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Creation of the Database with Different Face Gestures and Realization of Experiments
Marešová, Marcela ; Orság, Filip (referee) ; Drahanský, Martin (advisor)
This paper describes methods used in tools for recognition persons by faces. (face recognition). It focuses on change of face expression factor, which influence this process. This paper deals with creation of the database with different face gestures for testing recognition of faces affected by this factor. Next part was creation pictures of different face gestures by the help of software and their tests. Conclusions of the experiment mentioned in this paper reflect weightiness of this problem and suggests possible resolution.
Advanced Image Enhancements for 2D Face Recognition Applications
Marešová, Marcela ; Fiala, Jiří (referee) ; Drahanský, Martin (advisor)
This work deals with image enhacements technology for 2D faces.. Describes methods of image processing, which are used in the proposed methods. These methods eliminate inhomogeneous lighting and shadows in the face. It also suggests the detector face, which is used as input for the method to eliminate shadows.
Sources of recruitment of employees
Fišerová, Kateřina ; Legnerová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Marešová, Marcela (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to compare the metods of the recruitment of employees in three types of companies: a huge company with more than 250 people, a small company with less than 49 people and recruitment agency and to recommend improvement. The thesis is divided into a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part has five chapters. It deals with the explanation of the terms from the branch of the recruitment of employees and clarifies which sources can be used. The practical part contains four chapters. It is based on a qualitative research of the interviews with employees who recruit new staffs. The situation is assessed according to these interviews and we offer how to use the sources and suggest optimal changes to make the recruitment process better.
Work-life balance in a gender perspective
Marešová, Marcela ; Franková, Emilie (advisor) ; Nevoralová, Šárka (referee)
The aim of this Diploma Thesis is besides theoretical clarification of the concept of Work-life balance, in particular to show how much time people spend to their hobbies a families and on the contraty how much time they spend at work, and partly from a women's perspective and from the perspective of men. To fulfil these objectives, the synthesis was used, especially in the theoretical part. The other methods used in the Thesis were quantitative and qualitative research through questionnaire survey and individual personal interviews. Using these methods work came to conclusion, how to the respondents manage to harmonize their personal and professional lives, and if there is a difference in the results from a gender perspective.
The factors of effective of advertising slogan and their consumer perception
Marešová, Marcela ; Koudelka, Jan (advisor) ; Zamazalová, Marcela (referee)
The aim of this Bachelor Thesis is besides theoretical clarification of the necessary terms, defining characteristics of an effective advertising slogan and a demonstration of their use in practice with concrete examples too. Another aim of this work is using a questionnaire survey to clarify what characteristics of slogan respondents appreciate and determination of possible relation between the attainment of specified characteristics of slogan, knowledge of slogan and evaluation of slogan by respondents. To fulfil these objectives, the synthesis was used, especially in the theoretical part. The other methods used in the Thesis were the analysis of selected slogans and carried out questionnaire survey. Using these methods work came to conclusion which characteristics of efficiency slogan are most widely used and which of these characteristics have an effect on knowledge and evaluation of slogans by respondents.

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