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Annual Report The Moravian Library 2017
Moravská zemská knihovna v Brně ; Tomáš, Tomáš
Annual report on activities, projects and management of the Moravian Library in 2017.
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Annual Report The Moravian Library 2016
Moravská zemská knihovna v Brně ; Tomáš, Tomáš
Annual report on activities, projects and management of the Moravian Library in 2016.
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Annual Report The Moravian Library 2015
Moravská zemská knihovna v Brně ; Tomáš, Tomáš
Annual report on activities, projects and management of the Moravian Library in 2015.
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OS Google Chrome - theory and practice
Plecháč, David ; Halbich, Čestmír (advisor) ; Tomáš, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis is focused on the characteristics of the key features of the operating system Google Chrome OS and on the evaluation of deployment of this operating system in practise. The theoretical part describes the purpose and philosophy of the commercial operating system Google Chrome OS and its relation with Chrome web browser. The connection with open-source projects Chromium and Chromium OS is explained. Details of application development and deployment options, in the form of virtualization and domain administration, are analysed. The practical part applies theoretical knowledge from the development of applications for Chrome OS to create thin client application for remote control of hardware sensor over the internet. This sensor is designed and built on the platform Arduino. The sensor measures the temperature and humidity of the ambient air and remote controls high-voltage switching relays. Communication over TCP/IP uses modern MQTT protocol, for which the server is configured with MQTT Broker Mosquitto. The next section demonstrates the procedure for building a customized build of Chromium OS from the publicly provided Google source codes. Based on the evaluation of the acquired theoretical and practical knowledge, I assess the possibility of deploying the Chrome OS in private and commercial areas.
Integration of individuals into social groups in different life situations in the selected region
Šámalová, Zuzana ; Varvažovská, Pavla (advisor) ; Tomáš, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis deals with the issue of integration of individuals into a social group in different life situations in the Pilsen region. Primarily it focuses to forms of assistance which are provided by the region to the children leaving the Halfway house or the children home established by the Pilsen region. The thesis analyzes public opinions on the issue of integration of the children from the children home into society and finds out their own positions of adolescents, executives and employees of social facilities. It also analyzes the issue within the development of the Pilsen region. The objective is to propose ways to integrate individuals without a family into the social groups in different life situations in the Pilsen region. The theoretical part deals with the period of socialization of a child and the absence of a family as the main factor of socialization. It describes a system of constitutional education in the Czech Republic, the lives of children in the Halfway house and programs on the issues of leaving the children home. The field research is performed with a purpose of achieving objectives, sub-objectives work and then interpret their results. The results obtained and subsequent recommendation are summarized for the establishing institution children home (thus Pilsen Region) in the conclusion of this work. To achieve the main objective is proposed the way to integrate individuals into the social groups in the form of new work position social guide.
Intellectual property protection by Customs
Drahoňovský, Tomáš ; Uhlík, Milan (advisor) ; Tomáš, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to detect the causes, extent and means of breaching the intellectual property rights, including its negative consequences from the point of supervisory activities of the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic. Also to suggest possible measures to enhance the service and to eliminate any imperfections in the legislative, its abidance or in organization and work management if found. The thesis is divided into two parts theoretical and practical. The theoretical part contains, according to the author, the most important international treaties, conventions and agreements, as well as the European Union law and the national legislation. In the practical part the author states his opinion on the legislation concerning the protection of intellectual property rights, brief classification of the intellectual property rights and it introduces the controlling authority including the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic and its procedures towards the goods that breaches the intellectual property. Furthermore, it presents the statistic data concerning the seized goods. The thesis states the penalties for breaching the intellectual property rights, for both the administrative delicts and criminal offences. It also contains a questionnaire carried out within the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic which purpose was to find out their opinion on the legislation, organization and work management in the field of intellectual property. The results are analysed in the conclusion of the thesis and it presents the imperfections in the areas stated above. The author suggests suitable adjustments to eliminate these imperfections according to his best judgement even though he is not a lawyer. Finally the author reviews the issues mentioned throughout the whole thesis and summarizes the aim of the thesis.
Cross-border cooperation as a Factor of Development of Czech - Poland Borderland
Kuníková, Yveta ; Husák, Jakub (advisor) ; Tomáš, Tomáš (referee)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the possibilities of the cross-border cooperation situated in micro-regions of the Czech-Polish border. Generally, the border areas are locally disadvantaged and determined by both geographical and administrative structure. In a relation of joining the Czech Republic the European Union, the euro-regions has gained the importance of their unique position with the cross.border cooperation on the regional level. The first part of the thesis is focused on the theoretical introduction in this isuue. It covers the description of the historical development of the cooperation and the reason for the establishment of the region cooperation across the state borders in Europe. The second part is practical and it deals with an analysis of the real implemented project of the cross-border cooperation in Euro-region Glacensis. Subsequently, it concerns the review and the evalution of their contribution to the development of the euro-region. The practical part is particulary based on the analysis of the scientific literature, documants as well as on the semi-structured interiews with the main participants of the presented projects.
The trends of spending leisure time in Náchodsko region (a comparative study in the rural area)
Kozáková, Helena ; Hudečková, Helena (advisor) ; Tomáš, Tomáš (referee)
Free time in today's life is becoming more and more important. The development of modern society and specialization of labor market today divides more obviously time for responsibilities and pastime. Leisure time is a very individual matter and its form is dependent on many aspects. Age and the size of the place of residence belong to those aspects that influence spending our free time. The relation between them became the core topic of this thesis. The practical part is based on my own research in three urban areas of different size in Nachod district. The research analyses the offer of free time activities as well as the attitude of the inhabitants in relation to their age and the size of town. The core task of this practical part was to look for any causal links. Deeper analysis shows that there is a certain coherence between the age of inhabitants, the size of their town and the style of spending leisure time, nevertheless this influence is not very significant. It is above all a very individual matter.
Possibilities of effective fundraising for non-profit organizations
Neradová, Martina ; Varvažovská, Pavla (advisor) ; Tomáš, Tomáš (referee)
The master thesis focuses on effective ways of fundraising for non-profit organizations. Its aim is to design the aforementioned methods, because fundraising has become a critical discipline for non-profit organizations in the pursuit of sustainable funding. Mastering appropriate fundraising methods and establishing relationships with donors, organizations ensure not only peace but also the freedom to make decisions and can fulfill its mission. With an effective attracting funding also related communication outwards With an effective attracting funding also related communication outwards because with no promotion is difficult to obtain an individual or corporate donors. The research is based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches. The quantitative part is based on a survey, which deals with non-profit organizations and their fundraising. Further investigation is focused on the money that is spent on fundraising and the success of fund-raising projects. The qualitative part consists of semi-structured interviews that help to understand the deeper areas detected. From the survey results and interviews is compiled vivid picture of contemporary fundraising in the Czech environment and proposing effective methods of funding. Fundraising is seen as a vital discipline for the sustainability of organizations, but a minimum of them makes it to the professional level. It was also found that the Czech non-profit environment due to their delayed development offers great scope for practicing new fundraising methods, which are commonly used abroad.
Community activities (tradition and status quo) in small localities
Hatka, Tomáš ; Hudečková, Helena (advisor) ; Tomáš, Tomáš (referee)
The subject of this thesis is the sociocultural role of associations in small localities, which are villages and small towns. Through two selected interest activities typical for small localities and organized on the basis of associations / clubs, soccer clubs and volunteer fire, are explored traditions in selected municipalities and scope of current community activities. Importance is attached to social relations acting both within societies and among them. The theoretical basis is for them the concept of Ferdinand Tonnies Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft, which indicating two types of social relations based on a distinction between two kinds of human will. Qualitative research focused on the perception of traditions, current status, mission and needs for the future with regard to the development activities carried out by three generations of representatives of these associations shows generational differences in perceptions of community activities. Through systematic registration of current needs with regard to the future development of community activities outlines this thesis opportunities for mutual cooperation, leading not only benefit the organizations themselves, but also for the location in which these associations are.

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