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find the comparison of the rate of unumplyment in chosen district Tábor and Písek, The Influence of Industrial Zone on Unemployment
Bicanová, Kateřina ; Kaczor, Pavel (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Milena (referee)
This paper concetrates on the unemployment. In the theory there are described various terms of the labour market field. In the practical part you can find the comparison of the rate of unumplyment in chosen district Tábor and Písek and as well you can learn, how the industrial zone affects the unemployment.
Standing of Women on the Labour Market in the Czech Republic
Slavíková, Lucie ; Kaczor, Pavel (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Milena (referee)
The thesis focuses on the status of women on the labor market in the Czech Republic and analyzes the possible differences in equality between men and women. The introduction deals with the women's position on the labor market in historical terms. This work describes the basic concepts related to this topic, legislation related to equality and discrimination on the labor market and issues related to women's disadvantage in certain situations. The second part of the work is focused on the analyze through a questionnaire survey, which determines whether the women on the labor market in some way disadvantaged.

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