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Local political partisanship in a local government environment (town Kutná Hora)
Kučerová, Alena ; Čopík, Jan (advisor) ; Monika, Monika (referee)
The thesis deals with the local political party line in the environment of regional government. The work is focused on the town of Kutna Hora (Central Bohemia). The first part, the literature search, is the theoretical definition of basic concepts that deal with the local political party line in four categories according to the size of the municipalities. The most important is a definition of medium-sized municipalities, which corresponds to the currently investigated Kutna Hora. Then there is a definition of the characteristics of communal system, voting behavior and formation of municipal coalitions. The literature search is followed by the practical part, where there is the acquired theoretical knowledge applied to the local government of Kutna Hora. The focal point is based on the identification of local political participants (local organizations of political parties and other political organizations, interest groups, etc.), their electoral successes, the internal decision-making mechanisms, relationships and activities. The essential finding is that it´s not possible to apply expressly the assertion of Katz and Maira that the number of members of local organizations of political parties is steadily decreasing in western democracies, to the local government of Kutna Hora. The number of members in particular political entities of Kutna Hora is relatively high. Mutual relations of political entities of Kutna Hora however are based on personal sympathies and aversions. The local political system can be assessed as fully competitive, based on the principle of government and opposition.
The Development of Local Government in the Municipality of Písek
Chalupa, Daniel ; Čopík, Jan (advisor) ; Monika, Monika (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with local government municipal politics in the city of Písek. The work is focused on the development of local government in the period after 1989 to the present. The subject of the work is an analysis of the local political system as well as its activities in the field of municipal development. The work is divided into theoretical practical. The theoretical part explains the basic concepts that are related to local government and communities alone, such as municipal government, municipal elections controversy. The practical part then characterizes Sand historical, demographic socio-economic perspective. It also focuses on communal politics in this city, dealing with local political entities running the council controversies that arise here. The practical part includes analysis also municipal elections between 1994 and 2014 and describes the development of local government after the last elections in 2014.
Arctic tundra dendrochronology
Lehejček, Jiří ; Svoboda, Miroslav (advisor) ; Monika, Monika (referee)
Historically unprecedented environmental change in the Arctic ecosystems is often given into the context of its past and possible future development. In the region where instrumental meteorological observations are scarce archives need to be investigated in order to address this issues. The comprehensive synthesis one of the archives: long-live circumpolar evergreen Juniperus communis L. shrub is presented here. 20 individuals from southwest Greenland were investigated at the cell anatomy level to understand the ecology of the species and unhide its potential for environmental and climate reconstructions. The findings are as follows: i) Stop of exponential cross-sectional conduit-lumen widening with increasing age is in contrast with conduit-lumen nature of trees. This indicates that shrubs do not need to saturate their water and nutrient demands via traits of classical hydraulic conductivity law but rather developed different mechanisms. Extreme weather conditions result in prostrate growth form. However, different weather factors probably influence shrub growth differently: While snow and wind act mechanically (a), temperature influences the form of growth physiologically (b). a) So long as the young shrub stem has high resilience to bend back to an upright position after snow melt and so long as it can withstand the wind during the vegetation season it most likely grows upright and the conduit-lumens widen. b) Temperature, resp. freeze-thaw events are responsible for the shrubs preference of safety (finite size of conduit-lumens) over hydraulic efficiency, thus not allowing for more primary growth. All of these (and other) factors are apparently working together and the transition of vertical to more horizontal growth is gradual. As a consequence, the conduit-lumen sizes may not have to be further increased (due to ecophysiological restrictions possibly also must not) because water is no longer transported against gravity. ii) Observed age/growth trend has to be taken into consideration for further employment of the wood anatomical parameter in paleoenvironmental studies. That is, shrub cell parameters can only be used for this purposes if correctly detrended. This allows for more accurate as well as longer reconstructions because youth trend was often neglected in reconstructions based on shrub annual-rings. iii) The south-western Greenland Ice-Sheet (GrIS) melt rates reconstruction is presented for the whole 20th century. This part of GrIS is considered as the most active. According to the presented reconstruction current GrIS melt rates are not uncommon for the last century being comparable to first decades of 20th century. This finding is particularly important contribution to the debate on Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC). Too high fresh water inputs into the Northern Atlantic from GrIS melting may slow down or even stop the AMOC which would result in more continental climate in Europe. Presented results indicate that this threshold lies higher than observed current melt rates of GrIS. Fascinating Juniperus comunnis species has shown to be able to address many ecological as well as environmental open questions and due to its longevity and abundant distribution has a great potential to become an important player in the Arctic research.
SEO in terms of redesign and organic search
Brůnová, Kateřina ; Benda, Petr (advisor) ; Monika , Monika (referee)
This thesis deals with the decline in decrease of traffic to the website at their redesign or significant intervention into their content, in terms of optimizing websites for search engines. This issue is known acronym for SEO - Search Engine Optimization. The search part focuses on the functioning of the search engine algorithms, factors affecting traffic to sites and their success in the search results. It also describes the appropriate procedures for the planned redesign, a significant interference with the content of sites that always leads to a decrease traffic from organic search. These procedures should eliminate a decrease in traffic to a minimum. The practical part shows the functionality of the procedures described in the theoretical part of the work on real cases of websites of various sectors and the difficulties of those sites that have ignored these recommendations or not incorporated them correctly.
Construction and scientific implementation of mathematical models for tree compartments of broadleaved trees in growth stages of seedlings and young stand
Pajtík, Jozef ; Konopka, Bohdan (advisor) ; Monika, Monika (referee)
Importance of precise estimation for tree biomass in forests has been continuously increasing. Regarding to the climate change, scientists have started to quantify all tree components not only in terms of energetic utilization but also for carbon stock estimation. Increasing relevance of biomass models for young trees relates to expanding area of young forest stands during the last period due to decay of old forests often caused by disturbances (especially: windstorms, outbreaks of bark beetles, drought episodes, and forest fires). Models for biomass stock estimations constructed for stands with age to 10 years are rare and usually are focused on aboveground tree parts. Thus, this work aims at filling knowledge gaps in this field. Its main objectives are: 1) construction of regression models applicable for estimation of dry mass in the particular tree components (i.e. stem, branches, foliage, roots) for young stands of some broadleaved species, 2) implementation of regression models for calculation of biomass conversion and expansion factors (BCEF), allocation coefficient, growth efficiency and leaf area index (LAI) and their inter-specific comparison, 3) utilisation of allometric relations for estimation on forage potential for ruminating ungulate game (i.e. browsing and stripping). To make up the models, destructive tree sampling will be implemented. The sample trees will be excavated, separated into tree components, dried for constant weight and weighed. Log-transformed relationships will be used for construction of regression models.
Political aspects of management and the development of the chosen municipality (case study of Tmaň)
Ježková, Martina ; Čopík, Jan (advisor) ; Monika, Monika (referee)
This thesis deals with the influence of local administration on development of the municipality Tmaň, and with political aspects of the municipal management. The first part of this thesis defines the theoretical definition issues such as administration, municipality, municipal financing and local administration. The second part of this thesis is focused on particular aims of this thesis achieved, mainly aims like mapping of the local administration after 1989, the definition socio-economic indicators of the municipality Tmaň and the composition of the local government. The next part of the thesis includes the analysis of the decision process of the local government, which was monitored in 2015 by the method of observation. The thesis includes interest groups, local business entities and their cooperation and relationship with local administration. The substantial part of the thesis includes the clarification of the results of the municipal elections in the municipality Tmaň from 1990 to the last election in 2014 and simultaneously finding out their features with subsequent comparison with theoretical knowledge. Conclusion of the thesis is the generalization based on the participant observation and the continuous questioning, what influence does the local administration on the development of the municipality Tmaň and what the political aspects of the management of the municipality Tmaň are.
Assessment of the Closing the Books Procedures in the Czech Republic and Poland
Tacinová, Jolanta ; Lörinczová, Enikö (advisor) ; Monika, Monika (referee)
The thesis presents the evaluation and comparison of processes of the financial statements preparation in the Czech Republic and Poland. It is divided into several parts. In the first - theoretical part there are presented the current laws related to the accounting systems valid in the respective countries. There are also defined the financial statements contents according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). In the second part, which is practical, the processes of the financial statements preparation based on the internal directives and financial statements are described. On the specific examples of the real accounting cases the difference between the accounting approaches according to either Czech law or Polish law or IFRS is pointed out. In addition there is also outlined the realized process of IFRS implementation in the Fixed Assets area. In the following part the partial processes are evaluated and the problematic areas formulation and presentation of the proposals for improvement is made. The final part is dedicated to the Czech and Polish accounting and reporting principles comparison.
Use of blended learning with Gamification elements in elementary school
Lešinger, Stanislav ; Benda, Petr (advisor) ; Monika , Monika (referee)
The thesis is focused on blended learning with Gamification elements in elementary school. The work should serve as a tool for creators of blended learning, or e-learning courses in the LMS Moodle. Contains a theoretical overview of the problem of blended learning, motivation in education and Gamification. Based on the theoretical foundations of the thesis analyzes the specific environment of elementary school and defines the target group of pupils. It also describes the selection, development and design of a specific product, selected on the basis of the generated list of available products. The conclusion contains a description of the product implementation and verification of its functionality and effectiveness on the target group of students. The result is a functional and proven deployment Gamification concept of blended learning course based on Moodle.
New trends in e-commerce
Valta, Lukáš ; Benda, Petr (advisor) ; Monika , Monika (referee)
This thesis analyzes the current trends in e-commerce, taking into account the increasing use of mobile phones. Electronic commerce is a broad concept. The thesis analyzes trends in electronic commerce in B2C relationship. First, it defines the notion of electronic commerce, its history and development. Another section focuses on trends in e-commerce with a focus on increasing the expansion and use of mobile phones or smartphones. EBusiness also fall trends in electronic online payments and e-marketing. This addresses another part. In the practical part of the thesis on the basis of the investigation is a comprehensive design and implementation of the website.
Pupil integration with sensory disabilities do apperenticeship.
Kochová, Zuzana ; Krahulcová, Beáta (advisor) ; Monika , Monika (referee)
The Bachelor´s thesis of a title Pupil integration with sensory disabilities do apperenticeship is mainly focused on definition of hearing and sight handicap; I have described the medical consequences of these handicaps, the ways of communication of people with hearing handicap, for example lip-reading or sign languages. I have presented even the Braille´s script. The term of integration is also described here. Furthemore, I devote to educating of such handicapped pupils in the Czech Republic. To get some research results I used the questionnaire research. I conducted that in the Secondary, Elementary and Nursery School in Holečkova Street in Prague. I had chosen that school because it is a sole provider of education for hearing handicapped pupils in branches finished with Certificate of Apprenticeship. I used the questionnaires to get an answer to the question I had asked. The director of the school mentioned above helped me very much to deal the questionnaires to the pupils and fill them in. I have used graphs to illustrate the results. With the questionnare research I found out that the pupils are prepared and mainly able to be integrated. However, in conditions which have to be provided to the pupils by specific school. The long process is still needed to get perfect integration and living together of handicapped and healthy pupils in the same school.

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