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Czech-German Economic Ties: The Relevance of the Neofunctionalist Approach in the Contemporary Socio-Economic Context
Janíčko, Martin ; Kučerová, Irah (advisor) ; Zemplinerová, Alena (referee)
The thesis was most importantly concerned with the intensity of economic ties between the Czech Republic and Germany from 2004 enlargement, using neofunctionalist approach framework as a theoretical background. Two main hypotheses have been tested and the effects of financial and economic crisis have been also taken into account. We can affirm, based on the observed data and analysis made, that the intensity of economic ties has grown substantially since 2004 as well as the synchronization of the business cycles. Much of these effects could be attributed to the practical working of neofunctionalist premises. This is demonstrated by the fact the EU integration leads to a more significant interconnection in many spheres of economic activity that in turn affect the whole economic development and determination. Economic reciprocity has in general strengthened the political one, which is now being perceived on quite many political levels. However, more or less exogenous effects of the financial and economic crisis of 2008 and 2009 have led to a relatively visible slowdown in further integration and interconnection. From this reason, we can ask ourselves a pertinent question to what extent the integration is about to continue and what will be its impact on political relations of both countries in the...
The impact of the companies'advertising strategies on the competition
Miňová, Lýdia ; Zemplinerová, Alena (advisor) ; Šlajs, Jan (referee)
The advertising as one of the tools of the marketing mix has positive influence on sales and is differenciating the product from competition. According to persuasive view the advertising contributes to the differences in firms' cost conditions, creates abnormal profit and is able to deter the entry into the market. The question is whether the advertising can have such a influence on competition at the market.The goal of the thesis is to introduce the major views on advertising in economic theories and based on available emprical studies to define and describe the major differences in the views. The impact of advertisng on perfomance indicators is analyzed in own empirical study for the market of chocolate bars, covered and partially coverd wafers.
Liberalization of electricity market and competition policy
Zámorský, Tomáš ; Zemplinerová, Alena (advisor) ; Misic, Viktorija (referee)
The purpose of the electricity market liberalization is disruption of the rigid market structure, in which monopoly from regulation abuses its position at the expense of consumers. Rigid market structure was characteristical for the czech electricity market from 1990 to 2001, when the "energetics act" came into force. This act caused gradual liberalization of the market entrance until nowadays situation, when consumers can freely choose their electricity provider. The aim of this thesis is based on comparison of non-price and price competition advantages of alternative and traditional electricity providers to find out, if the main electricity producer ČEZ is able to hold its dominant market share. The analysis showed that, thanks to liberalized market entrance, ČEZ has no longer so stable position on the market and that its market share e.g. on market of wholesale electricity supplies is not due to competition dominant. Its market share from the point of view of number of points of supply remains major.
The future of solar power plants in the Czech Republic
Choutka, Tomáš ; Zemplinerová, Alena (advisor) ; Koubek, Ivo (referee)
The thesis called "The Future of Solar Power Plants in the Czech Republic" is oriented to the characteristics of production of electric energy in solar power plants which are supported by many legislative incentives. We are currently standing in the situation of reducing energy tariffs for production of electricity from solar power plants in most European countries because of their unbearable impact on consumers and national budgets. The aim of this thesis is to analyze impacts of the energy tariffs for solar energy and to explain increase of installed capacity of solar power plants by forming a model for calculating financial return of an investment in construction of solar panels. The thesis points out that the incentives are still very high and interest in construction of solar power plants will probably endure even in the future as long as these favorable legislative conditions are set. This situation will result in bringing more additional costs for the end-users of electric energy.
The Game of Life: the Economics of Contraception Market
Řípová, Eva ; Šťastný, Daniel (advisor) ; Zemplinerová, Alena (referee)
This thesis deals with the contraception market in the context of decision making about children, trying to outline the consequences of this market for the economy as a whole. The first section introduces the market and defines the key role of the market for the women making the decision. The second part introduces the agents in the market with their incentives and motivations. The third part moves into closer detail paying attention mainly to choice problems and uncertainty problems. The forth part focuses on game theoretical framework and various strategies from which the players are choosing. The fifth part presents a range of models for situations in the market derived from "games" on the prisoner's dilemma principle. These games result in the hypotheses involving consequences of particular behaviour in the market. The sixth part tests the hypotheses from the previous chapter, using evidence from selected countries including Czech Republic, United Kingdom, United States, and China. The conclusion specifies future development that is uncertain but based on the current facts.
Phones Czech consumers expensively? Market analysis of mobile operators in the Czech Republic.
Masák, Tomáš ; Hudík, Marek (advisor) ; Zemplinerová, Alena (referee)
This thesis will examine whether the price level on the market of mobile services in comparison with other countries is high or not. After performing own international price comparison which revealed high price level in both analyzed consumer baskets thesis offers some possible options which could lead to the current high price level on the market. The observed high market concentration is one of the possible solutions and leads to discover several solutions whose analysis shows that high price level in the Czech mobile services market cannot be associated with only one factor. The price level is mainly affected by the absence of more operators which can be partly attributed to the insufficient steps of market regulator - ČTÚ especially in the area of termination fees and lease licenses to operating in mobile networks. Both of these steps are also very important for the future development of the market.

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