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Activation and educational activities in retirement homes during the coronavirus crisis
Kučerová, Anna ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vostrý, Michal (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the issue of offering activation and educational activities in retirement homes during the coronavirus crisis. The main goal of this work is to analyze the offer of educational and activation programs in retirement homes and findings and definition of differences in the offer of these programs in the period before and during the coronavirus crisis. The aim of this work should be to describe the current offer of activation and educational activities in homes for the elderly, how it differs from the normal situation and whether the current state affects the participation of seniors in these activities or their preferences. The work is divided into theoretical and empirical part. The theoretical part describes the definition of basic concepts of this problematics, describes the quality of life of elderly and society's attitude towards the elderly, functions and goals of education of elderly, possible ways of motivation and barriers in education of elderly and finally the importance and staffing for educational and activation activities in retairment homes. The empirical part will focus on the already mentioned analyze of offering activation and educational activities in retirement homes during the coronavirus crisis. Questionnaire survey and interviews with activation...
Acceleration of grammatical evolution calculation using the "Kernel trick" method
Kučerová, Anna ; Hůlka, Tomáš (referee) ; Ošmera, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis describing evolutionary algorithms, specifically grammatical evolution, which is implementing in optimization software PonyGE2. Further describes the principle of the kernel trick.
Legal aspects of tourism and sport in the Krkonoše Mountains National Park
Kučerová, Anna ; Stejskal, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Derlich, Stanislav (referee)
Legal aspects of tourism and sport in Krkonoše mountains national park Abstract This presented thesis analyse law regulation concerning protection of National Parks in against negative Influence of tourism and sport. Assessing impact of tourism on essential pillars (principles) of sustainable development I tried to find out if the preservation and protection of national Parks in The Czech Republic within Czech legislation is adequate. Content of the thesis of eight chapters is definition of terminology used in this thesis, listing of sources of legal regulation and means of protection of nature at National Parks and comparison of specific legal regulation of KRNAP and KPN. At the end of thesis the essential findings of the analyses are summarised. The aim of this thesis is to find a compromise between effective legal regulation and over-regulation of tourist and sport activities in National Parks. Key words: national park, tourism, legal protection, environment
New forms of marketing and their implementation in cultural organizations
Kučerová, Anna ; BĚLOR, Roman (advisor) ; ŠTILEC, Jiří (referee)
Master's thesis "New Forms of Marketing and Their Implementation in Cultural Organizations" deals with the current trends in marketing, especially in the fields of electronic media, on-line marketing, video marketing, viral marketing, social networks ang guerilla campaigns. These forms of marketing are embedded in the theoretical context of modern marketing approach, characterized by the orientation on customer, the need for long-term planning, using of all tools of the marketing mix, focusing on building of the brand and continual reviewing and measuring of the effectiveness. At the same time creative and interactive approach and development of dialogue with the customer are identified as a necessary part of theit succesful application. Examples of succesful implementations of these forms of marketing are demonstrated on specific case studies from the field of cultural organizations.

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