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The issue of central venous catheter treatment in intensive and metabolic care
Zatočilová, Jana ; Petrášková, Hana (advisor) ; Novotná, Jindra (referee)
The present thesis deals with the issue of central venous catheter treatment in intensive and metabolic care, as well as the complications, which can accompany central venous cannulation and thus affect the possible period of using central venous catheter. The theoretical part tries to summarize the information concerning the issues of central venous catheters and their treatment. It also contains essential physiological and anatomical notes concerning central venous cannulation and a historical summary with regard to the present knowledge. The first part of the empirical section of the research follows the medical approach in various departments of the 4th Department of Internal Medicine of the General Teaching Hospital in Prague, as well as their influence on prevention and the rise of complications. The goal of the second part of the research is to make suggestions for treatment of central venous catheters, which could help to improve nursing care and the using period of catheter. The conclusion evaluates, whether the recommendations have at least partially become a part of the nursing care and if they have helped to resolve the areas of concern or not. Key words Central venous catheter, nursing care, complications of central venous catheter, central venous access.
Aspects of long - term intensive care
Picková, Jana ; Hošťálková, Monika (advisor) ; Zatočilová, Jana (referee)
My thesis deals with aspects of long-term intensive care. The goal of my thesis is to determine the basic needs of patients and family preparedness aspects of intensive home care. Other stated goals is find out the possibility of returning patients to home care and also find out what is the use of basal stimulation in long-term intensive care department. In the theoretical part of my thesis are included the chapters about definition of intensive care and home intensive care, for the full completeness is here the chapter about the state which are requesting the intensive care. The main part is dedicated to extensive immobilization syndrome in intensive care. An integral part is also a chapter discussing the basal therapy. For an easy transition to the empirical part is included a chapter outlining the nursing model according to Majora Gordon The empirical part of my thesis contains three detailed studies of nursing.Nursing case studies are carried out in intensive care department Vršovická, in chronic intensive care department of Motol hospital and long-term intensive care department of the Pardubice region, in Chrudim hospital. Coincidentally, it is of patients with different diagnoses and different age. Nursing case report is created at patient with diagnose of end-stage chronic obstructive...
The possibilities of prevention nosocomial infections of urinary tract at long-term intensive care department
Jánská, Pavla ; Heczková, Jana (advisor) ; Zatočilová, Jana (referee)
The graduation theses is about urinary tract infections and the preventive care that we are able to provide within nursing care of patients with urinary catheter. The theoretical part of graduation theses includes the chapters about general introduction to nosocomial infections, as well as epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections. Furthermore, it relates to their antibiotic therapy and resistence to antibiotics. The main task is the prevention of urinary tract infections. Generally I have focused on the methods of urinary catheterization and their correct indications, the materials and design of urinary catheters, as well as on nursing care of urinary catheters. The thesis includes research aimed at providing preventive measures that are implemented in practice, comparing them to each other and comparison with the current studies and recommendations.. This research provides both positive and negative results. Some of the recommendations for preventive care of urinary tract infections are being followed, other are being omitted. There are also differences between respondents from different departments as well as among the departments. Nursing care procedures are not unified despite of presence of guidelines and standard procedures. keywords: nosocomial...

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2 Zatočilová, Jitka
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