Another finding is that selected journalists perceive that terrorists want to gain visibility through the media and by reporting on the acts, journalists help fulfill their cause. The result of the thesis is not a comprehensive theory but an...
Labor Movement in Minnesota as a Means of Struggle for Equality of African Americans in Minnesota: Activism of Nellie Stone Johnson
Navrátilová, Barbora ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Kýrová, Lucie (referee)
The diploma thesis Labor Movement as a Means of Struggle for Equality of African Americans in Minnesota: Activism of Nellie Stone Johnson analyzes the role of the Labor Movement in a struggle for equality of African Americans in a state that belongs on the periphery of academic research of African American population of the United States of America. In the first two chapters, the study uses the probe method, which analyzes the manifestations of the Labor Movement and the Civil Rights Movement of the African Americans in Minnesota within a historical context. In case of both movements, key influences and actors are primarily identified. The second chapter then analyzes in more detail the impact of racism and discrimination on the Labor Movement's development, and vice versa, the struggle of the Labor Movement to overcome racial segregation. In the third chapter, the case study relies on the biographical method and the oral history method. Using these methods, this chapter constructs a specific story of activist Nellie Stone Johnson, whose life demonstrates the importance of combining quality education with economic self-sufficiency for the success of the African American struggle for racial equality in Minnesota. Nellie Stone Johnson came from a farming background that was traditional for Minnesota...
Sociální podmínky pro agrobyznys: případová studie Kahan
Navrátilová, Barbora
This thesis deals with social conditions for agribusiness and its development in the microregion Kahan, including its demographic and social structure. The object of the study is the analysis of social aspects that affect agribusiness in the microregion Kahan. The thesis is divided into two primary parts, the theoretical and empirical part. The theoretical part focuses on explanation of the basic terms regarding the topic followed by the characteristics of each village located in the analyzed microregion. Another part of the thesis is the description of agriculture in the microregion Kahan and the area of cadastral territory of relevant municipalities. The conclusion consists and sums up all findings with recommendations and suggestions for further development of the microregion Kahan. The microregion Kahan has relatively good potential for the agribusiness growth.
Aktuální stav ekologické produkce, výroby a dostupnosti biopotravin v Olomouckém kraji
Navrátilová, Barbora
This thesis deals with the current situation of organic production, and availability of organic food in the Olomouc Region. The theoretical part defines the key concepts that are related to the main theme of the thesis, i.e. fundamental principles of organic farming and organic food production. This part also describes the current situation on the Czech organic food market. The practical part introduces the basic characteristics of the Olomouc Region along with the current situation of organic farming in this region. Furthermore, this part includes an analysis of ecological subjects operating in the Olomouc Region, and price monitoring of selected items. Lastly, the summary addresses all findings. There is good potential for further development of organic farming and organic food production in the Olomouc Region.
Journalistic document from an environment of elementary art school - The magic of recorder
Navrátilová, Barbora ; Lokšík, Martin (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
The main aim of this practical bachelor's thesis is to present author's audio-visual film. The theoretical part describes the basic principles of documentary and journalistic production. Further it generalizes the basic aspects of audio-visual communication. The final theoretical part of the thesis develops the phenomenon of videojournalism. It describes important principles, briefly the procedure of work and it illustrates videojournalism on the Czech environment, especially in the field of mobile journalism. The main part of the practical bachelor's thesis is the journalistic document, which is based on the principles of videojournalism. During the process, the author found herself in the role of reporter, cameraman, sound engineer or editor. The journalistic film will capture the environment of the recorder at the elementary art school with emphasis on presuming recorder as non-full-fledged instrument. The audiovisual film shows the opinions of elementary art schoolteacher, professional recorder player and student of music academy. They talk about the uniqueness of the recorder, its vulnerability, and the threat of the stereotype.
Algorithms of searching for clusters of solutions of Diophantic equation describing a resonance of Rossby waves
Leško, Samuel ; Navrátilová, Barbora (referee) ; Kureš, Miroslav (advisor)
This thesis concerns about investigating a meteorological phenomenon of atmospheric waves from a number-theoretical and algebraic view. From the physical description of the dynamics of the system we get a Diophantine equation, solutions of which create an undirected graph consisting of hexagons in the 2D plane. For the purpose of finding these solutions a program in Wolfram Mathematica was implemented.
The Role of African American Women in the Civil Rights Movement in Missississippi in the 1960s: Fannie Lou Hamer
Navrátilová, Barbora ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Kýrová, Lucie (referee)
The bachelor's thesis "The Role of African American Women in the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi in the 1960s: Fannie Lou Hamer" deals with the status of African American women in the early 1960s, when the ideas of the Civil Rights Movement started to slowly penetrate the isolated state of Mississippi. The study uses the biographical method as a probe into this closed society. The object of this probe is Fannie Lou Hamer, one of the local activists who despite racist attacks and gender and class discrimination demonstrated her courage and leadership skills and became the spokesperson not only of the Mississippi Free Democratic Party, but also of the Civil Rights Movement itself. The case study on Fannie Lou Hamer examines how African American women were involved in the Civil Rights Movement and what obstacles they had to overcome as activists on a daily basis. The first part of the thesis focuses generally on the early waves of activism in Mississippi and on the tactics that local leaders used to mobilize local African Americans. Besides the analysis of the role of African American women in grassroots activities, the thesis also addresses the racial, gender and class discrimination. The second chapter examines the impact of these obstacles on one African American woman - Fannie Lou Hamer....
Applications of sparse data representations
Navrátilová, Barbora ; Veselý, Vítězslav (referee) ; Rajmic, Pavel (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to demonstrate practical application of sparse data representation in the processing of sparse signals. For solving several example problems - denoising, dequantization, and sparse signal decomposition - convex optimization was used. The solutions were implemented in the Matlab environment. For each of the problems, there are two solutions - one for one-dimensional, and one for two-dimensional signal.
Quadratic polynomials over binary fields
Navrátilová, Barbora ; Tomáš, Jiří (referee) ; Kureš, Miroslav (advisor)
This bachelor's work concerns to quadratic polynomials over binary fields which induce bijection. We specify conditions for the bijection on the particular binary field with a view to further examine the polynomial automorphisms inducing a bijection.

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