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Founder' Method of School Headmasters Evaluation
Kotěšovská, Hana ; Trojan, Václav (advisor) ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the evaluation methods of headmasters. The aim of the thesis was to find out if the founders have predetermined the methodology of the evaluation of headmasters within the randomly chosen group of school founders in Central Bohemian region. The first part focuses on the characteristics of theoretical information in the sphere of human resource management. Particularly, it describes the common evaluation methods of employees and familiarisation with the problem of school ambience. The research is realised by quantitative method and the empirical sort of survey with the use of questionnaire where the main objective is to find out whether the founders predetermined the methodology of the school headmasters evaluation. The thesis is divided into partial aims which tries to determine who sets the methodology of the evaluation of the school headmasters. The reasons for the evaluation of headmasters by the founders have been found out. Furthermore, it also took the widely used ways of evaluation into account and what are the motivational factors, according to the founder, in order to improve its own working productivity. Subsequently there was a comparison of partial aims, according to the type of a founder, completed. The outcomes of this thesis can be contributive and...
Factors Affecting the Profesion Development of the Head of DDM and SVČ in the Pardubice region
Endyšová, Jana ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (advisor) ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee)
This thesis deals with a topic that factors influencing the professional development of school principals. Its aim is to determine the quantitative and qualitative research which factors and to what extent the professional development of directors house of children and youth and leisure centers (the DDM and SVČ) in the Pardubice region influence. The core issue is the continuing education of directors DDM and SVČ, whether in their professional development in further education. The thesis also includes a six-year term of office, which can have a significant impact on the professional development of directors of DDM and SVČ. Research suggests that the Director of SVC and DDM most important factor that affects their professional development, continuing education. The research results are used in the field of school management and management education as an extension of knowledge about the work of the directors of DDM and SVČ and their professional development, which is negatively and positively influenced by various factors. Key words Further education director, management, schools, house of children and youth, leisure centers, professional development
Czech School Inspection's reports as a source of information on breaking the legal requirements of safety and welfare of students in schools and educational facilities
Bukovská, Zuzana ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
The diploma work is focused on the field of security and health protection in the school facilities. It is based on the analysis of the legal regulations and it compares them to the information published in the inspectional, annual and thematic reports of the Czech School Inspection. The research part deals with the analysis of the public and closed documents of the Czech School Inspection. It refers to the most common abuse of the legal rules in the comparison to the facts published in the mentioned reports of the Czech School Inspection. The diploma work contains the total view of the legal regulations targeted on the field of security and health protection and determines the duties which are obligatory for the headmasters. Focused on the documents the work finds out the most frequent mistakes and examples of breaking the rules, it searches for the cause of the cases and sugests the ways how to prevent from the mistakes.
Innovations in the management of non-formal education
Gaydošová, Michaela ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (advisor) ; Trojan, Václav (referee)
This final thesis deals with innovations in the management of informal education. The main objective is to highlight the importance of innovations in informal and leisure education, and bring inspiration to the managers of informal and leisure education in the form of examples of good practice. In the theoretical part informal and interest education is incorporated into the overall educational system of the Czech Republic and its development is illustrated on the laws and decrees from 1948 to present. The research in the form of structured interview with respondents revealed their view on innovations in leisure education and showed their experience with the introduction of innovations in their own organizations. The process and the conclusions of structured interviews clearly highlighted the need for innovation in informal and leisure education for the competitiveness of informal education organizations. The executives of school facilities for leisure education as well as organizations of informal education can hereby find inspiration for each specific innovation in the examples of good practice.
Financial literacy of educators in kindergarten and its influence on the control and management of the school
Šímová, Svatava ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (advisor) ; Bříza, Kamil (referee)
This final thesis deals with economic and financial awareness of educators in kindergarten and its impact on control and management of school. The work consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part consists of four main chapters. The first one describes the history and development of kindergartens. The second chapter deals with claims on the personality of the directors of kindergartens, school management, roles of educators and positive delegation of tasks and responsibilities. In the third chapter we have the state funding of kindergartens, their financial management, human resources as educational staff, but also with the legislation. The fourth chapter describes us what the financial literacy is and why is important. It also goes about kindergarten educators' lifelong learning and continuing education as part of the development of financial literacy. The practical part of thesis consists of one main chapter, which deals with issues such as financial literacy perceive themselves as teachers and directors of kindergartens use delegation, depending on the financial awareness of their educational staff. Final aim of this work is to define financial literacy of educators. Determine which extends their economic awareness and what is the impact on control and management of...
Legal aspects of the competency of teachers in the context of school management
Koudelková, Dana ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
The final bachelor's thesis deals with problems of qualification and educating nursery schools pedagogical workers. It also deals with work of nursery schools headmasters in the area of administration (creating conditions for studying and organizing working of nursery schools during teachers' learning). It is also aimed at finding connections between interest in learning and proposed career code. It results from the research of relevant legal directives, professional literature dealing with learning abilities, pedagogical workers competencies and their gaining; further it results from electronic documents, contributions and articles dedicated to the issues of education and it also results from proposed career code issue for pedagogical workers. The thesis is based on results analysis of a research that was aimed towards nursery schools headmasters and pedagogical workers in Pelhřimov region. The thesis brings information on erudition of nursery schools teachers in Pelhřimov region and their interest in further education in relation to proposed career code. Further on it brings information on creating conditions for educating teachers of nursery schools in Pelhřimov region by their headmasters and organizing working of the school during teachers' learning.
M-technologies in education and in the management of Primary schools in the Moravian-Silesian region
Smutný, Lukáš ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (referee)
The diploma thesis "M-technologies in education and in the management of Primary schools in the Moravian-Silesian region" deals with modern technologies in the context of education and in the context of school management. The theoretical part summarizes the basic theoretical information about m-technologies and other modern technologies which then comes the part of research of the thesis which is focused on facilities and use of modern technologies ICT in education and in the management of Primary schools in the Moravian-Silesian region. Questionnaire results and research about using modern technologies in education and in school management are the focus of the practical part. The thesis deals with level of implementation and use of m-technologies and other modern technologies in primary schools. KEYWORDS: information and communication technologies; m-technologies; tablet; smartphone; eReader; interactive whiteboard; dataprojector; data box; information system

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