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Numerical Methods of Image Analysis Focused on Intersecting Objects
Weszter, Juraj ; Procházková, Jana (referee) ; Štarha, Pavel (advisor)
This theses presents an image processing approach to estimating the length of cynobacteria strands in digitally acquired images. An algorithm utilizing the Hough transform to determine strand continuity at strand intersections is presented. The algorithm is demonstrated on selected images, the examined strands are separated and their lengths are estimated. A Delphi implementation of the algorithm is included.
Digital camera noise analysis
Weszter, Juraj ; Druckmüller, Miloslav (referee) ; Štarha, Pavel (advisor)
In pictures taken with digital cameras, undesirable noise in the form of pixel-to-pixel image intensity variance is present. This thesis, after an introduction to digital image processing, describes the main sources of such noise and subsequently analyses image data recovered from selected camera devices via stochastic methods. Ultimately, a C# software implementing the portrayed methods is briefly presented.