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Design and realization of ADSR filter
Pokorný, Martin ; Kratochvíl, Tomáš (referee) ; Slezák, Josef (advisor)
The master´s thesis is focused on design of ADSR filter and voltage controlled amplifier (VCA). Three additional circuits performing analog signal processing are added. Functionality of designed circuits is verified in simulation program. All designed circuits are practically realized. Thesis includes complete design of the mentioned circuits and all necessary informations for its practical realization. All designed circuits are measured and the results are presented.
Functional generator
Kopecký, Petr ; Dostál, Tomáš (referee) ; Slezák, Josef (advisor)
Functional generators are equipments that provide electrical signals of variable parameters. They are classified by various criterions – by the type of produced signal or according to the type of self realization of generator. This bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of realization generators with harmonic, triangular and rectangular signals. It focus on the project of generator in compliance with gained experience and knowledge. The practical part of the thesis is focused on realization of the generator. The function of the generator is checked during the measurements.
Complete design of three-way speakers
Jalový, Michal ; Petržela, Jiří (referee) ; Slezák, Josef (advisor)
This project describes complete design of Three-way speakers. The introduction discussed the basic theoretical knowledge to the understanding of loudspeaker system design issues with regard to the physiology of hearing, the theory of acoustics, speaker characteristics, types of enclosures and the use of switches. Furthermore, based on the formula calculated parameters of a loudspeaker cabinet and speaker points to the loudspeaker of the proposed speakers.The proposal also relies on the specific measurement properties of the selected speaker impedance. Finally all data are presented for practical implementation speakers.
Realization of the high-end audio amplifier LEACH
Korvas, Miroslav ; Dostál, Tomáš (referee) ; Slezák, Josef (advisor)
The theme of my bachelor’s thesis is a realization of the high-end audio amplifier and it’s modification for the lowest distortion. Because it was not specified, I have decided to for realization of amplifier 100 W. I use modification of LEACH amp circuit for using ThermalTrak [5] transistors. My bachelor’s thesis describes problems of distortion and particular description of separate blocks of LEACH amplifier and their function. The practical part of the bachelor’s thesis contains heat sink design, measurements and simulations of the amplifier and their confrontation to theory. Technical documentation for realization of the ThermalTrak amplifier contains printed circuit board.
Active frequency filter using current mode
Paščinský, Jiří ; Dostál, Tomáš (referee) ; Slezák, Josef (advisor)
The aim of this work is design of frequency filter working in current mode. The introduction of the work deals with features and applications of frequency filters. Special attention is paid to the transfer function of the filter. In third chapter different operational modes of electrical circuits and their advantages and disadvantages are discussed. Attention is paid to active blocks suitable for circuits working in current mode. There is description of components AD844 and EL2082 which represent current conveyors of the second generation and are used in the designed filter. The last two chapters deal with design of component values of the frequency filter. The designed circuit was simulated in PSpice and the results were compared with measurments. Also sensitivity and tolerance analysis of the filter were performed.
Evolutionary Synthesis of Analog Electronic Circuits Using EDA Algorithms
Slezák, Josef ; Zaplatílek,, Karel (referee) ; Kolka, Zdeněk (referee) ; Dostál,, Tomáš (advisor)
Disertační práce je zaměřena na návrh analogových elektronických obvodů pomocí algoritmů s pravěpodobnostními modely (algoritmy EDA). Prezentované metody jsou na základě požadovaných charakteristik cílových obvodů schopny navrhnout jak parametry použitých komponent tak také jejich topologii zapojení. Tři různé metody využití EDA algoritmů jsou navrženy a otestovány na příkladech skutečných problémů z oblasti analogových elektronických obvodů. První metoda je určena pro návrh pasivních analogových obvodů a využívá algoritmus UMDA pro návrh jak topologie zapojení tak také hodnot parametrů použitých komponent. Metoda je použita pro návrh admitanční sítě s požadovanou vstupní impedancí pro účely chaotického oscilátoru. Druhá metoda je také určena pro návrh pasivních analogových obvodů a využívá hybridní přístup - UMDA pro návrh topologie a metodu lokální optimalizace pro návrh parametrů komponent. Třetí metoda umožňuje návrh analogových obvodů obsahujících také tranzistory. Metoda využívá hybridní přístup - EDA algoritmus pro syntézu topologie a metoda lokální optimalizace pro určení parametrů použitých komponent. Informace o topologii je v jednotlivých jedincích populace vyjádřena pomocí grafů a hypergrafů.
Synthesis of the nonlinear resistors with prescribed shape of the AV curve
Prudký, Tomáš ; Slezák, Josef (referee) ; Petržela, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of my bachelor’s thesis is a synthesis of the nonlinear resistors and their simulation in circuit simulator Pspice. A basic building block is analog multiplier. My job is configure circuits, which charakteristics are nonlinear. I will analyse this circuits by simulator Pspice, product will be nonlinear AV curve.
Application of modern active blocks in harmonic oscillators
Votýpka, František ; Kubánek, David (referee) ; Slezák, Josef (advisor)
This work deals with using modern active functional blocks in electronic circuits. These blocks have better features than classical operational amplifiers and are characterized especially by working in current mode. Therefore these blocks can be used in higher frequencies. Using those blocks it is possible to design e.g. electronically variable-frequency filters of types low-pass filter, high-pass filter, band-pass filter, etc. Then it is also possible to easily realize electronically variable-frequency oscillators. This work is focused on some of these blocks, their basic characteristics and principles. Also three oscillators with current conveyors of second generation are designed. Its made simulation, sensitivity and tolerance analysis and magnitude stabilization. Everything is performed in OrCAD PSpice program. These made oscillators are electronic tunable in the band frequency ones of MHz.
ARC oscillator with blocks with variable parameter
Bořecký, Tomáš ; Kolka, Zdeněk (referee) ; Slezák, Josef (advisor)
Within the master’s thesis there is comparison of different structures of ARC oscillators with respect to their harmonic distortion. Individual blocks of oscillator are analyzed. Attention is paid to choosing and design of suitable ARC filter structure and possibilities of its tuning. Also possibilities of stabilization of amplitude are analyzed. Different types of controlled amplifiers and circuits for controlling of their amplification are discussed. Next captures are focused to designing and simulation of the ARC oscillator. The oscillator can be tuned in the frequency range from 100 Hz to 20 kHz with harmonic distortion smaller than 1%. At the end of the thesis, practical realization of the proposed circuit is described. Also results of the measurement of parameters of the oscillator are given.
Laboratory kit for demonstration of active low pass, high pass and band pass filter by Sallen-Key structure
Kadlec, Michal ; Smejkal, Vladimír (referee) ; Slezák, Josef (advisor)
The main aim of this work is to design electric circuit for realizing of low pass, high pass and band pass filter using Sallen – Key structure. It is active filter so this work pays attention to choose the suitable active element. I will analyze individual types of frequency filters, simulate designed structure and will choose suitable computing amplifier for our structure. I will simulate every circuit with ideal operational amplifier, with operational amplifier having real parameters and finally with our chosen operational amplifier. I will confront the difference of individual circuit, influence of real parameters of amplifier for the general process of resultant filter modul characteristics. I closer take a look at the output resistance influence of operational amplifier for the modul characteristics of choosen circuit (low pass filter). This project also includes the summary and analyses of individual possibilities of the electronic control applied to active filter parameters. The part of the project is also detailed analyze and process of realization of the final connection of laboratory instrument.

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