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Balancing Keyword-Based Data and Queries in Distributed Storage Systems
Wirth, Martin ; Parízek, Pavel (advisor) ; Zavoral, Filip (referee)
Research in the area of load balancing in distributed systems has not yet come with an optimal load balancing technique. Existing approaches work primarily with replication and sharding. This thesis overviews existing knowledge in this area with focus on shard- ing, and provides an experiment comparing a state-of-the-art load balancing technique called Weighed-Move with a random baseline and an existing domain-specific balancing implementation. As a significant part of the project, we engineered a generic and scal- able load balancer that may be used in any distributed system and deployed it into an existing ad system called Sklik. The major challenges appeared to be tackling various problems related to data consistency, performance and synchronization, together with solving compatibility issues with the rest of the still-evolving ad system. Our experiment shows that the domain-specific load balancing implementation produces data distribution that enables better performance, but Weighed-Move proved to have a great potential and its results are expected to be enhanced by further work on our implementation. 1
Adversarial Search in First-Person Shooter Video Game Duels
Wirth, Martin ; Gemrot, Jakub (advisor) ; Pergel, Martin (referee)
Title: Adversarial Search in First-Person Shooter Video Game Duels Author: Martin Wirth Department: Department of Software and Computer Science Education Supervisor: Mgr. Jakub Gemrot, Ph.D., Department of Software and Computer Science Education Abstract: The complexity of artificial intelligence required for modern games is getting unmanageable. Therefore, we are seeking for techniques allowing easy creation of a complex artificial intelligence. Adversarial search has become such a technique in the area of board games. Recently, an idea to apply adversarial search on other kinds of games has come up. Though, in the area of First-person shooters, no experiments examining this idea has been done yet. This thesis offers such an experiment, concerning the Deathmatch mode of two players. Our results show that the basic implementation of adversarial search is not very successful. However, it has some potencial which should be further examined. Another con- tribution of this thesis is creation of a framework which significantly simplifies further experimenting in this area. Keywords: adversarial search, duels, video games, first-person shooters 1

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1 Wirth, Marek
2 Wirth, Michal
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