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The Proposal of Selected Logistics Technologies Usage for Improvement of Logistics Processes in Distribution and Storage
Páblová, Petra ; Vlček, Jakub (referee) ; Bartošek, Vladimír (advisor)
This masters thesis is looking into problematics of making logistical processes much more effective in the field of shipping, storing and cargo management in frozen meat distribution business. After analyzing current problems with shipping and storage in subjected company, solution will be crafted and guidelines to alleviate and improve current situation.
Využití ozónu v intenzivním chovu vybraných druhů ryb
VLČEK, Jakub
Aim of this thesis was to use the ozonisation as a disinfection method for improving of water quality in the intensive fish farms using RAS (recirculating aquaculture system). The main assessed parameter was effect of ozone treatment on fish health and RAS functions and features. Two RAS were used in this study one with use of ozone treatment, one without ozone treatment (control system). There were cultured two different fish species in these two RAS - pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) and European catfish (Silurus glanis). The main reason for use of these two species is that they are perspective species for intensive aquaculture. In the RAS with ozone treatment, two different methods of ozone application were tested - periodical and continual application. The effect of ozone treatment on fish health and conditions was controlled regularly. Ozone treatment had positively affected the survival of both cultured species (pikeperch survival: with ozone = 77.0 % and without ozone = 67.2 %; European catfish: with ozone = 93.1 % and without ozone = 91.5 %). Ozone treatment also positively affected the water chemistry. The greatest difference was observed in CHSKMn: with ozone = 6.4?1.2 mg.l; without ozone = 10.7?1.6 mg.l. The same features were observed in suspended solids: with ozone = 4.3?2.8 mg.l-1; without ozone = 8.17?6.2 mg.l. Appearance of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis and bacterial infection were not affected by ozone treatment. The main result of this thesis and this design of experiment is that ozone treatment had a positive impact on water chemistry in observed RAS and it, however, didn't kill 100% of the fish pathogens.
Lease of a house
Vlček, Jakub ; Salač, Josef (advisor) ; Švestka, Jiří (referee)
The Abstract The aim of my diploma thesis was to describe the legal regulation of renting a house, which serves a renter to provide housing needs. Given the fact that renting a house is also under the protection of the rental housing from 1st January 2014, this is a topical topic. The diploma thesis is divided into Introduction, Conclusion and five main chapters, which are further divided into subchapters. The thesis is based on legal regulations and, where necessary, supplemented by case law. In the first chapter I deal with the historical development of rental housing from the period of the Roman Empire through the Middle Ages to the period of the force of the ABGB to the period after 1989. At the beginning of the second chapter I explain the difference between rent and tenure, but the key topic is renting a house and its origination with emphasis on the creation of a house lease under a contract. In the third chapter, I discuss rents, including detailed handling of rental issues, and other payments associated with renting a house, such as housekeeping and security. The fourth chapter is the most extensive and consists of the rights and obligations of the lessee and the lessor arising from the rental relationship. These are, in particular, the most essential and fundamental rights and obligations in the...
Recognition and Filtration of Unwanted Video-Sequences
Vlček, Jakub ; Surynek, Pavel (advisor) ; Kolomazník, Jan (referee)
The thesis deals with the possibilities of recognition video sequences and possibility of machine learning based on previous knowledge. I use neural networks which I learn on characteristics generated from images. Images are characterized using image functions like histogram and statistical functions such as mean and correlations to detect scenes in video-sequence. I used all of these findings to implement the demonstration program. The program can play video, display statistical information about the sequence or frame by frame and detect sequences similar to advertisements on the basis of statistical properties and respond to it by defined events.
Analysis of the Supply Chain in the company FrostFood a.s.
Vlček, Jakub ; Vinš, Marek (advisor) ; Machová, Jana (referee)
The Master's thesis discusses an analyst of supply chain at Frostfood a.s. The aim is to descibe the entire logistics chain , except production, and propose solutions to the current situation. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part describes basic concepts such as logistics, warehousing, distribution, etc. In the practical part introduces the company and its impact on various markets. The most important part is analysis of the actual logistics chain, finding weaknesses and propose solutions.
Induction and optimalization out-of-season spawning of spawners pikeperch (Sander lucioperca)
VLČEK, Jakub
In total, 21 pairs of pikeperch brood stock were divided into three groups and used during two out-of-season and one seasonal semi-artificial spawning. The only differences among these three groups were the length of cold water period (CWP) and spawning date. Group of earlier spawning (A) CWP = 122 days, Group of normal spawning (B) CWP = 149 days, Group of late spawning (C) CWP = 223 days). Dates of spawnings A 11.3., B 26.4., C 13.6). There were observed and assessed the main production parameters such us latency, successful spawning, fertilisation and hatching rate etc. in each group and spermatozoa quality (sampled one day after the observed spawning). In Group A and B, 100 % of fish successfully spawned. Fertilisation rate was 59.4 % (Group A) and 80.3 % (Group B). Much worse results were obtained in Group C. Only 42.9 % of fish spawned and the fertilisation rate was zero. There was no difference among the three groups in spermatozoa quality parameters. It means that the poor fertilisation rate in Group C was caused by low egg quality. According to our results we can say that it is possible to successfully spawn pikeperch earlier (before the main spawning season) with comparable result to the natural spawning season. However, it is necessary to find some better way for female stimulation to provide higher egg quality and subsequently higher fertilisation rate.
Variability of MHC class II \recke{beta} gene in Galápagos mockingbirds
VLČEK, Jakub
Understanding the dynamics of functional genetic variability in small populations can have important implications in their conservation. I screened the variation of MHC II gene in Galapagos mockingbirds to evaluate the evolutionary forces that shaped the genetic variation. I found out that genetic drift affected the MHC variation together with a specific form of natural selection. Although the MHC is supposed to be under a pathogen-mediated selection I found no evidence for this theory in the mockingbird study system.
The Stability and Growth Pact EU
Vlček, Jakub ; Adámková, Vlasta (advisor) ; Machytka, Daniel (referee)
The thesis describes Stability and Growth Pact and his development in time. At the beginning is followed development of Economy and Monetary Union, to clarify the historical background of the gradual process accessing Stability and Grow Pact. Development is described from Article 104c of the Treaty establishing the European Community over the German's proposal for the Stability Pact to a final agreement on Stability and Growth Pact, which was a compromise between the German's and French's proposal. The emphasis is placed on noncompliance with the rules of the Pact of Stability and Growth by Germany and France that led to its reform.

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