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Prevention of back pain in adults using a computer
Žbánková, Marie ; Ježková, Martina (advisor) ; Smolíková, Libuše (referee)
Computers in modern times have become part of our lives, but apart from benefits they bring many medical complications as well. This paper provides a brief overview of existing knowledge and studies, dealing with back pain in the adult population working with computers. In the theoretical part, the emphasis is on prevention and treatment of back pain, which is very intertwined. The practical part presents the results of research, which had the form of a checklist answered by 50 men and 73 women. The results show high prevalence of back pain of computer users, many differences are to be found in the characteristics of pain of men and women, ages and dependence of pain intensity on movement habits of respondents. The work points to the significance of the problem, which is important for the society. It stresses the need for an active approach of computer users and their employers. Powered by TCPDF (
The Gait Analysis of People with the Multiple Sclerosis
Havlištová, Michaela ; Ježková, Martina (advisor) ; Káfuňková, Petra (referee)
The Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is one of the most frequent reason of disability of people in productive age. Fatiglle and motor impairment affect the qllality of patients' life. This bachelor thesis focllses on the gait assessment of people aftlicted with the MS. It describes differences of gait of people aftlicted with the MS in compare to healthy people. The thesis shows clinical tests and relevant functional scales which can be lused for the gait assessment in any clinical practice. Instrumental methods of gait assessment are not discussed. There is one casllistry of people affected with the MS in practice pati ofthe thesis and inf1l1ence of the Vojta's therapy on these gait tests (TUG, T25FW, 1 OMWT, DGI and 6MWT). Powered by TCPDF (
Physiotherapy in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhoea
Nedbalová, Anna ; Ježková, Martina (advisor) ; Vacová, Eva (referee)
The aim of this thesis was to evaluate the impact of physiotherapy and exerClse frequency on primary dysmenorrhea in a group of nine women with primary dysmenorrhea. The incidence of joint dysfunctions and muscle trigger points in comparison with a control group was also examined. The women participated in individual and group physiotherapy and performed special exercises at home. Soft tissue and joint mobilisation techniques, dynamic neuromuscular stabilization according to Kolar and exercises according to Mojzisova were used. In most cases physiotherapy had positive effect on dysmenorrhea, especially in reducing low back pain during menstruation. There was higher incidence of trigger points and joint dysfunctions in the group with primary dysmenorrhea, in particular in the pelvic region. Women with higher exercise frequency experienced less severe dysmenorrhea. Powered by TCPDF (
The comparison of the effect of methods by Kegel and Mojžíšová in patients with stress incontinence
Polanská, Denisa ; Anderlová, B. (advisor) ; Ježková, Martina (referee)
Urinary incontinence is defined as the involuntary escape of urine that is objectively demonstrable and causes social and hygienic problems. It is a common problem, that is in its results also important medical, social and economical defect. The object of the research of this work was a group of woman patients with the stress form of urinary incontinence, that was instruated by Kegel's or Mojžíšová's methods in home exercises. The goal of this thesis was to influence contractility, power and tense of pelvic floor muscles and to evaluate the effect of the chosen methods. Objectively the results of the work don't demonstrate change of assessed parameters, but it has came to subjective improvement of urinary incontinence's symptoms and differences in kineziological investigation. Powered by TCPDF (
Neglect syndrome from the viewpoint of physiotherapy
Strnadová, Helena ; Truc, Michal (advisor) ; Ježková, Martina (referee)
Náplní této bakalářské práce jsou informace o Nsy a o vybraných možnostech jeho terapie. V obecné části je Nsy definován, je podrobně rozebírána jeho patofyziologická podstata. Dále je pojednáno o klasifikaci, popsán je klinický obraz postižených neglectem a na závěr je uvedena diagnostika tohoto onemocnění. Speciální část se nejprve zabývá principy a průběhem léčebné rehabilitace v neurologii. Dále je pozornost zaměřena na specifika neurorehabilitace Nsy, na terapeutické intervence fyzioterapie a ergoterapie. Stručně je zmíněna také úloha neuropsychologie v terpii neglectu. Na závěr jsou shrnuty poznatky o suplementárních technikách, které významným způsobem podporují rekonvalescenci postižených Nsy. Powered by TCPDF (
Political aspects of management and the development of the chosen municipality (case study of Tmaň)
Ježková, Martina ; Čopík, Jan (advisor) ; Monika, Monika (referee)
This thesis deals with the influence of local administration on development of the municipality Tmaň, and with political aspects of the municipal management. The first part of this thesis defines the theoretical definition issues such as administration, municipality, municipal financing and local administration. The second part of this thesis is focused on particular aims of this thesis achieved, mainly aims like mapping of the local administration after 1989, the definition socio-economic indicators of the municipality Tmaň and the composition of the local government. The next part of the thesis includes the analysis of the decision process of the local government, which was monitored in 2015 by the method of observation. The thesis includes interest groups, local business entities and their cooperation and relationship with local administration. The substantial part of the thesis includes the clarification of the results of the municipal elections in the municipality Tmaň from 1990 to the last election in 2014 and simultaneously finding out their features with subsequent comparison with theoretical knowledge. Conclusion of the thesis is the generalization based on the participant observation and the continuous questioning, what influence does the local administration on the development of the municipality Tmaň and what the political aspects of the management of the municipality Tmaň are.
The Analysis of Event Marketing by Student Organisation
Ježková, Martina ; Knichalová, Gita (referee) ; Kaňovská, Lucie (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the analysis of the marketing communication in non-profit organization focusing on organizing events and related event marketing. The aim of the analysis is to prepare the groundwork for the creation and implementation of new, unique event that will fill in the accompanying programme of a specific project. The work is divided into three parts: theoretical, analytical and proposal. The analytical part focuses on cultural activities in public spaces with focus on students and the public in order to prepare a unique event. Based on this analysis, the specific event is designed and incorporated into the communication mix of company. The diploma thesis also describes detailed implementation and assesses the whole progress of the event.
Integration of visually impaired children in pre-school and pupil age
JEŽKOVÁ, Martina
The integration of handicapped children to regular classes has become common throughout the Czech education. The objective of the diploma thesis was to map and objectively point out eventual problems and risks that accompany complete integration o visually impaired children to the society of their health contemporary. This objective has been fulfilled by studying special literature and sources and by a research study performed by quantitative and qualitative methods. The research itself was done in order to find out whether visually impaired pupils of the Pilsner region are being integrated and if so, whether their integration is accompanied with any problems and pitfalls.

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