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Fractions in elementary mathematics education : some observations
Tichá, Marie
The article focuses on issues related to the creation of the concept of fraction. Various interpretations and representations are mentioned. Shown are some of the misconceptions and common mistakes of students in solving problems and deficiencies in training, which are their cause.
Recent development of the DML-CZ and its current state
Rákosník, Jiří
The project DML-CZ: The Czech Digital Mathematics Library has been implemented since 2005 and in 2010 switched over to routine operation. This report describes progress, growth and usage of the DML-CZ, the experience from cooperation with content providers in the designed editorial workflow, some newly implemented features, adjustments of the workflow following from both the ongoing practical experience and the requirements of the advancing EuDML project, the general public acceptance and attendance and the suggested economic model for sustainable development.
Representtion of basic isometries through square ornaments
Roubíček, Filip
The poster deals with basic isometries: point reflection, rotation and translation as composition of two line reflections. It presents some activities that support observation and intuitive cognition of isometries. Square ornaments were designed by composing mosaics, cutting folder paper, drawing, printing.
Can mathematics contribute to the understanding of the world?
Kuřina, F. ; Petrášková, V. ; Tichá, Marie
The paper indicated mathematical literacy as an important component of understanding the world. It introduced the publication Mathematics and grasping the surrounding world (Academia, 2009). Especially mentioned is part of the financial literacy.
The search for ways of enhancement of knowledge base for teaching
Tichá, Marie
Poster shows a problem posing as a significant way to improving teachers' knowledge. The presentation focused on the division of fractions. The presentation displayed examples of common misconceptions and their probable cause.
Neumann problem for the Stokes system
Medková, Dagmar
the Neumann problem for the Stokes systems is studied by the boundary integral equation method. The successive approximation converges for bounded Lipschitz domains.
Integration in higher-order finite element method in 3D
Kůs, Pavel
Integration of higher-order basis functions is an important issue, that is not as straightforward as it may seem. In traditional low-order FEM codes, the bulk of computational time is a solution of resulting system of linear equations. In the case of higher-order elements the situation is different. Especially in three dimensions the time of integration may represent significant part of the computation.
Programs and Algorithms of Numerical Mathematics 15
Vejchodský, Tomáš ; Chleboun, J. ; Přikryl, Petr ; Segeth, Karel ; Šístek, Jakub
The book contains papers presented at the international seminar Programs and algorithms of numerical Mathematics 15 (PANM 15), held in Dolni Maxov, Czech Republic, June 6-11, 2010. It is the fifteen volume in the series of the PANM proceedings. The topics of contributions include numerical methods for fluid flow modelling, the finite element method, a posteriori error estimates, topics from numerical linear atgebra, etc.
Complementarity - the way towards guaranteed error estimates
Vejchodský, Tomáš
This paper presents a review of the complementary technique with the emphasis on computable and guaranteed upper bounds of the approximation error. For simplicity, the approach is described on a numerical solution of the Poisson problem. We derive the complementary error bounds, prove their fundamentals properties, present the method of hypercircle, mention possible generalizations and show a couple of numerical examples.
Some remarks on averaging in the BDDC method
Čertíková, M. ; Burda, P. ; Novotný, J. ; Šístek, Jakub
In this paper, we introduce a general framework for derivation of the averaging operator, from hich the standard choices are recovered by simplifications. Then, an alternative approach derived by another simplification is proposed and tested on a 2D example.

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