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Anti-Plagiarism Services For Our Repositories
Mach, Jan
The presentation is focused on a comparative analysis of systems for detecting duplicates (called anti-plagiarism systems) suitable for repositories of ETDs in the Czech Republic. The paper describes the testing process and results. These results can help to decide, which system will be suitable as a anti-plagiarism tool for the control of theses and other types of gray literature.
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The Central Registry of Theses and Dissertations and the anti-plagiarism system as a comprehensive solution on national level
Noge, Juraj ; Dušková, Marta
The objective of this paper is to present the Centr al Registry of Theses and Dissertations in the SR and a document originality checking system a s a comprehensive solution at national level for higher education institutions, the object ives as well as the starting point of the project, the resolution of organisational and legis lative problems, the technical solutions, implementation, and the experience from almost four years of operation. We present some statistical data, including the system benefits and citations, as well as an outline of the future development and use of the system in the future. I will also concisely mention other centralised systems operated by the SCSTI SR
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The Automatic indexing of Grey Literature by Subject Headings of the Polythematic Structured Subject Heading System
Kocourek, Pavel
The contribution is devoted to the automatic indexing of grey literature by subject headings of the Polythematic Structured Subject Heading System in the National repository of grey literature. The paper describes the initial situation, previous experience, analysis, stages of implementation and demonstration of indexing.
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Protection of Inventions in the Czech Republic
Engelová - Pavková, Jana
The presentation focuses on protection of inventions by patents and utility models in the Czech Republic. Proceedings before the Industrial Property Office will be introduced for both above mentioned industrial rights as well as the information about financial and time aspects and possibilities they provide. European patent and current development in unitary patent will be presented. Protection of inventions under Patent Cooperation Treaty will be described. Freely accessible patent databases will be mentioned together with patent classification systems.
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Legal Liability Issues in Repositories of Grey Literature
Koščík, Michal
The paper will discuss legal position of providers of document repositories with regards to specific rules regulating liability of providers of information society services.
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Research documents in Hop Research Institute Co.Ltd. Zatec, access to full texts and research data
Patzak, Josef
Presentation summarizes the types of research documents originated from research activities of Hop Research Institute Co.Ltd. in Zatec and the possibility of access to full texts and research data from the perspective of copyright laws and company policies.
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The presentation research results
Vavreinová, Slavomíra
Results of the research are the subject of publications and documents of patent protection . However, they are also subject to periodic and final reports , lectures , or posters at conferences or workshops. The former are available to the general public , the other a narrower audience, as participants in the conference or manager researcg programs and projects.Far greater opportunity to present and use these results provides NRGL.
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