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Transactions in Peer-to-Peer Systems
Parízek, Pavel
The thesis begins with discussion of usability of transactions in peer-to-peer environment, with the result that transactions are useful for some kinds of peer-to-peer applications, and specifies requirements on transaction coordination protocol that is suitable for peer-to-peer environment. After that, introductions to the JXTA peer-to-peer platform and to the BTP coordination protocol follow. The last part of the thesis is devoted to the BTP-JXTA framework, which I have developed. The framework extends the JXTA platform with a transaction service that uses the BTP as its coordination protocol. The description of the framework focuses on architecture and important implementation concepts and on the methodology of testing that was used.
Extending C# with a Library of Functional Programming Concepts
Ćerim, Harun ; Parízek, Pavel (advisor) ; Ježek, Pavel (referee)
The main goal of this thesis was to implement a functional programming (FP) library named Funk that extends C# with support for concepts present in functional programming languages, such as F# and Scala. Funk utilizes many functional programming concepts, including immutability, pattern matching, and various types of monads, together with stronger typing. Introduction of these concepts into C# helps in avoiding many runtime errors and boilerplate code, and it also lets developers write C# code in a declarative rather than in an imperative way, making the day-to-day software development easier and less error-prone. Additionally, the thesis analyzes and compares Funk with existing functional programming libraries such as Language-ext and FuncSharp. Finally, it analyzes the new features of C# 8, which include nullable reference types and pattern matching and compares them with the functionalities of the Funk library.
Balancing Keyword-Based Data and Queries in Distributed Storage Systems
Wirth, Martin ; Parízek, Pavel (advisor) ; Zavoral, Filip (referee)
Research in the area of load balancing in distributed systems has not yet come with an optimal load balancing technique. Existing approaches work primarily with replication and sharding. This thesis overviews existing knowledge in this area with focus on shard- ing, and provides an experiment comparing a state-of-the-art load balancing technique called Weighed-Move with a random baseline and an existing domain-specific balancing implementation. As a significant part of the project, we engineered a generic and scal- able load balancer that may be used in any distributed system and deployed it into an existing ad system called Sklik. The major challenges appeared to be tackling various problems related to data consistency, performance and synchronization, together with solving compatibility issues with the rest of the still-evolving ad system. Our experiment shows that the domain-specific load balancing implementation produces data distribution that enables better performance, but Weighed-Move proved to have a great potential and its results are expected to be enhanced by further work on our implementation. 1
Data Lineage Analysis for Qlik Sense
Jurčo, Andrej ; Parízek, Pavel (advisor) ; Blicha, Martin (referee)
Business Intelligence has become essential for all companies and organizations in the world over the past few years when it comes to decision-making and observing long-term trends. It often happens that Business Intelligence tools that are used become very com- plex over time and it can then be very difficult to make any changes. Data lineage solves this problem by visualizing data flows and showing relative dependencies. Manta Flow is the platform which creates such lineage which supports programming languages (Java, C), databases (Oracle, MS SQL) or Business Intelligence tools (Cognos, Qlik Sense). The goal of this thesis was to implement a prototype of a scanner module for the Manta Flow platform, which would analyze data flows in Qlik Sense and create a data lineage graph from data sources to the presentation layer. This module extracts metadata neces- sary for the analysis, resolves the objects that are present in the Qlik Sense applications, and analyzes data flows in them. The resulting data lineage graph is then visualized by other components of the Manta Flow platform. 1
An intelligent search aggregator and trip planner for accommodation web sites
Deckert, František ; Faltín, Tomáš (advisor) ; Parízek, Pavel (referee)
There are a lot of different accommodation aggregators available. However, none of them offer the possibilities of more advanced adjustments. Instead, all searches are done for one place and two specific range dates only. My work aims to bring the advanced types of search into the accommodation world. It gives users the possibility of splitting any stay at one place between multiple accommodations' stays. It is also able to plan a trip around multiple cities with a flexible time range based on user specified sorting criteria. 1
A programming language presented in graphics
Sobkuliak, Roman ; Bednárek, David (advisor) ; Parízek, Pavel (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to create a programming language with characters and key- words substituted with images and animations (GIFs). We build a web IDE and a client- side interpreter for this language using modern web technologies including WebWorkers, TypeScript and React. The IDE features code-stepping with information about current location in the source code, environment variables and a call stack. Additionally, there is a support for storing programs on the server and loading them later. The purpose of the language is educational, e.g., to be used in creative games at programming camps for elementary and high schoolers. 1
Dynamic Analysis Framework for C#/.NET Programs
Čižmárik, Andrej ; Parízek, Pavel (advisor) ; Bulej, Lubomír (referee)
Dynamic analysis is a technique used to analyse the behaviour of programs, which can be utilized when searching for various software errors. Nowadays, there is a trend in software development towards multi-threaded programs that are, undeniably, prone to race conditions. Furthermore, software errors that stem from timing issues and incorrect ordering of operations across individual threads are generally hard to find, since they are by nature non-deterministic. We decided to implement a dynamic analysis framework for C# programs, along with two well-known algorithms capable of detecting and predicting data-races. As a result, we created an extensible and configurable tool, SharpDetect, that supports dynamic analysis of CIL programs created by compilation from C# source code on platforms supported by .NET Core. To demonstrate its practical usefulness, SharpDetect was successfully applied on NetMQ, C# implementation of ZeroMQ, where it found one real software error.
Analyzing Data Lineage in Database Frameworks
Eliáš, Richard ; Parízek, Pavel (advisor) ; Hnětynka, Petr (referee)
Large information systems are typically implemented using frameworks and libraries. An important property of such systems is data lineage - the flow of data loaded from one system (e.g. database), through the program code, and back to another system. We implemented the Java Resolver tool for data lineage analysis of Java programs based on the Symbolic analysis library for computing data lineage of simple Java applications. The library supports only JDBC and I/O APIs to identify the sources and sinks of data flow. We proposed some archi- tecture changes to the library to make easily extensible by plugins that can add support for new data processing frameworks. We implemented such plugins for few frameworks with different approach for accessing the data, including Spring JDBC, MyBatis and Kafka. Our tests show that this approach works and can be usable in practice. 1
Personal Transport Information System
Smolka, Tomáš ; Ježek, Pavel (advisor) ; Parízek, Pavel (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create an information system for small companies which are running a business in the field of the contractual passenger transport and which do not have an access to a suitable software solution for their business. This information system, which has arisen, provides the solution for a complete cycle of a transport order which starts with a formation of an order from a travel agency. In the next step, there is a realisation of the planned order which is processed by a driver and last step is a creation of an invoice for the travel agency. On the grounds of the fact that there are not almost any existent standards for the formats of the requested files in the field of the contractual passenger transport (for example: the orders, the invoices, etc.), all the inputs and the outputs of the system are solved by means of plug-ins. In the text part of the thesis, there is presented the operation of the contractual passenger transport company in details. In addition, there is an analysis of the the system draft and there is also examined the development of the system itself. This analysis is followed by a description of the implemented solution structure. In the theoretical part, there is executed an in-depth analysis of the internal processes which are performed by the company...
Extracting Information from Database Modeling Tools
Drobný, Denis ; Parízek, Pavel (advisor) ; Kopecký, Michal (referee)
Data lineage is a way of showing how information flows through complicated software systems. If the given system is a database, tables and columns are visualized along with transformations of the stored data. However, this picture may be difficult to understand for people with weaker technical background, as database objects usually obey naming conventions and do not necessarily represent something tangible. To improve lineage comprehension, we developed a software called Metadata Extractor that on one hand brings the further description of the database objects, as well as introduces a whole new perspective on data in a system through business lineage aimed for non-technical users. The additional metadata enriching data lineage is extracted from data modeling tools, such as ER/Studio and PowerDesigner, that are widely used in the database design process. The solution extends the Manta Flow lineage tool while taking advantage of its features at the same time. 1

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