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Comparison of shoulder joint rotation ranges in relation to anthropometric measures in baseball and softball pitchers
Jelínková, Kateřina ; Žáková, Lenka (advisor) ; Vomáčková, Helena (referee)
Title: Comparison of the shoulder joint rotation in relation to anthropometric measures in baseball and softball pitchers Objectives: The main objective of this study was to compare the ranges of shoulder joint rotations in male baseball and softball pitchers due to differences in pitching biomechanics. Furthermore, to determine the difference in range of motion to rotations on the dominant and non-dominant upper extremity and to determine the prevalence of glenohumeral internal rotation deficits of the shoulder. The subject was also investigated to find possible relationships between measured anthropometric (HK length, arm span, biacromial width) values and goniometric values of range of motion into rotations including the prevalence of glenohumeral deficit. Methods: The research sample included 20 actives Czech Extraliga baseball and softball players, who were divided by sport for the purpose of the study. The baseball group included 10 probands (10 male, aged 25.1 ± 3.5 years, height 185.5 ± 7.8 cm, weight 93.7 ± 9.7 kg, years baseball of participation 14.9 ± 3.8 years). The softball group also included 10 probands (10 male, aged 23.1 ± 2.5 years, height 183.2 ± 8.1 cm, weight 88 ± 11.9 kg, years softball of participation 12.2 ± 1.8 years). None of the players reported an upper extremity injury...
Comparison of penile blood flow changes in performance road cyclists obtained during a ride on a customized 3D printed and conventional saddle
Šňupárek, Václav ; Vomáčková, Helena (advisor) ; Martínek, Milan (referee)
Comparison of penile blood flow changes in performance road cyclists obtained during a ride on a customized 3D printed and conventional saddle Author: Bc. Václav Šňupárek Supervisor: PhDr. Helena Vomáčková, Ph.D. Aim: To update findings on penile blood flow in performance cyclists by measuring transcutaneous partial pressure of O2 (tcpO2) and CO2 (tcpCO2) on current style of racing bicycle saddles Subjects and methods: tcpO2 and tcpCO2 were measured non-invasively on the glans penis in healthy highly trained male cyclists (�ළ = 30) with an average annual mileage of 14240 km on three different road cycling saddles - Posedla Joyseat, Specialized Power and Fizik Tundra M5. It has previously been shown that tcpO2 is highly correlated with arterial pO2. TcpO2 and tcpCO2 were measured continuously in each participant for ten minutes on each saddle with a random order of saddles while riding stationary bike trainer in a race fit position. Simultaneously, various data like saddle surface pressure via Velometrik Smart Cover BT, rider position via Retül Fit, power output, heart rate and cadence via Wahoo KICKR Bike were recorded, and glans penis biothesiometry data were collected with Bio Medical Instruments. Data analysis was done on statistical level of significance �ළ < 0,05. Statistical methods used to...
Evaluation of dynamic stability of the lower limb in horse riders using the Y-balance test
Kamírová, Barbora ; Žáková, Lenka (advisor) ; Vomáčková, Helena (referee)
Title: Evaluation of dynamic stability of the lower limb in horse riders using the Y- balance test Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to map the level of lower limbs stability in show jumping and eventing horse riders by using the Y-balance test and to describe whether common signs of variations in range of motion of lower limb joints will be present. At the same time supplement the thesis with a short summary of movement problems and the use of physiotherapy in horse riders using a short questionnaire. By writing this thesis I would like to raise the awareness of riders about the effect of asymmetries and imbalances on the musculoskeletal system of both the rider and the horse, and about the possible achievement of better harmony between the rider and the horse when trying to correct these changes with the help of physiotherapy or other additional movement activities. Methods: The key part of the research section of the thesis is an examination using the Y-balance test evaluatimg the dynamic stability of the lower limb and also the examination of range of motion of the lower limb joints using a goniometer. At the same time, a questionnaire is part of the work, which has the task of providing a brief overview of the issue of physiotherapy in horse riding. Testing is performed on 25 probands, 14...
The Effect of Intermittent Compression Therapy on Muscle Fatigue in Soccer Players
Farová, Michaela ; Vomáčková, Helena (advisor) ; Kučerová, Ilona (referee)
Title: Effect of intermittent compression on muscle fatigue in football players Objectives: The first aim was to determine if and what effect of compression intermittent and cryo-compression intermittent therapy has on muscle fatigue parameters in soccer players. The second aim was to elucidate whether one of the interventions could be described as more effective for player's recovery (reduction of muscle fatigue). Methods: This pilot study was designed to clarify whether compression intermittently affects muscle fatigue parameters and to compare the effect of each intervention with each other. Data collection was conducted on a research cohort of 21 soccer players ranging in age from 18 to 22 years with a mean age of 19.8 ± 1.33 years, height 176.1 ± 3.6 cm, weight 72.8 ± 4 kg, and BMI 23.5 ± 1.3 kg/m2 . Ten probands were from the U19 team, seven from the men's B team and four players from the men's A team. In total, the probands were divided into three groups, control, compression and cryo- compression (n=7,7,7). The monitored variable was the height of the Counter Movement Jump at different time points in this pilot study. Data were measured using OptoJump Next. Muscle fatigue at 24 hours after the intervention was assessed based on the differences in CMJ height of each proband, and the...
Case Study of Physiotherapeutic Care for a Patient Diagnosed with Ischemic Stroke
Jansová, Doubravka ; Vláčilová, Ivana (advisor) ; Vomáčková, Helena (referee)
Author: Doubravka Jansová Supervisor: PhDr. Ivana Vláčilová, Ph.D. Title: Case Study of Physiotherapeutic Care for a Patient Diagnosed with Ischemic Stroke Objectives: The aim of this bachelor thesis was to summarize theoretical knowledge about ischemic stroke and to develop a case study of a patient after an ischemic stroke. Methods: The thesis is divided into a general and practical part. In the general part, the thesis focus on describing the theoretical background of this diagnosis using professional literature. The practical part presents a case study of a patient with whom I had the opportunity to collaborate during a continuous professional practice at the Rehabilitation Inpatient Department at Na Homolce Hospital in Prague from January 30 to February 9, 2024. The case study includes patient examination, proposed therapy based on initial values, daily therapy records, and evaluation of the subsequent therapy effect. Results: During several therapeutic sessions, most of the short-term physiotherapeutic plan goals were achieved, including preventing the development of spasticity, preventing muscle shortening, maintaining joint ranges of motion, improving the active mobility of the left extremities, improving the sitting and walking stereotype, and increasing independence in daily activities....
Case report of Physiotherapeutic care of a Patient after transfemoral amputation
Peleška, Ondřej ; Kočí, Gabriela (advisor) ; Vomáčková, Helena (referee)
I Abstract Author: Ondřej Peleška Title: Case report of physiotherapeutic care of a patient after transfemoral amputation Objectives: To provide a comprehensive overview and analysis of amputation in the lower limb region with a focus on transfemoral amputation. To present the current surgical procedures, rehabilitation methods, psychological aspects and prosthetic solutions, and then to develop a case report of physiotherapy care of a patient after transfemoral amputation. Methods: The theoretical part of this bachelor's thesis was elaborated with the help of scientific literature and scientific articles available mainly online. At the same time, services based on the use of artificial intelligence were used, namely Evidence Hunt, Microsoft Copilot for Institutions, Connected Papers and DeepL. The special part of this thesis was prepared using practical skills within the scope of the bachelor's degree in physiotherapy during my continuous professional placement in the medical facility of Nemocnice Na Homolce. Results: The physiotherapeutic intervention led to an improvement in the patient's physical and psychological condition and subsequently to her discharge to her home environment. Conclusion: The goals of the short-term physiotherapy plan were successfully achieved. Keywords: amputation, transfemoral...
A case report of physiotherapeutic care of a patient after total knee arthroplasty
Pavelková, Barbora ; Martínek, Milan (advisor) ; Vomáčková, Helena (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the issue of total knee arthroplasty (TKA). It is divided into two main parts: theoretical and methodical. The theoretical part deals with basic anatomical and kinesiological properties of the knee joint, the problem of knee osteoarthritis, and TKA as an effective method for addressing its final stage. The methodical part of the thesis is conducted in the form of a case study of a patient who underwent physiotherapeutic care after TKA implantation. During the physiotherapeutic intervention, methods and approaches corresponding to the knowledge acquired in the bachelor's degree program of physiotherapy were utilized. Thanks to the applied physiotherapeutic care, improvement in the functional status of the patient was observed in almost all monitored criteria.
A Case Study of Physiotherapy Treatment on a Patient After LiverTransplantation
Al Saseh, Saria ; Kučerová, Ilona (advisor) ; Vomáčková, Helena (referee)
Název: Případová studie fyzioterapeutické léčby pacienta po transplantaci jater Autor: Saria Al Saseh Cíl: Cílem této práce je podrobně zkoumat teoretické aspekty související s postupy transplantace jater a s nimi spojeným rehabilitačním procesem. Druhá část zahrnuje podrobnou analýzu případu, která popisuje fyzioterapii, která byla podána pacientovi v raném pooperačním období po transplantaci jater. Klinické zjištění: Případová studie je založena na 43letém pacientovi po transplantaci jater kvůli cirhóze způsobené Wilsonovou chorobou. Vyšetření ukázalo snížení nezávislosti, svalové síly, rozsahu pohybu, změn ve vzorci dýchání a měkkých tkání. Metody: Metoda použitá v této případové studii je založena na terapeutických technikách naučených na FTVS Univerzity Karlovy. Výsledky: Pacient během rehabilitačního procesu prokázal významné zlepšení. Tento pokrok umožnil pacientovi dosáhnout nezávislosti a zlepšit kvalitu života. Závěr: Použité terapie byly užitečné a úspěšné při řešení specifické diagnózy pacienta. Klíčová slova: Játra, transplantace, fyzioterapie, Wilsonova choroba
The relationship of back pain in show jumping and dressage riders depending on the degree of stability
Blechová, Barbora ; Stupková, Michaela (advisor) ; Vomáčková, Helena (referee)
Title: The relationship of back pain in show jumping and dressage riders depending on the degree of stability Objectives: The aim of this work is to determine the relationship between back pain in show jumping and dressage riders depending on the degree of stability. With the help of computer posturography Neurocom Smart Equitest System. Methods: In my thesis, I used the NeuroCom Smart EquiTest computerized posturograph to record and measure dynamic postural stability. This machine is mainly used to examine functional disorders in the sensory, vestibular and neuromuscular apparatus. The research sample consisted of 20. 10 jumping and 10 dressage riders. They were selected on the basis of a questionnaire sent to riders ranked 100th in the Czech rankings in their discipline in 2022. If they met the criteria, they were included in the project. Probands were aged 18-35 years, practicing horse riding every day for at least the last 10 years. The practical measurement took place in November 2023 in the Kinesiology Laboratory of the Department of Physiotherapy at FTVS UK. Each proband underwent seven consecutive tests. And only in the following order - Test of organization Sensors, Test of motor control, Test of adaptation, One-sided stance, Limits of stability, Rhythmic shift of weight, Test of squat...
Case study of physiotherapy treatment of a patient after ischemic stroke in basal ganglia with right sided spastic hemiparesis
Barakat, Husam Aldin Naser ; Kočí, Gabriela (advisor) ; Vomáčková, Helena (referee)
Název: Případová studie fyzioterapeutické léčby pacienta po ischemické cévní mozkové příhodě v bazálních gangliích s postižením pravé strany těla v podobě spastické hemiparézy Cíl: Tato práce si klade za cíl zkonsolidovat teoretické poznatky o ischemické cévní mozkové příhodě a představit podrobnou kazuistiku pacienta trpícího postižením pravé strany těla v důsledku ischemické cévní mozkové příhody v bazálních gangliích. Metody: Tato bakalářská práce je rozdělena do dvou hlavních částí: obecné a specifické. Obecná část komplexně pokrývá teoretické aspekty související s cévní mozkovou příhodou, zahrnující typická fyzioterapeutická vyšetření pro diagnostiku, spolu s výběrem běžně používaných metod a postupů ve fyzioterapeutickém řízení těchto pacientů. Specifická část se zabývá kazuistikou pacienta po ischemické cévní mozkové příhodě, zaměřuje se na následné postižení pravé strany těla v podobě hemiparézy. Zahrnuje podrobné popisy počátečního a finálního kineziologického vyšetření, průběh jednotlivých terapií a komplexní shrnutí výsledků terapie. Specializovaný obsah vychází z praktických zkušeností získaných během kontinuální profesionální praxe na Oddělení pooperační rehabilitace v Oblastní nemocnici Kladno, probíhající pod vedením supervizora Bc. Tomáše Modlingera od 16. ledna do 10. února 2023....

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