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Impact of Web Scale Discovery Services in Academic Libraries
Čejka, Marek ; Souček, Martin (advisor) ; Krčál, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis discusses a modern concept of information retrieval and search engines for libraries and other academic institutions. The concept named "web scale discovery" comprises of search engines, whose main characteristics lie in simplicity and user friendliness for the end users while maintaining all functional qualities of traditional research databases. Users can search in a wide variety of international research databases, and also in local sources of an institution that are combined within a large central index. The theoretical section presents definitions of web scale discovery, which conceptually set the new method of information retrieval within the field of information and library science. A graphic scheme of the basic functionality of a web scale discovery system is presented. Also discussed are requirements for a modern discovery system, an overview of the current situation in the Czech Republic, and a short characteristic of commercially available discovery systems. The theoretical part concludes with a literature review of selected foreign research, studying user satisfaction with the new solution, the impact on electronic and print resources in libraries, and usability testing. The practical part presents an original research study - usability testing of EBSCO Discovery...
New Generation Search Engines
Čejka, Marek ; Stöcklová, Anna (advisor) ; Souček, Martin (referee)
This thesis introduces a new method of information retrieval and search engines of a new generation which provide it. The opening chapter introduces the new concept of searching and information retrieval, called "web scale discovery", and defines the so called web scale discovery services as services that quickly search through a large central index of content compiled from both electronic databases and local library collections using a single simple search interface. It is also explained how central indexes are produced and what their main disadvantages are. The core of the thesis is first dedicated to presenting and analysing individual selected commercial web scale discovery services and then comparing them in terms of functional capabilites. Presented are the following services: EBSCO Discovery Service, Primo and Summon. A chapter for each of the services begins with a brief overview, which is followed by a description of their central index and its content, and then presents individual features on an example of a working implementation of the service. Each chapter is concluded with a summary of the most distinctive features. The last chapter compares support of selected functions in analyzed search engines using tables and supplementary commentary. The conclusion summarises gained knowledge...
The Interaction of the State, the Market and the Civic Sector in the Development of Corporate Social Responsibility in Kazakhstan in Coparison with Practice inthe EU.
Sumembayeva, Alima ; Pajas, Petr (advisor) ; Čejka, Marek (referee)
This master thesis investigates the subject of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Kazakhstan and selected states of European Union (EU). Successful implementation of CSR depends on a number of factors influencing it. Firstly, CSR is regarded as a part of market strategic decision making. Thus, there should be certain level of awareness about CSR on this particular market. Secondly, CSR is highly dependent on the states' public policies and activities of civic sector organizations (CSOs). In this thesis I examine the interaction of the state, the market and civic sector in influencing and creating conditions for the development of CSR in Kazakhstan. One chapter is dedicated to CSR in Kazakhstan's oil and gas sector. This thesis also investigates and compares major differences regarding CSR in Kazakhstan and selected EU states. The aim of this thesis is to present current situation of CSR development in Kazakhstan and formulate recommendations for the successful development of CSR in this country.
Experimental Investigation of Integrated Thick Films
Čejka, Marek ; Jankovský, Jaroslav (referee) ; Szendiuch, Ivan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the theory of thick film technology. It describes implementation of thick layer integrated circuits, thick film technology, creen printing method. It includes basic electrical properties of thick layers. The aim of this work is the experimental work deals with the detection of current rating of conductors. The work includes the design of method of measuring and test structure.
Optimization of production of thin films of metallic materials
Čejka, Marek ; Kadlec, Michal (referee) ; Šubarda, Jiří (advisor)
The present thesis deals with optimization of the formation of thin layers of metallic materials. In the theoretical part was elaborated overview of the implementation of the formation of thin- film structures, particularly using vacuum techniques. Chemical and physical vapor deposition. They were described methods of pretreatment of thin layers. The findings were discussed methods of controlling the pre-treated surface, quality control and mutual adhesion of coating layers. In the experimental part of the pre-treatment methods were selected and applied to selected substrates. Pretreatments were evaluated using a control surface by wetting angles and by atomic force microscopy. Then, the metal structure formed of copper on the pretreated substrates. Implementation by means of magnetron sputtering. Adhesion layers was checked by testing the surface lattice method. The quality was observed by scanning electron microscopy. The results were used to design the technological process of making metal layers.

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