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Differences between literary production and film production.
Marušiaková, Adéla ; Činátlová, Blanka (advisor) ; Mravcová, Marie (referee)
In my thesis I will deal with comparison of literary work and its adaptation as a film. The object of our investigation in this case is film adaptation produced by Vaclav Gajer - Flirt with Miss Silver (1969). This was the result of director revelation this meaningful literary work made by Josef Škvorecký Miss Silver Past (1963-1967). Firstly we will think about literary model and film from general point of view like original phenomenons of art than we will describe concrete works.This works are the aim of our investigation and we will try to explain their spirit. We will describe real circumstances of their origin. Keeping in mind that both works appeared in the 60's of the last century, it is necessary to remind political atmosphere and remember events in previous Czechoslovakia.
Metamorphoses of Narrator in Novels of Jaromír John
Kleňha, Petr ; Mravcová, Marie (advisor) ; Holý, Jiří (referee)
Metamorphoses of Narrator in Novels of Jaromír John This diploma paper focuses on the function of the narrator and his various forms in John's prosaic work. It deals with the issue of the construction of the fictional world and how the narrator influences the reader's understanding of the described events. Primarily, we try to compare the narrative categories of the main contemporary concepts as influenced by Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan, Franz Stanzel and Lubomír Doležel. It is our terminology base. Theoretical understanding of the narrator is the basis for the analysis of John's fiction from the aspect of narrative types applied to a selected sample of author's works: the anthology of the tales with war theme Večery na slamníku, novels Moudrý Engelbert, Výbušný zlotvor, Pampovánek, Honda Cibulků; marginally Estét and other works. Concurrently this work aims to describe construction methods that are typical for John's creative style - it is mainly the use of irony, the principle of collage and documentary elements. It shows that the author's work at that time belonged to the experimental stream of Czech prose. Also, we observe the relationship between author's prose work and his aesthetic concept. We hope that we were able to, at least partially, explain the literary style of Jaromir John. His importance and...
APPLYING THE PRINCIPLE OF ASSEMBLY WHEN CREATING UTOPIAN FICTIONAL WORLDS. Comparison of Erenburg's prose Trust D.E. and Capek's novel War with the Newts.
Krpatová, Lucie ; Mravcová, Marie (advisor) ; Wiendl, Jan (referee)
The thesis deals with analysis and comparison of two literary utopian models of reality. There is Čapek's novel War with the Newts and Erenburg's proze Trust D.E.. Both of this work have a warning tenency. Both also ends a global catastrophe. We are trying analyze researched texts by the following aspects: the nature of the characters, their function (in storyline, within the model of a fictional reality etc.), narrative forms and changes perspectives, utopize principles and dystopian current representation, shown environment, globalization of the fictional world. The thesis includes summarizing and evaluation applied of mounting types.
Theme of pilgrimage in the canonized works of Czech literature
Guse, Michal ; Mravcová, Marie (advisor) ; Hrbata, Zdeněk (referee)
The rigorous work is a beautiful insight into the literary problems of pilgrimage. Author has chosen three fundamental works from the literary canon of the Czech literature and put it through a detailed literary and philosophical analysis. In the first part we see the general overview and explanation of the issue of pilgrimage taking us to the origin of the word and its various meanings of the Czech and world literature, where the topic appears. Important is the processing route of Bachtin's chronotope theory, the concept of time and space by him and later by modern theories of Bílek and Kenan. An extra chapter is dedicated to each of the three analysed works, where are unrolled different theories of views on the theoretical bases. Finally, there are summarized and evaluated the common and different points of surveyed works. The output has a rich list of literary works and it also has a beautiful accompanying illustrations. The theme of pilgrimage through the prism of individual epochs is interesting and worth reading.
Verse novel, genre of narrative poetry
Richterová Chrzastowská, Magdalena ; Mravcová, Marie (advisor) ; Kořená, Markéta (referee)
Předmětem této práce bude snaha načrtnout různé varianty pojetí "románu ve verších". Budeme analyzovat a srovnávat rozlišné zpracování tohoto literárního stylu nejen v české literatuře, ale hlavně ve světové, konkrétně v ruské, anglické a polské. Po této interpretační analýze si uvedeme a vysvětlíme zásadní znaky románu ve verších a posoudíme zkoumaná díla z hlediska těchto tánrových znaků a z hlediska směrové poetiky (romantismus - realismus).
The bottomless pit: the diverse portrayal of the miner as the subject in Czech literature
Sedlářová, Barbora ; Janoušek, Pavel (advisor) ; Mravcová, Marie (referee)
The main topic of this thesis is a portrait of the miner as a character in Czech literature. It follows some of the selected pieces, which begin at the start of 20th century leading up to 1978. The pieces are separated into three main groups (social novels of the 1st half of 20th century, drama from the 50's and the novels of the Czech political detainee). There are a couple of aspects that reflect the method of portrayal of the miner and its process; firstly, its the relationship between the narrator and the character, and secondly, the variation can be found within four aspects of the character of the miner - the visual aspect, activity, surroundings and language. There is a note about the authors at the beginning of every chapter.
Themes of Animals and Bestiality in the Selected Works of Ladislav Fuks
Kuřeová, Petra ; Mravcová, Marie (advisor) ; Merhaut, Luboš (referee)
Summary: This bachelor thesis deals with animal motifs and motifs connected to bestiality and inhumanity in the selected works of Ladislav Fuks (Věneček z vavřínu, Pan Theodor Mundstock, Variace pro temnou strunu, Spalovač mrtvol, Myši Natálie Mooshabrové). Its focus lies primarily on his works from the 1960s, with overlaps to his first work from the 1950s and one novel from the early 1970s. It concerns animal motifs, animalistic attributes of the characters, bestiality, brutishness and inhuman behavior. The aim of the thesis is to capture these motifs and mainly to characterize their meaning and function in each particular work and in the overall thematic structure of Fuks' oeuvre. Key words: Ladislav Fuks, animal motif, beast, bestiality, inhumanity, 1960s
The Motives of Reading, Writing and Interpretation in the stories of Karel Čapek
Bartošová, Jiřina ; Málek, Petr (advisor) ; Mravcová, Marie (referee)
The work "The Motives of Reading, Writing and Interpretation in the stories of Karel Čapek" is focused on interpretation of "Povídky z jedné kapsy" and "Povídky z druhé kapsy" where we can find such motifs. This analysis is preceded by chapters devoted to Karel Čapek's relation to trivial literature, especially detective story. The main part dealing with interpretation of concrete short novels is divided into chapters: Interpretation and motives of reading, Motive of interpretation, The power of newspapers and secret of letters, The accident and interpretation, Philosophy and pragmatism. Karel Čapek is also presented as original author of original Czech detective story with atypical signs; thanks to the principle of simplicity he attains a great success by the audiences. We learn how strong is the power of literature and that writing for everybody doesn't implicate a lower quality, but he is led by the interest for people and by the effort to connect a reader with a narrator. Key words: Interpretation, Motives, Reading, Writing, Reader, Author, Story
The Contrast of life and death in works of J. K. Šlejhar
Krčálová, Tereza ; Heczková, Libuše (advisor) ; Mravcová, Marie (referee)
The thesis focuses on J. K. Šlejhar's literary work from two points of view. The first part introduces Šlejhar's work in the contemporary literary context as a result of a synthesis of new literary styles. In the second part the thesis concentrates on a textual analysis and reconstruction of the author's "artistic world". The first part of the thesis gives insight into the contemporary discussions aimed at revising and redefining the function of art with respect to the new development in society and new human needs. The critical reception of realism and naturalism and the reflection of the then wide-spread adoption of new influences from foreign literatures are also dicussed. To draw a comparison, we quote both period and current studies dealing with J. K. Šlejhar's work. Thereby we want to demonstrate the changing requirements of literature and art and the changing perception of a literary work throughout time. The second part of the thesis comprises the textual analysis of Šlejhar's selected writings from the point of view of semiotic literary theory and the reconstruction of the author's "artistic world". Such approach enables us to draw comparisons to Russian literature of the 19th century, primarily with the works of N. V. Gogol and F. M. Dostoyevsky, and to discover a common basis for both...
The concept of creating figures in Richard Weiner's prose-fiction
Cesneková, Andrea ; Mravcová, Marie (advisor) ; Málek, Petr (referee)
The diploma thesis The Concept of Creating Figures in Richard Weiner's Prose-Fiction is focused on the characters of Weiner's early works. It analyses the characters on the basis of appropriate contemporary literary-theoretical approaches as well as it describes the specific way how the author intentionally worked with these constructs of narrative. The principal intention of this study is to show that the characters in his early prose fiction are mainly created in a specific manner which consists in presenting them as hypotheses. These hypothetical characters are achieved by using the principles of duplication, reducing, schematization and by the author's narrative strategy. Weiner's concept of creating his figures is close to expressionist style and represents the substantial part of his poetics.

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