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Five subjects for the teaching of algebra
Roubíček, Filip
The paper deals with the problem of the teaching of algebra at elementary school. It includes the description of five methods aimed at developing algebraic skills and based on well-known party games: algebraic domino, pexeso, lotto, quartet and equational marathon.
Některé aspekty komunikace ve vyučování matematice - sémiotický pohled
Roubíček, Filip
The paper deals with problems in communication between the teacher and the pupil which can be investigated by way of semiotic analysis. Some causes of these problems are described, for example different mental representations or communication contexts, nonaccepting of conventional writing forms and another.
Hodnocení představ a znalostí na základě tvoření úloh
Macháčková, Jana ; Tichá, Marie
Fraction is not a simple construct. In this contribution we try to show how we aim in our ongoing investigation at finding out what meanings/subconstructs (part-whole, measure, operator, quotient, ratio) are attributed to fractions by pupils, future teachers and in-service teachers. The starting point is problems posed by respondents. Findings are presented and some suggestions for further research outlined.
Some problems in communication teacher - pupil
Roubíček, Filip
The paper concerns selected problems in communication between the teacher and the pupil. It describes their main causes: different mental representations, not distinguishing between of the communication contexts, non-accepting of conventional writing forms, insufficient acquaintance with rules of usage of semiotic systems and alternative forms of mathematical writing
Geometric constructions from the point of view of various didactic environments
Roubíček, Filip
The paper describes three didactic environments as an alternative to drawing. They concern constructions of geometric figures using puzzles, folding paper and using strings. These representational environments are presented on constructions of polygons.
Reflection and professionalisation of teacher´s work
Tichá, Marie
The need of professionalisation of teachers´ work grows. Therefore the cultivation especially of subject didactical competence is necessary. It includes not only acquirement of mathematical core of subject and its didactic elaboration but also the capability of creation of social climate that is suitable for students´cognition. One of the ways is realisation of qualified pedagogical reflection.
Společná reflexe ve vzdělávání učitelů
Tichá, Marie ; Hošpesová, A. ; Macháčková, Jana
In the center of attention will be realization of individual and joint reflection as one of possible ways of increasing professional competences of primary school teachers. Activities of workshop´s participants should contribute to answering the question under which circumstances is carrying out reflection of teaching episodes (on the basis of video recordings and transcripts) a qualified activity and under which circumstances poses the reflection a benefit for the development of teachers´knowledge base.
Společná reflexe jako cesta ke spolupráci výzkumníků a učitelů
Hošpesová, A. ; Macháčková, Jana ; Tichá, Marie
The contribution reports on a case study in which a group of teachers shifted from reflective practitioners to the teacher-researcher via qualified (joint) pedagogical reflection with researchers. Qualified pedagogical reflection includes observation, contemplation and consideration, description and analysis of key elements, evaluation or revaluation, ways of explanation, accepting decisions and determining a new strategy. It creates space for the transition from an intuitive to a conscious and justified teachers´action in mathematics lessons.
Following the path of teachers´competence empovering
Macháčková, Jana ; Tichá, Marie
As the core of the professional growth of teachers we understand the cultivation of their subject-didactical competence. It means empowering the knowledge of subject and its didactical elaboration as well as practical capability. In the contribution we show the differences in individual written reflections of teachers. The contribution of the joint reflection to the improvement of professional competence of teachers is outlined.
Vyučování matematice a kolektivní reflexe
Tichá, Marie ; Macháčková, Jana ; Hošpesová, A.
The core of the paper is an example of the cooperation between two researchers (teacher educators) and one practicing teacher on a teaching experiment (via individual and collective reflections) to illustrate how collective reflection helps to understand the environment of mathematics classroom and thus, in our opinion, to improve teacher´s professionality and the teaching/learning process and also research in didactics of mathematics

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