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Wiretapping and recording of telecommunications in protecting the economy
Velíšek, Roman ; Uhlík, Milan (advisor) ; Pavla, Pavla (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on telephone tapping and recording of telecommunication traffic in order to protect the economy, according to the criminal procedural institutes: the tapping and recording of telecommunication traffic and survey on information about telecomunication traffic. These institutes are ruled by the act no. 141/1961 Coll., on criminal court proceedings (criminal code), as amended. The aim of this work is to investigate the effectiveness of the use of eavesdropping and records of telecommunication operations, carried out for a longer period in accordance with the criminal procedure code, international treaties and the Police of the Czech Republic in order to protect the individual areas of the economy.
Intellectual property protection by Customs
Drahoňovský, Tomáš ; Uhlík, Milan (advisor) ; Tomáš, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to detect the causes, extent and means of breaching the intellectual property rights, including its negative consequences from the point of supervisory activities of the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic. Also to suggest possible measures to enhance the service and to eliminate any imperfections in the legislative, its abidance or in organization and work management if found. The thesis is divided into two parts theoretical and practical. The theoretical part contains, according to the author, the most important international treaties, conventions and agreements, as well as the European Union law and the national legislation. In the practical part the author states his opinion on the legislation concerning the protection of intellectual property rights, brief classification of the intellectual property rights and it introduces the controlling authority including the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic and its procedures towards the goods that breaches the intellectual property. Furthermore, it presents the statistic data concerning the seized goods. The thesis states the penalties for breaching the intellectual property rights, for both the administrative delicts and criminal offences. It also contains a questionnaire carried out within the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic which purpose was to find out their opinion on the legislation, organization and work management in the field of intellectual property. The results are analysed in the conclusion of the thesis and it presents the imperfections in the areas stated above. The author suggests suitable adjustments to eliminate these imperfections according to his best judgement even though he is not a lawyer. Finally the author reviews the issues mentioned throughout the whole thesis and summarizes the aim of the thesis.
Creation and enforcement of receivables
Šebková, Tereza ; Uhlík, Milan (advisor) ; Pavla, Pavla (referee)
The thesis Creation and enforcement of receivables is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part deals with legislation that currently applies to the whole issue of claims. The issue of debts and obligations is monitored in general in the framework of the Czech legal system, while not neglecting European law. The practical part aims to identify the most common causes of claims for individual and legal persons. The most extensive chapter of the practical part is the analysis of the recovery process of the incurred debts. There are a number of enforcement methods which are directly linked at specific conditions. Therefore the analysis of the whole process is relatively large. The last section focuses on the success of the recovery process in the collections agency. The final section summarizes the results of the whole researched issue and analyzed causes of the fluctuations in the success of the recovery process.
The purchase agreement for the transfer of real property
Kulhavá, Jarmila ; Uhlík, Milan (advisor) ; Pavla, Pavla (referee)
The thesis The purchase agreement for the transfer of real property, deals with the legislation of the purchase contract, deposit management and change of ownership of real estate registration in a public register. It also deals with the activities of the land registration office, and especially the review process. Under legislation is pointed out in particular the changes that have occurred with the introduction of the New Civil Code, which touched the ownership rights to real estate. The practical part focuses on the analysis of the shortcomings and errors occurring in sales contracts, which are the cause of stopping or rejection of an application for registration of property rights in real estate. These issues are dealt with on the basis of agreements adopted by the Land Registry department Beroun both after the introduction of the New Civil Code, and before him, were compared to changes in the error rate contracts. The conclusion is devoted proposals for measures that could eliminate errors and improve the quality of purchase contracts and the overall process of transfer of ownership.
Constitutional rights for a favorable environment and it´s enforcement in modern Czech Republic
Tauchmanová, Renata ; Kadlecová, Eva (advisor) ; Uhlík, Milan (referee)
The thesis provides the most comprehensive summary of the legal protection of the environment in the Czech Republic from the perspective of the justice and it is application in the Czech judiciary. Especially in regards to laws on the protection of the right to a favourable environment within the Constitution of the Czech Republic, I have tried to concentrate on the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court, as to the court, whose decisions are very crucial for the interpretation and further application of the law to the favourable environment in the practice. The goal of my thesis is to show the evolution of the legal / legislative environment in the Czech Republic and to approach the practice of the international law, especially european law in the field of the environmental protection. The thesis outlines available trial impalements, which uses the czech judiciary in the field of the law for a favourable envi-ronment and also represents the rights and obligations of the czech citizens related to this topic.
Legal protection of soil and its application in the Czech Republic
Plocha, Lubor ; Jansa, Viktor (advisor) ; Uhlík, Milan (referee)
Soil is the basic means of production in agriculture and forestry and at the same time it represents an important component of the environment with a wide range of functions. However, it is compromised with a number of processes, on one hand natural ones, on the other hand those ones caused by human activity. The last mentioned group is regulated by laws which should protect it.
Contract for work
Poláček, Marek ; Uhlík, Milan (advisor) ; Pavla, Pavla (referee)
In the thesis Contract for work in the theoretical part is described statutory regulation of the contract for work. There are explained basic concepts related to the contract for work. The thesis deals with the comparison of the current legislation contained in the Civil Code and the earlier legislation contained in the original Civil Code and in the original Commercial Code. The practical part is focused on a specific court proceedings in The District Court Pilsen north. The causes of disputes are investigated. On specific causes the most often mistakes of the participant are demonstrated. The mistakes of participants are analysed with regard to subsequent court decisions. From the mistakes found is evident that the parties enter into a contractual relationship uninformed and unaware of the possible consequences related to the conclusion of the contract. They underestimate the possible consequences associated with the fulfillment of their obligations. The aim of the thesis is mainly to highlight the risks associated with contracing for work. The insufficiencies of contracts can lead to a hard enforceability of law. In conclusion of the thesis there can be find recommendations how to avoid mistakes when contracting for work and how to prevent lawsuits. If it comes to the lawsuit there is a recommendation how to succeed. The thesis is proposing how to eliminate the shortcommings of the current legislation regarding the contracts for work.
Protection of personality in the legal system of the Czech republic
Houdek, Miroslav ; Uhlík, Milan (advisor) ; Pavla, Pavla (referee)
The thesis deals with the protection of personality in the legal system of the Czech Republic. Its aim is to specify the possible ways protection of personality in the legal system of the Czech Republic with using of appropriate methods; and also to determine the number of reported and the Czech Police investigated cases including their treatment and in case of deficiencies in the legislation, organization and management are found, to propose measures to eliminate them. The theoretical part contains international and national legislation regulating protection of personality in the legal system of the Czech Republic. In the practical part there is an evaluation of legislation at first, followed by proposed measures to eliminate deficiencies in the field protection of personality. This is followed by analysis of wiretapping and recording of telecommunication operations and analysis of statistical data of selected cases undertaken by the CZ Police. At the end of the empirical part there is performed a quantitative research by using a questionnaire that is intended to members of police and citizens. The resulting values are analyzed, evaluated and translated into charts and graphs. In conclusion there is a proposed change in the law in the sense of de lege ferenda.
Injuries and damage to property caused by traffic accidents in the Czech Republic
Köhler, Roland ; Uhlík, Milan (advisor) ; Zdeněk, Zdeněk (referee)
A summary of the thesis is focused on an overview of the current legislation and methodology, which is oriented to the traffic on the road and is anchored not only in the Czech legal standards, but also in the legislation of the European Union and international regulations. Also provides an overview of the Organization of traffic police and the development of road traffic accidents in the long term, the analysis of the damage caused by traffic accidents, and the impact on the State budget, including the cost of health insurance, an overview of the main causes of road accidents with the possibilities and ways of their solution. The practical part of the thesis is focused on the exploration in Liberec, which is to reveal whether the legislation is sufficient and that the road would be the participants of road traffic in Liberec agreed to the proposed change in legislation. In conclusion, the evaluation carried out by the survey is processed and recommended measures to reduce the accident rate.
Social-economic impacts of non-payment of maintenance grants
Farkašová, Jana ; Uhlík, Milan (advisor) ; Jansa, Viktor (referee)
This Bachelors thesis deals with economic and social impacts of maintenance defaults. It is a really delicate topic because of non provided infant and adult children. These children are in this difficult situation due to irresponsible behaviour of one or both their parents. These parents cause by their insolvency also social exclusion of their children. The theoretical part focuses on legal regulations of given issues. In this part the author deals with maintenance and its provision, determination of alimony, parental responsibility, divorces and determination of paternity and also states possibilities at alimony claiming. The practical part deals with the assessment of legal regulations, Endangered Children Fund and questionnaire survey focusing on non-payment impacts

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