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Schickeria. Bayern Munich's left-wing ultra group and the concept of critical loyalty
Adam, Jakub ; Brožová, Anežka (advisor) ; Emler, David (referee)
Ultras rank among the most loyal supporters of their clubs, but these movements are also often the subject of controversy, whether because of their radical right-wing views or violence in stadiums. The German supporter scene is specific, as many of the local ultras supporting football clubs fight against commercialisation, globalisation and are not characterised by right- wing views. This thesis discusses one of the most important fan groups in Germany, Schickeria München. Schickeria supports the football club FC Bayern Munich, which could be described as the richest and most successful German team. The club is run by its former players or businessmen and officials, who occasionally make decisions that conflict with Schickeria's views. Fans and management are thus in many situations at odds with each other, debating the future direction and values of the club. Using the example of the relationship between Schickeria and the club's management, the concept of critical loyalty is illustrated, which to a large extent describes the fans' attitude towards the actions of their club.
The Big Lift: a way to bring nations closer together or a propaganda tool?
Crkvová, Klára ; Brožová, Anežka (advisor) ; Šafařík, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis is an analysis of the American semi-documentary film The Big Lift by director George Seaton. The film was released in 1950 and depicts operation Vittles in 1948 - 1949. The Big Lift is unique in its authenticity. It was filmed shortly after the end of the Berlin blockade in the war-damaged city and uses real members of the US military operating in occupied Berlin. The work introduces the historical background of the Berlin blockade in the context of the beginning of the Cold War, acquaints the reader with the theory of memory in film, and analyses the selected film in depth. The thesis aims to answer the question of whether and to what extent the movie The Big Lift is propagandistic. It analyses the intentions behind the footage and assesses whether it could be described as propagandistic. This thesis discusses the reasons that led the creators to a certain depiction of the past and asks what effect it could have had on the film viewer. It examines government interventions in the American film industry and the reflection of the power rivalry between East and West in culture. This thesis also focuses on to what extent and why the West German version of the film, entitled Es bagann mit einem Kuß, released in 1953, differed.
Literature as a medium of memory in the Hlučín region at the example of writings of Jana Schlossarková
Kosařová, Michaela ; Zelená, Alena (advisor) ; Brožová, Anežka (referee)
of the thesis "Literature as a medium of memory in the Hlučín region at the example of writings of Jana Schlossarková"; solver Michaela Kosařová Writings of Jana Schlossarková (*1941) are one of the important media of collective memory of the Hlučín area. The aim of this thesis is to analyse them. Her work is characterized in the main part of the thesis with the aid of the theories of collective memory and its media according to Maurice Halbwachs, Jan and Aleida Assmann, Astrid Erll and others. The common acknowledged theories are implemented in Jana Schlossarková's writings using predominantly the sample of the last published titles "Co na Prajzske se stalo" and "Co na Prajzske se povědalo". These two books include most of the previously published writings of the author. I analysed the contents, the style and the impact of the author's writing on the preservation and archiving of the specific local memory. The specific textual level is examined in the poem "Jak to s nami bylo". The key relevant paradigms for this memory and identity are shown on this sample. Additional information on the Hlučín region and its memory, the tendencies of maintaining this memory and the literature contributing to capture the memory, complement the core of this thesis. Jana Schlossarková's biography is elaborated. A...
The use of the freshwater ecosystem in the preschool science education.
Environmental and natural science education is important part of education of every individual. This issue takes part in education and upbringing in kindergarten. Children are getting to know to different water ecosystems, water states, circulation of water in nature, importance of water for life; they observe animals in water and around. Different activities are based on experience learning, observing; bring understanding to effects and relation to nature and its protection. The aim of the thesis is to find and to prove suitable methods and forms of work in natural science and environmental education realized in kindergarten.

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