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Open Air Museums: Representing Ethnography and History, Interacting with Heritage
Bernardot, Hélène ; Křížová, Markéta (advisor) ; Sonkoly, Gábor (referee) ; Turgeon, Laurier (referee) ; Gauvin, Jean-François (referee)
TITLE Representing History and Ethnography, Interacting with Heritage Analysing Museological Practices at the Huron-Wendat Museum ABSTRACT This master thesis is an analysis of the current specific actions on representation and interaction taken in contemporary ethnographic museums. The aim is to highlight museology pathways used to represent local indigenous culture and to explore how the public is involved with and relates to these specific discourses on heritage. Special attention will be devoted to the study of the shift of museums from authoritative places of education to socially inclusive spaces. The mission of heritage professionals in terms of representation will be analysed, as well as their work on the notions of accessibility and involvement for and with the public. The Huron-Wendat Museum in Wendake, Québec, serves to investigate these museum practices. Drawing from thorough fieldwork and extensive secondary literature, this master thesis will further probe the prevailing notions of identity, continuity and unity of the new museology in a postcolonial context. KEYWORDS ethnographic museums; new museology; cultural heritage; representation; interaction; social inclusion; First Nations; postcolonialism
Representation of the socialist heritage in Prague city guidebooks
Paulik, Róza ; Ira, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Biegel, Richard (referee) ; Takács, Ádám (referee) ; Turgeon, Laurier (referee)
Key words: Prague, Budapest, guidebook, heritage trail, socialist heritage, built heritage Abstract: The thesis focuses on the heritagization of the socialist heritage: how the representation of socialist heritage has changed over years since the emergence of the socialist modernist architecture in East-Central Europe and how the approach towards socialist heritage is currently changing in the wake of the heritagization process. An asymmetrical comparative analysis of Prague and Budapest highlights the similarities and differences in the two cities' history, particularly in the socialist era. The choice of the cities was based on the facts that both cities are historical capitals, and neither Budapest's nor Prague's old town was changed dramatically during the Socialist period. The research deals with the heritagization process of socialist heritage from two angles: it combines analytical and practical aims. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the heritagization process of socialist heritage, the history of guidebooks and the emergence of heritage trails as important part of the new tourism approach. On the analytical level, the thesis focuses on the visual analysis of the presentation of socialist architecture in guidebooks and the promotion for the socialist heritage before and after the change...

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