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Genetic and morphological diversity of Central European populations of the genus Acanthocyclops
Slouková, Jana ; Černý, Martin (advisor) ; Přikryl, Ivo (referee)
Abstract This study aims to compare morphological and genetic diversity of Central European populations of Acanthocyclops vernalis-robustus species group. To asssess a genetic differentiation on a species level, 12S rRNA gene was used because of suitable evolution rate. Additional analysis of otherwise widely used CO I gene was not successful as the PCR amplification of this gene was successful only for some A .trajani populations, and it failed for the others. Genetic analysis of 12S rRNA validated the recent morphological redescription and establishment of three separate species: A. vernalis (Fischer, 1853) A. trajani and A. einslei (Mirabdullayev and Defaye, 2002; 2004). In general on 12S rRNA, the intraspecific variation was negligible in comparison to interspecific one. All of four analyzed populations of A. einslei shared one haplotype, as well as 12 from 14 populations of A. trajani did. The highest intra-specific variability was recorded in 5 populations of A. vernalis (0.5 - 5.6 %). Morphological determination and morphometrics of all analyzed individuals has been performed without using so called micro-characters, on which the description of A. einslei and A. trajani (Mirabdullayev & Defaye 2002, 2004) mainly relies on. From my morphometric analyses, the shape and armature of distal endopodal...
Invenio within the NRGL: Version 1.0 and More News
Slouková, Jana
Both digital repositories maintained by NTK (NRGL and IDR) are powered by the open source software Invenio. Its great flexibility allows us its continuous development and adaptation to our needs. This year we added several features that make it easier to work with the repositories - for example, we improved the search, presentation of records, and added export to various citation managers. Following the release of new version of Invenio, we also created a new freely available installation script, that facilitates the installation and basic configuration of the system to those interested in creating their own repository.
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Invenio User Group Workshop 2012
Slouková, Jana
Náplní cesty byla účast na mezinárodním semináři Invenio User Group Workshop, který se konal 7.-9.5. 2012 ve Výpočetním centru CERNu v Ženevě. Workshop byl rozdělen do šesti tematických bloků, které vedli jednotliví vývojáři Invenia. Postupně předvedli celou práci se záznamy od jejich vložení do repozitáře, přes úpravy až po prezentaci uživatelům, poslední blok byl věnován systémové údržbě a způsobu vývoje nových komponent. Důležitou součástí workshopu byly také vzájemné diskuse všech účastníků. Výstupem z workshopu je mnoho nových praktických poznatků, které budou přímo využity při správě obou digitálních repozitářů NTK.
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False kitten on the road to luck
Slouková, Jana ; Vedral, Jan (advisor) ; Císař, Jan (referee)
View on sentimental comedies from twenties, their heroes. How live this stereotypes to our days.
Slouková, Jana ; Ullrichová, Daria (advisor) ; Císař, Jan (referee)
In my graduation project Downfall of masculine patriarchal world and drama I put brain to problematic of present crisis of masculinity and patriarchy. On the concret analysis of plays A Doll´s House (Henrik Ibsen) and What happend, when Nora left her husband (Elfriede Jelinek) I try to show gender stereotyp and situation too. Problematic of paternity aspects I analyse on play from Reto Finger Kaltes Land, which I have translated and presented in DISK theater too.

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