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Apartment building
Kadlec, Michal ; Hnízdilová, Aneta Aya (referee) ; Daněk, Lukáš (advisor)
The content of this bachelor thesis is the design of the new apartment building in the town of Velké Meziříčí. It is an object with four above-ground floors and a abasement. The vertical supporting structures are designed from ceramic masonry, in the basement from monolithic reinforced concrete. The object will be covered with a pitched roof. The design documentation has been prepared according to the valid legal technical regulations.
Preparing of perovskite solar cell
Lunga, Jiří ; Strachala, Dávid (referee) ; Kadlec, Michal (advisor)
The work deals with the theory of preparing perovskite solar cells. How about basic structures and the specific types of training opportunities and reproducibility of results. In the third part describes the complete preparation of the article, which reached the highest efficiency and the procedure for subsequent repetition of the experiment
Construction-technological project of the building in the area of Rotana
Kadlec, Michal ; Brandtner, Michal (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to process a construction-technological project of the building in the area Rotana. The aim of the thesis is to propose a suitable implementation procedure of the building. The thesis deals with the time schedule of the main object, itemized budget, major building machines and mechanisms, project of site equipment, study of the main construction phase realization, plan for securing material resources, technical report, time and financial object plan. The thesis also focused on the comparison bracing of foundation with the slopes.
Laboratory kit for demonstration of active low pass, high pass and band pass filter by Sallen-Key structure
Kadlec, Michal ; Smejkal, Vladimír (referee) ; Slezák, Josef (advisor)
The main aim of this work is to design electric circuit for realizing of low pass, high pass and band pass filter using Sallen – Key structure. It is active filter so this work pays attention to choose the suitable active element. I will analyze individual types of frequency filters, simulate designed structure and will choose suitable computing amplifier for our structure. I will simulate every circuit with ideal operational amplifier, with operational amplifier having real parameters and finally with our chosen operational amplifier. I will confront the difference of individual circuit, influence of real parameters of amplifier for the general process of resultant filter modul characteristics. I closer take a look at the output resistance influence of operational amplifier for the modul characteristics of choosen circuit (low pass filter). This project also includes the summary and analyses of individual possibilities of the electronic control applied to active filter parameters. The part of the project is also detailed analyze and process of realization of the final connection of laboratory instrument.
Extended Usage of SDH Equipment and TIMS System in Laboratories
Kadlec, Michal ; Vychodil, Petr (referee) ; Škorpil, Vladislav (advisor)
The goal of this project is to use the model for educational system TIMS as a simulation of Synchronous Digital Hierarchy SDH system and to create laboratory tasks applicable for teaching in a The theoretical part is the description of the transmission system, Synchronous Digital Hierarchy SDH and presents a theoretical basis of this issue. The practical part of the work offers 4 laboratory tutorials that can be used in teaching process.
Preparing of Grätzel solar cell
Gerlich, Jakub ; Strachala, Dávid (referee) ; Kadlec, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the problematic of the dye-sensitized solar cells. The thesis states the working principle of these cells. It also deals with the use of different types of dyes, counterelectrodes, electrolytes and conducting glass. The thesis also contains the principles used in measuring the effectivity of solar cells. The manufacturing process of these cells is described in this thesis. The practical part of the thesis is focused on the manufacture of cell prototypes and the measuring of their parameters.
Levitation electromagnet
Kadlec, Michal ; Huták, Petr (referee) ; Patočka, Miroslav (advisor)
This bachelors work deals with magnetic levitation and design of the electromagnet. The design of the electromagnet is a demand for a minimum amount of constructionand is performed in two ways. It also made a proposal of a mathematical model of the magnet control circuit and control simulation. The knowledge gained can be used tothe design of the electromagnet in engineering practice.
Optimization of production of thin films of metallic materials
Čejka, Marek ; Kadlec, Michal (referee) ; Šubarda, Jiří (advisor)
The present thesis deals with optimization of the formation of thin layers of metallic materials. In the theoretical part was elaborated overview of the implementation of the formation of thin- film structures, particularly using vacuum techniques. Chemical and physical vapor deposition. They were described methods of pretreatment of thin layers. The findings were discussed methods of controlling the pre-treated surface, quality control and mutual adhesion of coating layers. In the experimental part of the pre-treatment methods were selected and applied to selected substrates. Pretreatments were evaluated using a control surface by wetting angles and by atomic force microscopy. Then, the metal structure formed of copper on the pretreated substrates. Implementation by means of magnetron sputtering. Adhesion layers was checked by testing the surface lattice method. The quality was observed by scanning electron microscopy. The results were used to design the technological process of making metal layers.
Behaviour of varnish composite in various environmental condtions
Kadlec, Michal ; Frk, Martin (referee) ; Rozsívalová, Zdenka (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the preparation of test samples of paint-filled micronized mica and analysis of electrical properties of insulating material values in different environmental conditions. For this purpose, it was created five sets of composite paint primers with different ratio of mica. Samples were gradually exposed to the environment relative humidity of 0%, 33%, 55%, 65% and 75%. For each environment with a defined moisture characteristics were observed in samples exposed to the temperature of 20 to 50 ° C. The diploma paper analyzed the influence of the mass implementation of mica in each set of samples and placed on the surface structure of samples.
Influence of magnetic field on photovoltaic solar cell
Kadlec, Michal ; Šubarda, Jiří (referee) ; Šimonová, Lucie (advisor)
This thesis describes the issue of PN junction of photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic effect physics, basic materials used in photovoltaic and their properties, important for the area of photovoltaic. It deals with the problems of magnetism focused on electromagnetic fields. Experimental facility for measuring the influence of magnetic field on the solar cells through the Helmholtz coils was constructed. This work also dealing with the influence of magnetic radiation on photovoltaic cells and the influence of electromagnetic waves on the volt-ampere characteristics of the photovoltaic cell.

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